Plastic-less Video 9: A Celebration

Welcome to a celebration of
World Environment Day 2018 and its theme to “Beat Plastic Pollution” As a community, we value a shared environment for the enjoyment that it brings. For me, it is a walk along my local seaside and enjoyment of its diverse ecology. For others, it is the enjoyment of a close interaction with that environment. However, despite sharing that environment we can’t be neglectful in our role to
protect it carelessly discarding plastic waste to an environment that scarcely
has the capacity to cope with it. This carelessness diminishes our environment and our opportunity to share and enjoy its benefits. During the past 10 days, I’ve explored my personal relationship with plastic through my shopping habits. Where careful and thoughtful choices can lead to a dramatic reduction in the quantities of plastic waste that we generate. Choices in how we live our lives can make a simple hot drink into a relaxing cafe experience rather than taking the easy option of a takeout drink together we’re generating yet more plastic waste. Even in our more relaxing moments, such as reading the Sunday newspapers, it can lead to us generating more plastic waste than we think. I said at the beginning of this video that it was a celebration and so it is a celebration of the changes that each of us can make to reduce our reliance on plastic & to reduce the plastic waste and pollution. Take for example, the traditional fish and chip meal. It is, all, too easy to overuse plastic as we can see in this meal set out on a bench by my local seaside. We can swap out the plastic fork
for a traditional wooden fork. Swap out the plastic bottle for a
glass bottle and ditch the plastic straw. And we could be more mindful of our reliance on
plastic sachets of ketchup by swapping for a glass jar. Finally, swapping out the plastic plate for a paper plate or even eating your meal out of the paper that it was wrapped in. Choices to make the change in our plastic use and changes that we can all celebrate by becoming more plastic-less. I’m sure we’ve all learned something new
in the video today and I want to wish all of you a good World Environment Day 2018 and don’t forget “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Cheers.

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