Polar Opposites Get Married For 1 Week

– I can’t imagine that you’re a very romantic, considerate person. – 5:00am, wake up! – Oh just go to work. – Do you want to come with me? – [Tanya] No! – [Nick] How do you turn this on? – You don’t know how to turn a kettle on? – [Nick] No. – I never thought you could
make me feel this shit. Marriage is about pain and suffering, and enduring it happily. I want a divorce. So I just proposed to Nick. It didn’t go down as smoothly
as I would have liked. I’m really nervous. I don’t know why. Okay. Will you marry me? Just say yes.
– Yes, yeah. (cheering) – Oh no, why every time the head magnet? – Head magnet. One week, let’s do this. – The thing that I’m dreading the most is sleeping next to this
guy for seven nights. I just, yuck. – Wow! – Oh shit. – Wow. It’s okay, I have like no feelings, it’s completely cool. – You, I didn’t mean it like that. – Oh yeah, yeah. Getting married at an early age is like leaving a party at 6:00pm. The fun hasn’t even begun yet. – So our first date as husband and wife, Nick left without me to do his own thing, and that’s completely fine. I respect autonomy, but in saying that I am about to surprise him at his house. I’ve done so many cute
little things for Nick. – What? – [Tanya] Surprise. I took him over a flower. – What are you doing here? – Aren’t you happy to see me? Took me a long time to
find that fucking flower. – I took you to dinner. I paid for your dinner, and you didn’t even have to get out of the car. – The only meal he took
me out to was McDonalds, which he made me pay for,
and I’m a vegetarian. He bought me a bottle of
water on my credit card. Well. One day down. – [Nick] Wakey wakey wifey. – You’re kidding me. – Do you want to come to work with me? – No! – [Nick] You’re going
to have to come to work with me one morning eventually. – I’m not your property just
because you married me, Nick! – Well then what’s the point of marriage? Oh my god, she is so fucking angry at me. It’s just like looking
into the eyes of like– – [Tanya] A dragon? – [Nick] Yes, all right,
I’ll see you at work. – Yes, fuck off! – So it’s 6:30 and I’m on my way to work by myself because Tanya
would rather stay in bed. Shit move by you, Tan. – I was just trying to remember what I had to do today, and
then I remembered that it was marriage. So far being married to Nick
hasn’t changed very much. He doesn’t consider me in
any aspect of his life. Nick has left work without me again. Would be cool if he at least said bye. – 5:00am, wake up! Yeah boy! – Oh just go to work. – Do you want to come with me? – [Tanya] No! – Last chance to come to work. – Being married to Nick
is like being married to a younger, annoying brother whose had too many red lollies and exists purely to make your life
a living, agonizing hell. I wish that he would take it seriously and maybe like be nice to me? I’m gonna be a good wife and ask Nick out to lunch on a nice date. Eyebrows. Nick didn’t even wait for my
eyebrow appointment to finish. (snoring) – That was a shit high five. – Just like our marriage. Things that have gone wrong in the past few days, everything. He hasn’t taken me out for a single meal. He wrote one little lousy note which was good morning wifey on my desk. He still has Tinder. – [Nick] One more swipe. – [Tanya] No, Nick, that’s
fucking, I’m right here! – You super liked her! – I feel like the most
insignificant ant right now. – [Nick] Look at her
eyes, look at the anger. She has pure hatred for me. – It’s not anger, it’s
sadness and disappointment. – [Nick] This is like every break up conversation I’ve ever had. – Is that so funny? I’m glad you can find humor in this. (whistles) – 5:00am, coming to work? – Fuck off. So we have a work function on tonight and Nick left without me. He didn’t even say bye. He didn’t offer me a ride. I’m just over it. I feel really sorry for any girl that’s ever dated this guy. – So we have a company wide
meeting in Bondi this morning and Tanya is going to
pick me up on the way because she wants to be a good wife and make my day more convenient. So I should probably put more
effort into this marriage. – Oh my god. – Oh my god. (laughing) – You’re fired.
– Fired? – You’re fired.
– You’re fired. You’re fired. – [Both] You are actually fired. – Oh my god. I’m a fucking idiot. I don’t know why I expected
anything from this guy. We’re worlds apart, this has just further reinstated
everything I already knew. To expect nothing from
anyone, to never get married, and that I’m gay as fuck. – The one thing I’ve
taken from this marriage is effort now like from this marriage for when I actually
get married, hopefully, to do everything opposite
to what I did with Tanya. – [Tanya] That’s a great idea. – We are now officially divorced. Sorry marriage, but to
me you are the thing I want to do when I’ve run out
of things to do with my life. You’re like the last resort. – At least you can get
married legally in Australia. No!
– Okay.

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  1. OK, honestly, to me, it's a bit sad that Tanya put quite an effort while Nick… either didn't know or wouldn't really do it. It's still pretty interesting, though, how, as far as I know, straight people ideal is always aiming for marriage.

  2. She’s a good wife💕 great effort. Wish she did this with someone who wanted to try as hard in the experiment.

  3. 10 bucks says, she actually wouldn't mind dating him… and she would actually enjoy getting dicked down by him LMAO

  4. I hate that Nick left work without her but wanted to leave the house with her. Allow the girl to sleep mate.

  5. He left her a note and a cup of coffee with words written in it. That was cute
    I really wished they could go to work together, at least once.

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