Polystyrene Unicorn Decoration For Birthday Parties | Museta

HOW TO MAKE UNICORN DECORATIONS Download your image and poster it Select the paper size as A4 Set the printing margins to zero Scale the image to 225% Check and print the image Stick together all the printed papers to create the poster Cut the excess paper Place it on the polystyrene and trace the image Use a pin needle to do this Make sure you traced the entire image Now draw over the lines with a black marker Cut the excess polystyrene For this step, use a hot wire foam cutting machine Carefully cut around the drawing Now you are ready to paint it Apply two layers of primer Let it dry properly between layers Start painting it with the desired colors Paint the back and the margins using the same color When the paint is well dried… Trace the lines again with the black marker With a mix of white glue and water Paint quickly over the entire surface Sprinkle glitter before the glue dries Your decoration it’s ready. Just let it dry well. Don’t forget to like and subscribe Museta, Ideas for your home and family Follow me on social media

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