Final Rehearsal before the Concert! JBJ95 gathered for the final rehearsal before the concert! Professional JBJ95 are concentrating on meeting! Let’s do dance practice first! They are checking everything thoroughly for perfect concert. OMG,,, what an eye conctact,, T.T Rhythmical prayer (kkk) OMG their profiles are breathtaking… KENTA,, and SANGGYUN,,, It is so natural to get smaller in front of JBJ95,,, How can we not have high expectations on their performance if they are practicing this hard? Such a daring mistake T.T They are enjoy practicing even though it is very tough! and seriously! They are keep monitoring…! Even hood string likes KENTA’s face…? (kkk) Like this! Second trial for SANGGYUN to hug KENTA! Gently! It is a piece of cake now! This is the first time to perform FRIENDZONE in front of JJAKKUNG. They have worked hard! Success with the music too!! [Plane to Japan] GYUNNIE cam on air! We can co everywhere with GYUNNIE and KENNIE! This scene is familiar… First concert in Japan starts in Osaka! This is our rehearsal video that you guys must have wondered! It is already exciting by only watching the rehearsal… JJAKKUNG’s minds are waving as KENTA’s hair does… Wow our KENTA has rocked the stage!!! Personal stages, they present their different characteristics! First rehearsal with various stages, finally done! At Lobby, there are outfits JBJ95 wore during their performance, and lots of messages from JJAKKUNG! KENNY and GYUNNIE are preparing for the main stage!! KENTA corner! There is always KENTA space whenever we do a concert. Perfume, camera, script and some snacks I can have when I get hungry and humidifier! This is a complete set! KENTA set! So, we have only 5 minutes before we start the stage. I cannot think of anything right now. Let’s cheer ourselves! kkk That is so random! This is our first day of concert, so let’s be super be careful. oh so we don’t have to be careful on the second day? NO, I mean that we just need to be super careful. Since this is our first day, we are going to concentrate, so that we can finish our second and third concert successfully! We will make our first day the best! Fighting!! It has finally started!! Lots of supports from JJAKKUNG! and JBJ95 responds to that cheering!! They are born-to-be idols….. It was amazing time to communicate with JJAKKUNG! Today is Christmas party, Dress code is Red! So we prepared our outfit as Santa , and I,,, I am a Rudolph? Rudulph? KENDOLF is so excited!! Rudolph is taking as elevator… (kkk) for the surprise encore! We are going all the way down to 5th floor! GYUNNIE is also excited with encore! SANGTA(SANGGYUN SANTA) is reminding himself of choreography. and KENDOLF…?what is he doing?? filming 007? Shhh Let’s go! KENTA didn’t expect of VCR (KKK) Here is the audience!! right here!! (whispering) Heart beating Now for real, Let’s go! SANGTA and KENDOLF give us huge presents on Christmas! After the surprise encore, it is done!!! Good job, both JBJ95 and JJAKKUNG!! We have finished our first concert in Osaka, and now we are going to meet our fans! Let’s hurry!! Nice to meet you JJAKKUNG!! Thanks a lot for coming here! We are finished! So we finished our concert in Osaka, our first concert in Japan! Round of applause! We spent amazing time with JJAKKUNG in red on Christmas, and I don’t think I can forget about this. There are lots of santas today, and,, ahh what do you call it? Rodolph? Rudolph. Yes, Rudolph. There were lots of Rudolphs, and red elmos Some of you dyed your hair. It was so touching, all of you. We are also glad that we were able to finish our first concert, and we have to prepare for tomorrow’s performance, so we are going back to our hotel and get ready. our tomorrow’s performance, and concerts in Seoul and Tokyo, I hope we will do great on these shows, We will do our best, so wish you guys support us till the end! And Merry Christmas to all JJAKKUNG that I wasn’t able to see today! Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ처음 짤부터 넘 귀엽당>< 젭꿍 크리스마스 공연이 벌써 한 달도 더 넘었다ㅜㅜ 젭꿍보고싶었는데 비하인드 영상 사랑해요💛💙💛💙

  2. JBJ95 working very hard! Hope they will continue to excel and fulfill their dreams. Hwaiting! 👌👍👏❤😘😍❣

  3. 바뀐 오프닝 너무 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    연습하는 모습들마저 넘 멋져서 내 심장이 넘 힘들어….

  4. 最高のクリスマスの思い出になりました〜🎄

  5. 젭꿍 진짜 너무 멋있다❤ 귀엽기도 하고 멋있기도 하고 정말 말 그대로 다 하니까 안 반할 수가 없거든요ㅠㅠ 항상 응원합니다 정말정말

  6. 저번 오프닝때도 켄타 너무 귀여워서 주글뻔했는데 이번것도 너무 귀엽잖아 ㅠㅠ 아~ 심쿵사!!

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