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  1. La conferencia se puede resumir en una palabra: decepción, no solo nos han dado la tradicional ración de humo, sino que vemos que el futuro de PS4 pasa por más remasterizados y volver a vendernos una y otra vez los juegos que ya tenemos.

    ¿WipeOut y The Last Guardian en VR? en serio? a esto le llaman apostar por la realidad virtual en PlayStation, decepcionante, afortunadamente nunca me llegue a comprar el PSVR y por mi parte se va a quedar en la estantería de la tienda.-


  3. Western society obsessed with murder, vandalism, destruction and genocide I have not seen in my life the reaction of an audience denouncing murder so.. Detroit became human shows as the real people in the Western society

  4. Conversation experience, worst presentation ever, we want to see New IPs, trailers,gameplay, not a Lot of People talking ALL the time.

  5. Its the God of War saga that introduced me to the universe of Playstation starting from PS2, been a fan eversince. God of War 4 makes me so excited that I literally can't stop reading and watching news about it.

  6. So no actual show… Nintendo is bringing their A-game and PSX is doing trailers and gameplay we have seen since E3 2017 and some even 2015-16… All this tells me is they have no news worth watching online for. Playstation I love you but you are slacking showing nothing but boring talks and outdated newscontent.

  7. For everyone getting mad that they haven’t showed anything, They showed things at Paris games, And most of the titles release this year “Spider-Man” god of war it’s not PlayStation’s fault the companies that own the games probably are getting ready to release these games!

  8. Im excited because i bought the PS4 Pro over black friday, and they’re introducing a new VR with a an upgraded design and processor.

  9. That was AMAZING PSX! 😀 hope they Gonna make more Crash Bandicoot Games and Spyro remake<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 I'm Glad to be a part of the Playstation Community and Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the dragon Community<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 🙂

  10. What?? They don't show any game wtf. Where is spiderman?? Days gones or final fantasy 7?? In case of games nintendo is winning

  11. Sony sony, que buena es la play
    porque kojima juega al fifa
    sony sony
    yo quiero a nathan drake
    con mis pipas
    me pongo a jugar
    soy pipero
    me cago en nintendo
    y en microsoft y en pos pcros
    para vosotros jugadores
    añade dlc a tu vida
    como les gusta que sony les estafe



  13. PlayStation Experience this year was definitely different, focusing more on a "personal presentation" by showing what "big men" like Shaw Layden, Andrew House, Mark Cerny and Shuhei Yoshida thinks of the PlayStation and let them talk about their own careers and such. I liked it! I believe it's nice to know more the people behind the scenes and, after all, we've already seen A LOT of titles such as Spider-Man, Detroit and God of War, all we need now is a release date, and devs can give it to us any time, don't need to be in a huge event like PSX. And speaking of "huge", Sony gotta hold on new titles for next year's E3, right?!

  14. People act like real dumb immature kids! The world doesn't revolve around you, many people liked the dev talk. Spectators are laughing and are interested by the talk. SHUT UP!!!

  15. Is Playstation competing for the most boring conference in the year? I think this conference is the winner no doubt

  16. Is it even possible to save that deviant android at all? Seems like he will die no matter what choices you make. I would like to have the option to save him.

  17. I get they want to change it up but this always felt like going to the Stanley Cup Finals, this felt like going to a regular season game. Panels are the aftershow so it feels like I'm asking when it's going to start. Good to see House out of a suit though. Let's not do it this way again. You got your break from the usual but the E3 style is much better. That's what fans want, they wanna feel like they're going to E3.

  18. I was Angry For wasting my time untill someones said blow (Star Lux) its just the opening celebration. But (original comment) All they needed was a special announcement or an offer. They should have called it a podcast like a commenter said and I forgot his name below

  19. 1. this was meant to be an experience, not a "show." 2. Sony did warn us before hand that this wasn't going to be a spectacle. 3. PICKLE RICK! IN VR!!!!

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