Popsicle Stick Bench. Fun and Colorful DIY Project for your Garden!

Hey! It’s April! And you know what they say: “April Showers bring”… MicroJig, maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer, Work smarter. Want to a little bit of fun and whimsy to your garden? You can build this popsicle stick bench, in a weekend. I got the idea for this bench from Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park. It’s in A Bug’s Land, and of course it’s meant to look as though this were built by, bugs. I’ve tried to keep the design of this bench as simple as possible. If you don’t have a lot of power tools you can build the entire bench using just a handheld jigsaw. The only difference is that the back on that version will be vertical rather than tilted back a little bit. I’ll include those limited tool design options in the plans, which you can download in the description below. To cut the curved ends of the popsicle sticks, I’m going to make a template using this scrap piece of hardboard. I’m using a band-saw to cut out all of the curves, but you could also use the handheld jigsaw. The template is the same width as my board, so I’ll just line it up flush with the end and the sides. You can round-over the sharp edges, either with a router or sandpaper. I’ll join a lot of this together using pocket screws and my pocket-hole jig. For maximum holding power, I’ll glue and screw these together. The back of my bench and the rear legs are meant to look like one popsicle stick that’s slightly bent. I’m going to use my plans to carefully layout and measure where I need to make the cuts to achieve that 10 degree angle. If I were to just join these two pieces together at an angle, it might not be sturdy enough when you lean back on it. So I’m just going to do a kind of modified lap-joint. I’ll start with the leg, because it just has the one angled cut. This isn’t that long of a cut, you could also use a handsaw if you wanted to. Now I can layout the back pieces the same way. I’ll just be a little bit more careful with the cuts. Measuring and cutting as I go, until I get a good fit. Well it looks like it’s actually going to work. It kind of surprises me, this is one of those cases where it sounded good in theory, but I wasn’t sure if that was going to actually work out until I tried it So for now I can glue and clamp these together. Then once they’re dry, I can sand everything smoother. If you don’t have any way of making these long rip-cuts, you can by two by two’s at the home center. And there, I have seven, very large popsicle sticks. Now I can get back to assembling the bench. Ok then. All that’s left is seven popsicle sticks. I’m finishing all the surfaces with spar urethane, to protect it from the weather. This is a water-based urethane and it will dry clear. I’m using a board to space these apart, evenly. I painted the heads of these screws. Gee it feels like it’s been like a month since the last time we talked about Casper. You know what’s new? Sheets. In addition to their obsessively engineered, award-winning, latex/memory foam mattresses, Casper now sells sheets and pillows MMmm, and they have that new sheet smell. Now I know white goes with everything, but Casper, I’d like to offer a few suggestions for you to consider: And finally: What do you think Casper? I’ve got tons more ideas for you if you want them. Until then, visit the Casper website and check out their sheets and stuff. And don’t forget Casper has a risk-free trial and return policy. Try sleeping on a Casper for 100 days with free delivery and painless returns. And take 50 dollars off your first matress purchase, by going to Casper.com/Woodworking and using the promo code WOODWORKING at checkout. Thank you for joining me this week on Woodworking For Mere Mortals. I hope you enjoyed the popsicle stick bench. This was a lot of fun to make, and don’t worry I still have the purple bench that was here. It’s just been relocated for now. Check out all the benches I’ve made in this playlist. And don’t forget you can download free plans for this bench down in the description. Thanks for watching everybody, I’ll see you next week.

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  1. Hey Steve I know this isn't a question regarding this video but I wondered where you get more kinds of wood like walnut and other grain boards ? Because lowes and Home Depot only really sell 2by4 kind of wood which I have which is why I'm asking you. Thanks.

  2. Not alternating colored sides on each plank is killing my ocd. The order as you have it is left, right, left left left right left….. instead of left, right, left, right, left, right, left….

  3. What's the general concenus on using pocket hole joints for something like this? I'd be concerened that rain water would be able to sit in the holes and rot the wood. Perhaps not much of a concern for Steve where he lives, but certainly in the UK we get a LOT of rain…. I guess you could just fill the holes!

  4. I was thinking, couldn't you use Milk paint to leave more of the grain exposed to match a bit more how a popsicle stick looks?

  5. These videos are great and I'd love to make these but I'm only a kid plus I do not have the tools. 🙁

  6. It would of even been a cool idea to of let the paint run down the "handle" of the stick like it was melting love the project though wish I knew where u come up with these ideas

  7. hi, I'm looking into buying my first table saw. it's on Craigslist and I don't need anything fancy it is titled as " 10" craftsman table saw " it is $85 and the person said they used it once for their flooring project and don't have a use for it anymore. is this a good deal? it looks like it's in perfect condition. thanks for the help! (im posting this on multiple woodworking channels this isn't spam)

  8. Saw the vid thumbnail and immediately thought of the bench @ A Bug's Land.
    Fave Popsicle joke: Where does satisfaction come from? A satis-factory. (from ~'95 or so)
    Steve, now you need to build a matching popsicle table. And have some guests over and serve Popsicles.

  9. A nice addition to these would be to have cheesy jokes on the 'sticks'. Maybe even burnt on like they were on the real sticks.

    I remember being excited about them when I was a young'en 🙂

  10. Great project, and enjoyed the casper ad. I live in manhattan their ads are all over the subways, they're pretty cute :p

  11. hey there steve. I have a challenge for you. I am a brand new gram PA and I want to build a crib, a changing table, and a chest of drawers to match any I deas? thanks so much for all you do in the woodworking community. and hello from anil3ne, texas

  12. Not my idea of a popsicle stick bench, mine are made out of actual popsicle sticks.  While a nice bench not true to label.

  13. Like it as most of your projects, just wondering where this registered on The Man-O-Meter? Keep up the great work and don't let trolls get to ya. Redneck Woodworker.

  14. I absolutely love this build!!  I am thinking of making one for my daughter's yard, so my grandkids have a "special" place to sit!!  Thanks for sharing!!

  15. That's so cute, Steve! love it….will be building that for sure. Have you noticed any issues with rounding the feet bench vs leaving them square?

  16. Hi Steve, I LOVE this project and your channel, BTW. Have you ever thought of building a Bat House for the garden? I would love to do this. Thanks for the ideas

  17. I got my ME-MO on and built one…

  18. My grandson and I built the the bench last week, used Titebond III because it might be outside. The glue joint that i glued; the 10 angle, was painted so dis-colorization was not an issue. Everything was top coated with two coats of exterior clear water based poly. Thanks for the idea, my grand kids enjoyed it. It was a hit on my Facebook post too. Can i send you a picture of it?

  19. Thanks!  I modified the design into a junior version, out of 1×4, to fit a 2-yo (I have two of them to satisfy).  They're really cute and the kids climb all over them.

  20. Well, I have watched this video a couple of times and love it. I am still learning woodworking so I decided to make a Popsicle stick child size picnic table. I hope to finish it this weekend and will let you know how it turned out. You could use this Popsicle stick idea on TONS of pieces. Coolio – thanks Steve.

  21. Didn't you use that spar urethane and not like it on a table? I'm watching your videos out of order, but is it holding up better here?

  22. Oh Wow manly man sheets and mainly man sheets haha. I had to laugh hard about that :p nice bench though!

  23. Great build! When I was in primary school we used to make mini swords out of popsicle sticks. I made some a few days ago and its still great fun

  24. Steve, I did not find the directions in the comments section for your Popsicle bench – did I miss it?

  25. You are the man. 1 thing I thought that could make this possibly better, pocket hole under the popsicle sticks instead of drilling down through the board.

  26. Steve! Love what you do! Building a bed frame inspired by you, but innovated by me! I need your help! I have an intagrated cabinet door that I am trying to make hidden, but have hit a major stop in job regarding hinges. Any pointers?

  27. I want to incorporate this into a picnic table, of course the wife wants a table but I don't want to buy one so ya know…

  28. He’s over here making of life sized popsicle stick bench and I can hardly make a popsicle stick sized popsicle stick bench without gluing my fingers together and if I’m lucky chopping them all off with scissors

  29. Wow a Popsicle Stick Bench I never even thought of that. That's so cool, clever, and creative.

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