Play Doh Peppa Pig | Play dough Peppa Pig Birthday Cap with PlayDoh

Hi. I’m Jamila Hi. I’m Minty And today, we’re going to learn how to make Peppa Pig’s Party Hat. Ohkkkayyy.. wow! Wow! So let’s get started. First take some Play-doh, roll it round and then flatten it with your hands. One, two and three. Here we have Peppa’s body. Now time for Peppa’s face. In the same way, cut the face out and lay it
right here. And there it’s done. Now what do we need Minty for her face? Eyes.
We need some eyes. That’s right. So take two white balls and place them right here. Now we have Peppa’s eyes. Now to complete her face, take a black felt
pen and make some eyes. There. We need a smile. That’s done. And Peppa’s nostrils. All that’s left is her hands and legs. So roll out two small cylinders. Those will
become Peppa’s hands. One and two. As for Peppa’s fingers, take some dough,
roll it and then just attach it. And that’s done too. Now time for Peppa’s legs. Here. Do you want to join her legs Minty? Yup Oh but what does Peppa need now? On her legs? Fingers No! She needs some shoes! So let’s make shoes for Peppa. Take some dough, roll it and then just place them on her feet. Now I’ll make the other one. Take, place it on her feet. Right here. Very good.
Now all that’s left are her tail and her ears. And now for the tail, roll out some dough, twist it and attach it to Peppa’s body. Come on Minty. Add the ears. Here?
Yes. One. Second one Yaaa this side. And there you have. Our very own Peppa Pig. Put it on your hat and you can go all oink oink Oink oink Thank you

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