Postbahnhof – A new chapter opening (party)

the Postbahnhof is one of the last
historic event locations in Berlin city center the building has been a part of
Berliners lives for 112 years I think nearly every Berliner have some memories here yeah it’s important to keep these cultural centers alive in a city that’s
modernizing so rapidly I know beauty has been sleeping right in the heart of the city I am glad that the Postbahnhof is back in the city the Postbahnhof is an absolutely stunning location absolutely amazing to
have this location back in the city we’ve got over 2,000 square meters of
space here the event scene missed Postbahnhof we have one of Berlin’s main train stations on our doorstep it’s always been a
center for communication and today it’s through the medium of live events you can do a lot of events here I think it’s very important that you have those old spaces for new stuff all this old style of the city is being lost over time I know Jill since three years the Postbahnhof is like blood for her Up Event Creation is opening our doors to another generation the team here is absolutely
perfect very professional we love the people who work here the guest management is amazing in this new chapter we as Up Event
Creation are looking forward to fill in this space with a blend of industry
culture and music we are looking forward to what is gonna happen here in the next years

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