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Pom Pom Wow Birthday Bash with Savanna &Emily! What’s up guys? I’m Savanna
& I’m Emily And we’re having a birthday party! Today I’m going to show you how to make this super cute cupcake that you can use as decoration! And I’m going to be showing you how to make these mini party hats! Now we’re really ready to party! Let’s get the party started! You’ll need a variety of Pom Pom Wow, one foam ball, cupcake liner, sticky dots, and a candle. But just remember it’s for decoration only. Take your pompom, stick it on a sticky dot, take your foam ball & stick, pull, WOW! And repeat this until the whole top is full! That’s such cool color! It’s one of my favorites. And remember you can use any color you want, and you can also mix and match. You’re almost done! Grab your sticky dots, stick one on the bottom, grab your cupcake liner, and place it inside. Savanna that looks like a real cupcake. Remember don’t eat it. For the finishing touch, a candle! Now just place it in the center. Emily make a wish! Your wish came true, I’m going to help you pom pom your party hat! That’s exactly what I wished for! Let’s get started! You’ll need, a variety of PomPom Wow a roll of sticky dots, tape, construction paper, and safety scissors. Cut the construction paper into a fan shape. Fold it into a cone shape. And then grab a piece of tape and secure it tightly. It should look like this! Now it’s time to put the party in the hat! And all you have to do is stick, pull, wow! These are just a few things that we’ve made, but you can do so much more like these bags! Show us what you made by tagging us on Instagram at MyPomPomWow. And don’t forget to like comment & subscribe. Now we’re off to the party, bye!

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