Oh it feels like this, so cool. The second concert in Japan was held in Nagoya. JBJ95 also doing a rehearsal today. Isn’t this stage so cute? Our rappers T.T Our vocals T.T Plus performance! Today’s rehearsal succeed! A various decorations of lobbies in each city We have prepared each stage with all different themes. We hope you guys expect this. Also we took care of our total outfits. Because we only perform one day. These set lists are for you guys to enjoy for whole two hours. Well, I guess it’s going to be like this today and also tomorrow. KENTA not only practices during break time But also play with SANGGYUN who just takes a rest. Kkkk KENNY is excited kkkkk Being excited and fun today! Fighting NAGOYA!! Practicing so hard just before the stage. And here the stage they really practiced hard starts! Saying hello to JJAKKUNG in Nagoya. JBJ95 is also excited. What a prince right here!! Go KENTA! KENTA just finished the stage And now preparing for the encore stage. Queen KELSA(KENNY being ELSA) And GYUNLAF(GYUNNIE being Olaf) He dances Nobody by WONDER GIRLS So charming Charming in stages. This is a fairy. A queen just came from KENNY’s kingdom. GYUNNIE being Hansel and Gretel. Looks so excited kkkkk Concert in Nagoya just succeed with much fun! With excitedness, having high-touch Open the sesame! This just happened by KELSA’s magic. I heard Frozen 2 was so good but I didn’t even watched Frozen 1. Take pictures of KELSA and GYUNLAF, JJAKKUNG! You sit This is how Elsa makes Olaf. Ah, you want to build me? Now done with Nagoya! Today, We’d really like the mood, energy, and enjoyment at last. Thanks to you all, we could enjoy the whole concert. Thanks, JJAKKUNG! And now it’s raining? It is raining now, so be careful.. Can you do anything for us with the rain, Elsa? Ah.. sorry I don’t have any power right now. Ah.. Fake Elsa,, It’s KELSA, not fake Elsa! Bye~ Thank you. With so much love from JJAKKUNG again! There are two sets of clothes which are Olaf and Elsa. KENTA really wanted to wear Elsa one. Okay, do whatever you want~ What are you talking about Fighting TOKYO! What a visual duo right here T.T Too shocked to move because of their visuals. Becoming so happy only for seeing they smile. And the stages are also perfect. They are coming from the stage back right there. [Coming down from behind to the surprise encore stage.] Now coming to see you… It sounds kkkkkk Today’s concert color is gold and yellow Minions Now we are right back of the seats. We are going to appear from here with encore stage. We are ready. I didn’t mean that I was going right away. I feel so nervous. It always feels nervous when you meet JJAKKUNG kkkk. Hello, JJAKKUNG! We had so much fun with JJAKKUNG so closely. 2019 was so much fun for us. I guess it’s going to be better in 2020. We hope it really happens with JJAKKUNG. After Osaka, Nagoya and finally done with Tokyo. It’s the last performance in Japan, so I’m really sad. So more energetically saying bye to JJAKKUNG. JBJ95 signing with sincerity. The person who likes fooling KENTA the most. Now, we are successfully done with Tokyo. There’s a lot left to be desired for this concert because we have prepared so much for it. With all different themes for each city. It feels melancholy because the theme of Tokyo is adieu 2019. And the dress code. Red in Osaka, Blue in Nagoya, Yellow or Gold in Tokyo. That’s why we wore like minions. With this outfit, we were perfect with encore stage! Also, many people participated many events. Did dress code thing. Thanks to all, we really enjoyed this concert. Thank you again, and we are going to do better in 2020. Also, we are going to visit Japan again. So, please wait for us. We are definitely going to read all your messages soon Thank you for that. Now we are going to prepare for the concert in Seoul Going to finish this year well. Then Should we go to the concert site in Seoul? By jumping! Well let’s go! One Two Three Jump! Wow, JBJ95 just teleported to Seoul! Is this Seoul countdown concert? What is the secret of this fairy powder?? It’s fragrance. I was so nervous. I was too nervous to talk correctly. One specialty in Seoul concert is that we are going to do new year countdown. I guess everyone has waited for it. Actually getting one year older.. T.T Let’s say fighting together! Thank you all for this past year~ It’s really good that we all can have the last time of this year together. I hope you guys don’t get any accident here and let’s have fun. SANGGYUN too! Well 2019… It looks like you are broadcasting kkkkk I hope you guys have good end of 2019 and good start of 2020. 2020, fighting!!! Good job guys!! Now done with this concert!! kkkkk It means KENTA’s now all ready. Let’s go to meet JJAKKUNG. How charming their individual stages! You cannot miss it. Good outfits, good background, and perfect KENTA Okay~~ While talking to JJAKKUNG The main thing in new year countdown Everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR The first stage CRUSH by JBJ95 And milky way by JJAKKUNG Tears due to JJAKKUNG’s event. JBJ95 repays to JJAKKUNG With thanks, they run all the spots. They don’t have any mind to go up to the stage Going everywhere.. so sweet Open your mouth, sugar coming! Breath guys! Having new year together! Thank you It seemed like it finished but With sorriness, encore and one more encore. Being cute and energetic till the end! The year-end concert that ended the year with so much success! Hello we are JBJ95! Well, JBJ95 from Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo to the last place Seoul! We are just done with the final concert in Seoul. Now it’s 2020 right after the concert. We had the countdown concert for the first time So many people came to our concert Even though it was so cold today But it felt so hot inside of the concert. Yes, it was so hot. JJAKKUNG did a singing event for us and… Right. This one. JBJ95, I hope you will support me well this year. We are also going to support you guys. It was a very special day also for us, not only for JJAKKUNG. Thanks for all the JJAKKUNG. We are so thankful and now it’s a new year We hope you guys always have great things in your life. We are going to do better next year, so please support us. JJAKKUNG! We hope you will support me well again!!

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  3. I love JBJ95 and own all of their CDs but as this clip begun I was like "what songs are those?" lmao I feel so bad

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  8. I went to their concert in Seoul and I had the best experience ever! they're so fun on stage especially when the countdown for the new year began. they also performed longer than they were supposed to and had multiple encore stages, we didn't leave the venue until 1:30 am or something. I hope to see them again, please have a world tour

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