Planning My BIRTHDAY PARTY (tropix like it’s hawt!)

but then I kind of got distracted
because I was trying to take sexy photos of me I feel like you should know my
feedback because this is inconveniences me the customer oh yeah hello hey hi
it is about 3:00 in the morning I was doing my workout challenge and I just
didn’t want to forget I wanted to nap but I didn’t I did it
and I have a dentist appointment in the morning I gotta go to bed but then I
kind of got distracted because I was trying to take sexy photos of me and
it’s getting harder to do because oh I think it’s getting harder because I’ve
gained some weight so I can’t just like up close like take the picture distort
myself and not be a little bit roly-poly so it’s a little bit harder I think I’m
gonna need to have somebody come in and take sexy photos of me but that’s just
real life you know when you get a little thicker sometimes you got to work your
stuff a little more and there’s no problems with showing rolls but you know
just because you think doesn’t mean you’re always having to show rolls do
whatever you want okay so I’m gonna go to bed I’m gonna go to
bed stinky I’ll probably just rinse off shower in the morning cuz I’m too tired
and then we’ll start the day and I’m dragging you guys along with me so
welcome to the vlog and if you’re new here don’t be scared I’m telling you
it’s just above average day that’s usually me filming every day there’s you
know sometimes average above average things like that okay here we go we’re
going we’re going well I’m going to bed you should be subscribing no kidding my
kidding yeah I gots to go kitty you gotta
continue my day I know you’re cute peep another kitty that’s here I just
got done with they did this I’m still here I’m about to drive away I don’t
know where I’m gonna drive to cuz I have some errands to run and I have a
shipment that I was told was coming today and now it says out for delivery
estimated date to arrive is tomorrow what does that mean so there was a new
dentist I’ve got my mom told me about him he is so young so cute oh my gosh he
was a little different than my previous dentist he’s still there but I got the
new one today and I mean his hands were like all in my mouth I think it was
because he was getting to know me for the first time and as a dentist he has
to get to know all my teeth but it was kind of like oh yeah oh yeah yeah read
for it is you it looked like a boy who would be on The Bachelor yeah I hope he
doesn’t see this but I’m kind of bummed I didn’t wear makeup luckily I have a
good tan going on at the same time like I feel like especially without makeup I
look 12 and I was kind of in like a dorky outfit like I’m wearing moccasins
in the summer to hiding I have poor foot securely poor foot circulation you know exactly what’s about to happen
whenever I’m here I’m always showing you guys a haul you showed me I show ya I
was shopping at a couple places and one of them was Party City and that’s the
fun place so I’m gonna show you that I just I don’t need to show you what I
bought at the grocery store at least not today so start off with I got this huge
gigantic bag and my reasoning for this was because there’s a grocery store
where you can get a discount if you bring your own bag and I hate
accumulating all this plastic then I realized this is huge like this is going
to be need to be filled maybe 1/4 way before it gets a little dangerous
putting all this you imagine like a little challenge like I want all my
groceries in this bag that’s a little extreme but I figured I need some bags
for the car that are reusable it’s this party animal like you can read so that
made sense why I bought that for me I also bought another thing just for me
and it is these slides I have not owned a pair of slides ever in my life and
these been pretty good now I’m usually a 6 not usually a 5 but I’m like a really
small 6 and I’m very very narrow feet so I didn’t expect this 7 8 to work but I
tried them on in store yeah I did this I brought scissors here they’re mine now I
can just open them up and I wanted I do lots of like giveaways at my party
whether you win something or if it’s a raffle prize and I wanted to get these
but then I realized I don’t really know people’s sizes okay there were five
dollars so they probably look a little smushed but as you can see they’re just
some cute flippy floppies to have that I’ll probably put on display and
never wear and then I got these and this isn’t in particular to my party I’ve
just never seen these before there are food covers and my parties
during the day and so I know there’s going to be flies maybe some mosquitoes
like the mosquitoes we’ll just have a feast with me not so much the food but
anyway flies flies would happen bees love sweet sugary stuff so look at these
are like little tents you can put on so this is something that I would say for
every general party and then I got this decorate hit Dec decorative fishing net
this cracks me up whenever I get something where the name of it is just a
descriptor like when I go to dollar store I see them all the time and I bet
you’re thinking this is a party decoration because my theme is paradise
Leslie turns 26 in the tropics I know it’s so cute I came up with that but I
don’t think I’m going to be laying this across anything if anything I think that
this should be draped over me and I could do like a sexy 90s Britney Spears
photo shoot come like the I’m a slave for you type vibe just where you look a
little dirty but it’s sexy and sticky so we’ll see with that depending on how I
go with this you’re gonna see later on my main channel and or Instagram so just
follow me on Instagram you should be subscribing to this channel and my main
channel see you guys keep up but now jumping into what I actually got for the
party like the decorative and all that this is also kind of letting you know a
bit of the theme here is I bought lots of black stuff so these are just the
tablecloth I found black napkins black plates I didn’t get black cups because I
knew I already had some brightly covered color
I didn’t buy black cups because I knew I already had some brightly colored ones
and I thought that would be really cute pop with all this and I bought these two
things which I want to keep I really do but I’m not going to because
I need a prize for people who win like a beer pong tournament I don’t know
exactly what we’re going to be doing but everybody is over 21 and I think I’ll
put these together and just make them one prize I really hope the winner is a
girl you know what some guy can win this and give it to me and I’d be so happy
this towel I think is so stinking cute so this was five dollars and this was
four dollars so that’s about like $10 value and I’m pretty cheap so they’re
really living large by getting this I also got these now hold up like from
afar they probably look like those cheap legs people have at parties no I’m
having a sophisticated party this is not some little kid Kitty Bopper shindig
thing which it’s fine but as a 26 year old I don’t really want that but then I
saw these and look how they have different colors to them and they’re so
soft I loved how brave they were they’re
super really it’s always thinking you know what I don’t want people to be left
out I think it’d be fun if everybody could be wearing a lei it just keeps it
really cute and fun so this one’s kinda like the rainbow batch and then I found
like a blue twist which I just found this which I’m annoyed about wait let me
see cuz I just cut that easily I think I can oh yeah yeah okay so I figured this
one’s cool this totally reminds me of tie-dye and then sunset
I’m similar when people ask me what’s your favorite color I’m like my favorite
color is the sunset spectrum so here that is and I’m hoping there’s a few
left over because I think they’re so cute and I want to give them away to
people and then I think the last thing I got from parties mmm I need to swallow
it when I get really excited I talk so much that I forget to do that it also
sex when it’s on dates I’m like salivating and like I mean they go out
of my mouth anyways so the last thing I got from
Party City is this float now apparently it has
feathers in it and I found that super cool this was pretty cheap too I think
this was only well I put my receipt somewhere else I think this was only
about ten bucks if I can find links to any of this stuff real easy on Amazon
too because I don’t know if does party city work with Amazon I think they could
or you know I can say – find the same brand I’ll try to list it down below so
it’s really easy for you guys to get a shipment to you cuz you might be having
a pool party in August I don’t know might be to wait for your July babies
having something anyway so they had another version where it was a ball but
you could do and it was really brightly pink and they also had a glitter bob
which was so cute those were cheaper but at the same time because I have a
doughnut like this I was thinking be really cute to have
two of these uh one that just called rounded pool floats because then two
people can chill at the same time like there was there was I don’t need to go
into depth there was a lot of reasoning behind why I chose to get this one I
actually have a couple things that I still need to blow up so if you’re
wanting to see my entire pool floatie collection keep watching this video
because I got to still blow some up and then set them up in the pool and I’m
really excited to see if I can finally fill up my gigantic pool with pool
floats because they always look so wimpy in my pool because my pool is literally
huge I feel bad for my mom it’s really hard for her to take care of it I do
help but I kind of complain a lot in the heat because I run really warm and then
the last thing I just got delivered today is a swimsuit that I’m going to be
wearing I was gonna wear one of my own swimsuits then I just told myself to
treat myself and it’s bad now I’m going to open this so you guys can see my
reaction but you better believe I’m not going to reveal what this swimsuit looks
like at this you might not even see my reaction this is really hard to open but
I will say so I was really frustrated at first with kolani
Keeney’s hope I’m saying that right because it was signature required oh no
I be home I’m planning for this party so
then I had it sent to my post office but then it was kind of weird how it was
reading my post office address and I’m also don’t know like I don’t have like a
relationship with my post office I’ve been there a couple times but I don’t
always interact with everybody who so regularly so I don’t know if there was
like a weak link there this sounds so bad but I don’t know if it was cool ani
keaney’s delivery people like the DHL weird bad or if my post office was bad
either way they didn’t sign for the shipment why why this is so inconvenient
for the customer and I didn’t want I do go public with some stuff but I was like
I’m not going to go public with it I don’t need to be patty and like I’m
gonna put this all over Twitter but I did send them a private message and I
ended it with I feel like you should know my feedback because this is
inconveniences me the customer and then I talked to a Danny who was so nice I
literally just saw her message pop up her following up with me getting this
order and let’s move on I just shout out to Danny and because I figured there’s I
found out there’s a way to get rid of the signature only thing I was like okay
I can I could order for them again but how funny would it be this ends up being
the wrong swimsuit that I order ok enough rambling the reaction okay it’s like a little ziplock oh this
is cute oh it’s just like little details there
that’s cute though what’s this order confirmation wow this
build-up for you guys is so intense oh yes this does look very cute oh
goodness yes it looks like it’s the right one oh yes
I bet this will fit me oh man yes that’s so cheeky I really hope my boobs look
good in this too I’m gonna go try on this swimsuit
because I gotta know if I need to have a back-up plan
it looks really promising so cross your fingers and I got to go organize and
clean so we’re just gonna transition it to the next clip right now oh my gosh I
feel like you guys love it when I do the page one so I’m gonna do the page flip
transition wait no no wait there you go we had a cat scare so last night I went
over to take care of those cute little kitties you saw and one of them stopped
eating was not interested whatsoever and if you guys have ever raised an animal I
think it’s more common like in a dog and a cat that if they stop eating some
something’s wrong like you oftentimes have to take them to the vet but
sometimes they can be thrown off so we’re like you know what it’s late at
night let’s not take her to the vet let’s wait till tomorrow and then
re-evaluate and this morning I went there and she ate just fine it was so
much a relief I have no problem with taking her to the vet but it scares me
because she’s an old kitty that I don’t want anything that happened in my hands
you know it’s just at all I wouldn’t want anything to happen so I was just so
worried and sad about that but it looks like because they had someone helping
out around the house that it kind of stressed her out because she’s a very
skittish kitty and so maybe that threw her off we’re not for sure but since she
was so hungry and back to normal today not gonna worry about it just I can’t so
I still had to go shopping a bit for my party do a little bank deposit I’m not
gonna bring you guys with me because this vlog is so much more fun without
taking you around on my boring day but I will say that this vlog has gone a
little bit long so I think I’m going to leave this off as a to be continued and
then you can watch the next vlog while I finish up getting ready for the party so
okay I hope you subscribe and I hope you like this vlog love you mean it

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