Post Malone Talks Bieber’s Bachelor Party, Jimmy Fallon and Olive Garden

well Bieber obviously is getting
married you’re be in the wedding party
have you been asked that or I don’t know man I mean we’re kind of you know I
talked to him about like you’re not doing the batch party instead and we
wouldn’t basketball yeah yeah I think so we’re gonna have a nice chill time a
nice wholesome time you’d be crazy like party favor no I think it’s gonna be a
nice wholesome type so that’d be parting with Fallon how was that oh he’s such a
good guy there’s a great time you guys what do they think the bar was the Irish
pub you guys hanging out yeah man we just kind of went we figured we went to
Olive Garden after the thing then we just figured why not go have a couple of
drinks pool parties water you were found okay who’s got their tolerance oh man me what
I mean that must be insane apartment and would your go-to dish at Olive Garden
give a go-to dish chicken parmesan do you do that I get the chicken parmesan
with rigatoni rigatoni a man are you superstitious about anything that has
happened to passion I think I took it yeah I think I should you know I got my
ass kicked for a minute but now I think hopefully we’re on the right track I
love it dude that’s on you do subscribe that’s hot thank you

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