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Coming up on this episode of Designed to the Nines… if you are looking for awesome table scaping ideas and barbecue and poolside Ideas for your holiday weekend you’re at the right place. So stay tuned Welcome to Designed to the Nines, I’m NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my channel if you like learning about DIY interior design and really all things home related I’d ask you to consider subscribing to my channel below and turning the notifications on so you don’t miss out on a thing I’m so excited about today’s episode because I am participating in DIY Mommy’s outdoor decor and DIY challenge and I have got something really fun for you with all of the patriotic holidays that are coming up I have designed a Table scape that I hope that you love and it’s going to be poolside. It’s going to be fun We are going to have a blast putting it together I got a lot of my stuff at Dollar Tree, but I also made some stuff I am using some of my existing stuff which is something I highly recommend because You can save a lot of money shopping your own house. So we’ll do that a little bit and So let’s get started. I’m really excited to put this together I’ve been planning it for awhile, and I’m so excited to get it started So as you can see, they’re putting in a subdivision behind me. So there’s a lot of dirt and stuff I may have to come up with a solution for that. Maybe some curtains or something I’ve just been dealing with construction for a very long time and on top of that Look at this They’re building a house next door as well. This is my existing pool area. I live in Florida and and then… Oops! I set the table just for you. So this is what we’ve got going on. So let’s get started Okay, so in my last episode we made these amazing Flag banner panels and I’m ready to hang them. And what I’m going to do is I’m actually just going to take these suction cup hooks and Hopefully just suction cup them to the window and hopefully it will stay so we’ll see what happens I’ve got a wooden dowel we’re gonna slide that right into our Pocket I don’t know. It feels like a flag. I feel like I shouldn’t let it touch the ground Doesn’t this look great as always a white tablecloth If you’ve been watching my channel for a little while you’ll know that I like to use some sort of wrapping paper to protect my tablecloth and This time I’ve just decided to use some packing paper as it because I just think it will have a nice natural Element to it. So I’m gonna put that on now Looking good and now it’s trying to add our table runner from my last tutorial If you haven’t seen that I’ll put a link below as well as up there How cute is that seriously So I’m going for kind of a casual elegance for my table And so I thought it would be really fun to use some galvanized chargers. And so we’re gonna put them on now Alright next up we have my everyday white plates I use them all the time in my table scape It’s very appropriate in our more casual yet elegant table scape and then on top of that I’m going to Lay, one of our napkins from my last tutorial and it’s going to look so cute now I’m gonna set a solid plate on top of our napkin and I got these little American flags at Walmart, four for $1.97, and I’m going to just place those on top of the plate Those would make a really nice party favor for your guests. So for my centerpiece, I This is a tray that I’ve used several times. I got it at Michael’s for like six dollars. I used it in my Valentines Day decor I used it on my Easter table Centerpiece as well and all I’ve done is just add some American flags into it I like the juxtaposition of the grass and the wood and the American flag. I think it’s going to look really cute on our table So coordinating with our centerpiece I took some of the grass mats that were left over and added it to a galvanized Three-tiered tray that I already had and I also stuck some flags in there all of my flags I pretty much either got at the dollar tree or Walmart, and so they were really inexpensive, so I got this galvanized bowl at Walmart several years ago and I thought about it and I thought this actually might make a really good water jug stand so I’m gonna flip it over and Then I got this mason jar jug on clearance at Walmart once for five dollars It was an incredible steal. I use it all the time I’ve had it for a few years and I think it’s going to be perfect in this setup Alright now it’s time for some finishing touches It’s going to look great. I’m adding some stemware to add a little bit more elegance to our very casual dining So I’m sticking with pretty traditional fourth of July menu I’ve got some hot dogs grilling up right now, and I can’t think of anything more refreshing than infused water on a summer day, and so I’m going to do a patriotic themed infused water and we are just gonna Start out by adding some ice Whoo! it’s gonna be nice and cold but it’s hot outside so that’s okay. And then we are gonna just layer in some blueberries and Some strawberries that I’ve cut up and then just add water Okay, so we’re having a pool party so I got some pool toys I have some pillows and These are borrowing from my house this I actually picked up at the Goodwill in the Maine before I move So I had it on hand I got a whole bunch of these beach balls from the Dollar Tree and I’m gonna throw them in my pool I want to let you in on a little secret that my friend Lisa over from Lisa Burningham Designs I’ll put the link to her channel in the description box below, but she gave me this tip once and It made me feel less guilty. And so Sometimes it’s okay to buy store-bought stuff and I like that so I went to the store and bought a bunch of Vanilla cupcakes with white vanilla frosting and I dressed them up By putting some blueberries and a strawberry on top to make them feel festive and adorable And so we’re going to put these on to our plates as a little treat And nobody will have to know, but you and maybe Lisa… she understands though! Did you notice all the Pottery Barn inspired knockoffs sprinkled throughout the tablescape? It just goes to show if you keep your eye out. You can spot the dupes and save a ton of money, too! All right, my tablescape and food table are done I am ready to party for the fourth of July or Memorial Day or whatever patriotic holiday that it is I’m set…what do you think? I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had so much fun putting this together for you. I Tried to work with what I had I used a lot of stuff from the Dollar Tree and I just think that it’s the striking colors because I didn’t spend a ton of money on this and You can achieve the same look – just head on it to your Dollar Tree. I’ll also provide some links for everything I possibly can in the description below just to make it easy and convenient for you. What do you think? Did you like how it turned out? If so hit the like button below? Consider subscribing to my channel and turning the notifications on it because I bring you weekly tutorials on all things to do with the home From table scaping to interior design to DIY projects. I’ve got you covered here. If that sounds good, too Consider coming back each week. I have so much fun doing this and it’s so much better with you Alright, thank you so much for hanging out with me to the very end I apologize for the noise, but when you hear what I’m about to announce, it’s actually quite suiting And that is I am issuing a challenge. I am issuing a challenge to all those female DIY Design youtubers out there. I Want to empower women to use power tools! There’s a house being built next door That’s the noise you hear and it’s full of male construction workers. Now, There’s nothing wrong with that… but I am issuing a challenge based on the fact that girls can use power tools Too we can do it We can use power tools. Oh, yes, and so my challenge is on June 24th I am opening up a collaborative playlist for anyone who wants to submit but here’s the rules You have to be on camera using some sort of power tool that means Like a saw drill or whatever… if you’re a little nervous to start Then start with something small start with an electric sander start with a drill But it has to have power it can be big it can be small It can be whatever you want it to be It just has to have a power tool in it and it has to be Used for something to do with the home we can use power tools too. And that is what is called The girls can use power tools to challenge. It’s officially announced today The first ever challenge will launch Monday June 24th at 2:00 p.m. I am so excited and watch my community page I will give you more details as it comes. I will tell you the back story behind This challenge on my episode on June 24th. So you’ll have to stay tuned to see how this all started How I got this idea, you’re gonna want to hear the details of it. So stay tuned for that We’ll see you next week. Have a good one

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