Pokemon Pikachu HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for kids party ideas theme decorations

I’m looking forward to to have a
great birthday, and I can’t wait to open my presents, and I can’t wait for my
friends to come because they’re not here yet
because the party’s at 11:00. Hi, Baby! Are you doing your first interview? Yeah!
How are you doing it? What are you wiping my kisses for? I’m
offended. Anyway… Happy seventh birthday, Pierce! Did we
mention last year that he started jiu-jitsu and muay thai? He’s getting a
lot better now. A lot better! His favorite move is the rear naked choke.
He likes to choke people out. Tap! Tap! And he’s a very smart boy.
You want to pick him up? You can’t see him. There we go!
He started doing quizzes this year and initially he was getting him right but
he wasn’t finishing and Mommy and Daddy and everyone involved were so concerned. You got junk on your face. So, with hard work and good attitude Pierce is getting hundreds now. That’s my boy. He has spelling tests every Thursday. Dictation tests on Thursday as well.
Reading… Addition… Subtraction… He’s actually reading better than average. So, we’re pretty happy. We played Risk and Monopoly this
year. Yeah! Grown-up games! What’s your favorite game? Monopoly So, just a lot of maturing and growing. This is a little crazy! Happy birthday, Pierce! Pierce, I just want to say happy birthday.
Thank you for allowing me to come and share these special moments with you, and you are a wonderful, wonderful kid and happy birthday! Love you! Happy birthday, Pierce! Thanks for inviting us. Happy birthday, Pierce! Happy Birthday, Pierce. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to
you, happy birthday dear Pierce happy birthday to you. Hi Pierce, it’s Iris and… and Ralph. We
wanted to see happy birthday. Happy birthday, Pierce. Being seven is so much fun enjoy this year. Learn a lot of things! You are a very smart boy, and we’re just so happy to celebrate with you. Happy birthday! I know how fun it is
be seven. I like your parties. Happy birthday,
Pierce! Thanks for inviting us. Your birthdays
are the greatest. So, be good study hard and we’ll see you soon take care. Playing with by up my… Playing video games. Playing with my friends at recess. Running… kind of doing homework… not really but I guess so… Eating because I love to eat. Pizza because it has like so much like pepperoni, bell peppers… I kind of like bell peppers. Sausage… Olives, I don’t like… but still I love pizza. Play with my friend at recess. Lunch
because we always laugh at lunch, but not really at snack. Cursive because it looks fancy. It’s not like them a normal one. It’s fancy. Play video games with him. And tell him to do funny stuff
sometimes. Daddy, do the muscle dance! And then, he’s like one here and then the other one. Daddy, do the muscle dance. Play with her eat with her. I don’t know… a lot.
Sleep with her and my dad. I’ll be fast because my friends, they’re
faster than me. But, when I do like the Flash, I can run past them and when we’re doing that I can just tag them with no problem. They will be like who got me? And I will be like… Haha, they can’t spot me. Pokemon. Pokemon All of them! I have 100… I think that’s what my mommy said. 130 videos… In my slime videos, I was like oh my goodness, it felt so weird. It felt like the guts of the pumpkin and then it felt like with the
guts of the pumpkin like some guts and then I was like… but it was actually
pretty cool. it’s so incredible having known you
since literally the first day of your life. I remember going to the hospital
and seeing you and visiting your mom and you were so tiny and every year I’ve
gotten to experience your birthdays and watch you go through all these life
milestones. You’ve become such an amazing young man, and I look forward to many
many more birthdays. Happy seventh birthday, Pierce! It’s been a blessing watching you grow on
YouTube and become more outgoing. I know one day you were going to
become an actor and so make sure that that you give each of us a tour. Don’t forget
us, and we’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines. Love you! We’re very proud of you, Pierce. May you remember that God loves you a lot, and that Umma prays that you will follow him and learn his ways, okay baby? Okay, every year we are doing this for you because we love you very much,
okay. And you’re seven! Do you know which day of the year that’s my favorite
day? It’s your birthday! So, remember that we love you very, very much, and you take care of yourself and happy birthday to you again. Umma loves you a whole lot.
Bye, Pierce! It was a great year, Pierce. Thank you for being in being in our lives, and we love you! love you, Baby! Bye! Thank you, Mommy and Daddy for my
birthday party, including every single one like the Ghostbusters, and the carnival one, every single one. Thank you, Mommy and Daddy! Thank you so so much!

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