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Welcome to RaceToyTime Hi guys, RaceToyTime here. today, i’m going to build and show this huge Playmobil zoo. First, we’re gonna build the entrance and shop And these are supposedly stuff animals, we have giraffe, rhino and lion here’s the cash register and let’s also add some balloons now, i’m going to build the animal enclosure and this enclosure is for the safari animals next, i’m gonna make another animal enclosure now the zoo is ready let’s bring some animals in the zoo and here’s a playmobil zoo vehicle with a trailer this is going to transport the animals around the zoo oh, we have giraffes we have a big giraffe and small giraffe here’s another animal. we have an elephant oh another animals. this time we have a baby elephant baby hippopotamus let’s put the animals in the enclosure here’s the elephant and the mama elephant a hippopotamus and i’m gonna add a rhino oh another animals we have a big zebra and baby zebra let’s place the zebras with giraffes we have a lion family we have two cubs here’s a male lion and a lioness here we have tigers Okay, well I hope you guys enjoy that video. and if you do, don’t forget to subscribe and click those thumbnails to watch more fun videos here at RaceToyTime channel Thank you for watching. Stay Tuned bye bye

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