[PLAYER CAM] See the Copa del Rey celebrations from Aleix Vidal’s point of view

Congratulations, I am happy you’re good now. Come on Jasper! Awesome man! Finally, back on the field! Great job! You’re a machine! Yes sir! Not bad, no? Let’s go, Samu! Anything to say, Sergi? Very happy, very excited, man! You were one of the best!
Ha ha ha, you too! For fun. What a showman you are! Come on, Andrew! Marc, say something! What’s up, man! What’s up! Watch me get the fans pumped up! Come on, Ney! Anything to say? Anything to say? Oh, Aleix! What a return, wasn’t it? With that nutmeg, ha ha ha! Even if it doesn’t work, you’ve got to try! Alright, Ivan! Anything to say to the camera? You got an ovation when you came in. That’ll always be remembered, the substitution that got an ovation. Let’s go! Come on! Say something to the camera! It’s for the fans! For the fans? Lots of strength training to be able to get back. A lot of work, that’s the truth. Guilty as charged. You’re a friend. The legendary Pepe, anything to say? I can’t, I’m too emotional. I love you and I’m thrilled you made it back to play. You deserve it. Some words for the fans, Busi, do you want to say anything? I’ll have to raise the Cup, I deserve it. Carles, do you want to say anything? This cup is very much yours, all yours. My reality show continues, a few words, do you want to say anything to the fans? How did I look? Very emotional. You looked good, I thought you looked really good. It could have been worse, right? This is for the fans. I was expecting an ovation… And the nutmeg? It came, the ovation came. Were you expecting it? I was waiting for three and a half months. Were you expecting an ovation? Were you expecting one like that, or bigger? I was hoping for something more. Anyway, I liked it. I liked it. Wow, the legend Aleix Vidal, here he is, oh, what a way to return, what a way to return. Were you looking for me? That pass? No, for you, but I thought Jordi had gone by. Congratulations! Congratulations! Alright, Samu! You’ll get used to winning cups. Samu, how many cups have you won? You’re staying here tonight, aren’t you? Yes! You’ve just got to stay here, don’t you? Congratulations for the win and for your return. Let’s go, crazy guys! You’re crazy! The other day was crazier! First title. First title for this guy Let’s gooooo! Congrats, kid!

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  1. I'm glad Aleix Vidal is playing again!! That guy has potential and he wasn't doing bad at all during the season, before he got that horrible injury of course. Visca Barca ❤️💙❤️💙

  2. We are family <3. I love this club really <3 <3 … Btw thank you very much, Lucho.
    #VamosBarca #ForeverLucho

  3. lo que no entiendo es porque si el FC Barcelona es español los titulos de los videos son en ingles.

  4. الله اكبر اشهد ان لا اله الا الله وأشهد أن محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

  5. I really hope he stays at Barca for a long time, the team needs him with all that happyness, good spirit and joy he provides!

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  19. Mejor hay que darle la cámara a una verdadera estrella o leyenda para que miremos la "verdadera grandeza del barca" saludos

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