Planning the Best Birthday Party

– We are Awana Cubbies. We were happy all day long. We know that Jesus loves us. That’s why we sing this song. We know that– No, I don’t know it. (intense music) – Good morning, everyone. What are you guys doing? – [Jacob] Playing this. – [Christopher] What is this? What game is this? – [Jacob] Ticket to Ride. – Ticket to Ride. Tell me in the comment
section, have you ever played Ticket to Ride? Because it is a very
fun, easy game to play. Jacob loves it. Bailey, she’s okay about it. She doesn’t love it. – [Bailey] I love it. – Oh, she loves it. I love it, Jessica loves it. Parker’s gonna love it when
he’s old enough to do it. It’s a train game. You’re building little railroad trains. Can you show us one of the trains, Bailey? That’s a little train car. And you make different routes
all along the United States. – [Bailey] Or Europe. – Or Europe, we have
the Europe version too. And the fun thing about this game is it’s kind of– you learn the
different places, the big cities, from back when trains were
really, really popular. One of the cool things that
we’ve gotten to do as a family is visit a lot of these places. So sometimes we’ll end up in
a place, and it’ll be like, “Oh, Boston? “I know that, because I
built a train station there.” I don’t know why that’s so
exciting to me, when we visit a place and I’ve built
a train station to it, but it is, so… Which places have you been to? – Hmm. – [Jacob} We’ve been Canada. – [Christopher] Canada, yep, Vancouver. Right here, we’ve been there. – I’ve been there. – [Christopher] Washington, DC. Where else, Jake? – I’ve been to Pittsburgh here. – [Christopher] San Francisco. We actually traveled this
whole train line here. – [Jacob] I’ve been to
Toronto and Pittsburgh. – [Christopher] Toronto and Pittsburgh and New York and Boston. – And Hawaii. – [Christopher] What? – Hawaii. – [Christopher] Hawaii. Well, Hawaii’s not on this map. There’s no train to Hawaii. – I’ve been to Salt Lake City. – (mumbles) go to this– – [Christopher] Las Vegas? Las Vegas? – Yeah, I’ve been to Salt Lake City. – [Jacob] Oh, Daddy, I know
one that you’ve been to. I’ve been to Los Angeles. I’ve been to San Francisco. – You’ve been there. – [Christopher] Duluth? You haven’t been to Duluth. – [Bailey] (mumbles) Vancouver. – No, you’ve been to the… – [Christopher] Michigan? – No. Yeah. – [Christopher] What state is that? – [Jacob And Bailey] Minnesota. – Minnesota, I have been to Minnesota. Glad I got smart kids for
when I forget state names. I have big plans tonight
to take Jessica on a date, so she’s laying low
today and staying in bed. So here she is in bed. Let me get a good angle here, let me… (laughing) She doesn’t like when I
go up the chin like this. She likes this, so we’re gonna
try– did I– where are you? There you are. – Hi. – [Christopher] How is that? Oh, you’re beautiful. (laughing) How’s your bedtime going? – It’s good. I’m watching Call the Midwife. It’s so good. – [Christopher] You love that show. – I love this show, and I
loved it several years ago. This is such a funny
angle, I’ve got to, like– my eyeballs are going up
in order to look at it. – [Christopher] They’re sparkly. – Put it, like, here. You’re right in my face. (laughing) (mumbles) Okay, I’m watching Call the Midwife and I absolutely adore it. I’m so obsessed with it. I watched it several years
ago, and I ran out of episodes so I never went back to watch
it again when it came out, and you guys, a bunch
of people, encouraged me to go back and check it
out, and I’m almost done with it now and I love it so much. – I don’t think we’ve shown
you Jessica’s room since she’s been on bedrest, but
I’m gonna show it to you because it’s pretty epic. – My friend Katie is my
superhero of my life, and I was telling her how Christopher
was going to LA a lot, and I was up in bed and
I didn’t have any food, and I was like, “I don’t
really know what to do, “I don’t have food,” and she was like, “Here’s what I’m gonna do.” I gave her some money,
and she bought me a mini refrigerator and a microwave
and fully stocked everything so I’d have food right by my bedside. It was the sweetest friend
thing that’s ever happened. – [Christopher] Nice
flowers, some paper plates for when she needs it, a
microwave, a mini fridge, several boxes of cereal,
tissues, utensils, more flowers. So this is right by the
bed, this whole area here. And then, I set up my editing
area because she was so lonely when I was downstairs in my office, so I set up two trays, TV
trays, and set up my whole editing area so that I’m
right next to her on the other side of the bed. – Look. – [Christopher] Oh no. – All I have to do is reach
over, and here’s my eggnog. This is my eggnog. – [Christopher] Are you so
happy that you get eggnog now? – I’m so happy. I don’t know how I’m gonna
be pregnant when it’s not Christmas season and they don’t
have eggnog and pumpkin pie. Also, eggnog at the stores
does not have alcohol in it. You have to add the alcohol. – Jessica leaves the
alcohol out, it doesn’t– – And I do always. I think eggnog is ruined by alcohol. I think it’s so gross. I love plain, regular eggnog. Also, that being said
about alcohol and eggnog and all of that, my favorite
brand of eggnog, I believe, I haven’t tried it again this
season, but I believe it’s the Jack Daniels brand of eggnog. It’s amazing. – But it’s still alcohol free. So Jessica’s gonna stay up
in the room most of the day so that she has the energy
to go on a nice date with me tonight. – So I’m gonna have– my
birthday party’s tomorrow, and I made a lot of really cool
things that are decorations for my birthday. This shows you every room
that we’ll be celebrating in. This is the ocean room. I’ll have to clean it up before
my birthday, but we worked hard on these creations to put up. And the forest room is over here. This is the forest room. I’ve been working really hard on it. I don’t know where the ducky
is, but there’s supposed to be a ducky right here. And there are animals in the shelves. (upbeat music) And we made these two trees. I worked really hard
taping all those apples to that big tree. Now we’re going to go to
the store and get supplies. – We’re gonna post the
video for the birthday party on Monday, but right now we’re shopping. Bailey wants to have an ice
cream Sunday bar and we don’t have an ice cream scoop
because we don’t really eat ice cream at our house,
so now we got to find one. – Oh, Daddy? There needs to be two ice
cream scoops, one for the dairy free ice cream and
one for the two other kinds of ice cream. – [Christopher] Good thinking. Here’s a kind. – [Bailey] Maybe three. – [Jacob] (mumbles) – [Christopher] That’s a
kind, and this is a kind. You want to go with this one? This kind? – [Bailey] Or that one? – [Christopher] Points make it
easy to scoop hard ice cream. I like that. Bailey made a little list of
all the things that she needs for this party. (upbeat music) Yes, we are shopping for Bailey’s
birthday, but we are also getting distracted, because
we’re in a winter wonderland. (“Jingle Bells”) – Hey, Daddy. – Still makes me happy
every time I see it. (upbeat Christmas music) That’s better. I’m not suggesting you do that at a store where you see the book,
but it’s fun to do. We finished getting supplies
for Bailey’s party, and now we’re getting some stuff
to put into shoe boxes that we send to other
countries for Christmastime, so it’s gonna be presents for little kids. – Can you put me on your shoulders? – [Christopher] No way, I need
your help picking out stuff for the little kids. – So for this one,
we’re just buying stuff. We already have shoe boxes,
and we’re just buying the things that are needs. – [Christopher] What’s on the list? – Well, it says pens,
markers, crayons, glue sticks, scissors and pencils,
so I think we should go to the school area. Okay. – [Christopher] And
there’s pencils, and those are pencils also. – Get them these colorful pencils. – [Christopher] Oh, look
at these little erasers. – Erasers. – [Christopher] Those are fun. Do they need crayons? – [Jessica] Yep. – [Christopher] Pony Party or regular? – [Jessica] Oh, story of my life. – Or Nile Queen? – [Jessica] (mumbles) my life. Bailey was running her hand
against all of the rolls of paper towels, and a
bunch of them fell, so now she’s trying to clean them up. (upbeat Christmas music) At least she learned her lesson. (upbeat music) Parker, what are you doing today? – Going to class. – [Christopher] People want to
know what you do in Cubbies. What do you do in Cubbies? – We are Awana Cubbies. We’re happy all day long. We know that Jesus loves us,
that’s why we sing this– We know that Je– No, I don’t know it. – [Christopher] You don’t know it? – No, I have the (mumbles) We are Awana Cubbies. We’re happy all day long. We know that Jesus loves us,
that’s why we sing this song. (mumbles) – [Christopher] We clap? – Huh? – [Christopher] Is it we clap? – We clap because we’re
happy, and now we’re– – [Christopher] We shout and jump for joy? – We shout and jump for joy. For Jesus is a friend to us,
he loves each girl and boy. – [Christopher] Very good. Okay, let’s go. We’re finally on our date. – Oh my goodness. I’m with you alone in the outside world. – And we’re gonna go to this place here. We’ve always looked at
this place and been like, “This place seems interesting,”
but we’ve never gone in, so we’re gonna try it. Tonight’s the night. – It looks really fancy. – More fancy than we are dressed. – No, this is just kind
of why we’ve never been. – No, you have pigs on your pants. – They’ll appreciate that. They’ll appreciate that. – They’ll appreciate it, okay. So we’re gonna try it out. Let’s do it. (soft jazz) – [Christopher] How’s the baby doing? – The baby is amazing. (laughing) I don’t know, it’s hard to say. – Don’t you– wait, wait, wait. Jessica has all these apps
and websites that she visits that tells us what the baby is doing. And so she knows, she knows
what the baby is doing. What’s the baby up to? – Those apps are kind of
frustrating, because what really matters is the weekly
change, and they have these daily filler things, but
they’re kind of ridiculous. – What’s today’s daily filler? – Give me a second. I’m such a fourth time mom,
because now I look at them sometimes, and I just roll
my eyes, and I go like… Because they’re like, “How
to plan your baby shower.” I’m like, “What? “I’m 12 weeks.” Okay, one is talking about
hyperemesis gravidarum, which a lot of people know as
the thing that Kate Middleton had because it was too much
vomiting and nausea in the first trimester, which
thankfully, I have never had. This other one is about having
twins, which I’m not having. (mumbles) which is not relevant. (mumbles) off eczema. I’m not having that. This is about ensuring a safe (mumbles). It’s basically saying that pregnant ladies have weak immune systems. They can’t handle (mumbles),
but also places like undercooked meat, improperly
prepared food, things have bacteria (mumbles) listeria. – Isn’t Listeria the street
from Desperate Housewives? – That’s Wisteria Lane, Christopher. Christopher’s having
some troubles with his pop culture references this week. – I know, I called 11 seven. I was saying with that wig
she kind of looks like seven from Stranger Things. I’m sorry, guys. But I know that it’s
11, and that for short, she was called El, not Se. (laughing) Verdict on that place, very good. – Major thumbs up, really good. – Major thumbs up. We liked everything we had there. It had a beet salad, which was delicious. And then we both had salmon. – It was amazing. – Yeah, it was very, very good. Good food. We’ll come back there. – Yeah. – We’ve been doing giveaways
every day for quite some time now, and today’s
winner is Lindsay Mohrmann. Congratulations, you won the
cat shirt from yesterday. Today’s giveaway is going
to be this Flula Kalendar. It is just like the one
that is behind me at the end of every single vlog when I
do the what we learned today. The Calendar just like
this one’s behind me. I get a lot of compliments on it. Flula’s hilarious, go
check out his channel. But this is what we’re giving away today. If you want to win it,
all you have to do is be subscribed to our channel and comment. And be sure to leave a
social media handle so we can contact you if you win the Flalendar. Hi. (guitar) Let’s talk about what we learned today. We learned that there are
no trains that go to Hawaii We learned that if you’re
gonna vlog with your wife, make sure you film her from a good angle. And finally, we learned that kids just grow up so fast these days. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (laughing) (upbeat music)

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