Practicing Generosity – A Birthday Celebration

[Music] So, this last weekend it was my friend’s
birthday, and normally birthdays are about celebrating, having fun with your friends
and family and feeling good, right? He wanted to do that but flipped the script. So, instead of us celebrating his birthday
and making it all about him, we made it about other people. Shiv, what are we – what are we doing today? We are practicing generosity. So, Kevin just jumped in a little bit later
but before this we were just going around, we’ve got – we had a ton of Nature Valley
bars and we just passed around two hundred of them and we passed out – Two hundred? Yeah. Well, I think we still have a little bit more. Yeah. We have a little bit more Nature Valley bars
and we’re just passing around tangerine. What a guy! Yeah. What else did we do? And when was yesterday? Uh, yesterday was my, oh, yesterday was my
birthday, yeah. So, this is essentially your birthday celebration. Yeah, exactly. You are doing good things for strangers. Yeah, because I think it’s like, I mean, by
definition, a birthday is one of the most selfish days you know, because it’s literally
a day meant celebrating you. But I think we kind of – all of us, we took
this question and turned it upside down. Instead we tried celebrating for everyone
else. [Music] Thank you. There’s one guy who was just sitting there
by himself drinking a beer, and so I came up to him and offered him some socks and a
Granola Bar and I think we were out of socks at that point, so I gave him one of these
cards. And there was some quote about love and like
stars and moon things like that and he was like – I guess he really loved it and he just
like, was really touched by it. And so having that impact was kind of beautiful. Yeah, and as we are walking away he’s like,
“Wait!”, and we turn around and he’s like, “Oh my god, I love this card. This is – this seems like it was made for
me almost, because like, yeah, every night I look at the stars. And this is amazing.” Awesome. We changed his day, he changed ours. [Music] we just want to say you guys look
very glamour. You guys want some choco bar? Sure I’ll take it. Thank you. Yeah, have a great day. Hey kiddo, want one of these? Thank you. Have a great day. Socks are such an undervalued commodity, right? Because, imagine being homeless and slipping
on a fresh pair of white socks. I feel like that has to be one of the most
amazing experiences. So, people really love the socks. Who got the socks? Yeah, I got the socks. Yeah. But I think, it must have been – I think it
was the Clarence idea, yeah. You do something kind, just pass it
on and keep it going. We’ll do. Yeah. Thank you very much folks. That was very nice. Very nice. Thank you. You know the way the country is going now,
what you are doing is just wonderful. Yeah. You know, instead of us criticizing each other
and getting on each case – you are doing something that make me smile. You made me feel good. We made you smart card for you and your daughter. It’s too much kindness, she can’t handle it. [Music]

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  1. Wow my birthday was yesterday too and I practiced generosity on my birthday by volunteering at the hospital for 7 hours 😊

  2. Hey Kevin, how do you create good pharmacology cards? Name of drug on the front side, MOA, indications, SEs on the back side? What's an effective way of doing this? How did you write them?

  3. Woke up this morning and needed some inspiration and this video has given me just that! I'll go out and do my best to practice generosity too. Thanks a lot Kevin for these amazing videos!

  4. This is heartwarming! Planning on doing the same for my birthday next week 👌 thanks to your friend and tou you as well for inspiring many others around the world ☺️

  5. I can see why all of your videos are filled with positivity, retro and introspection. You have some amazing friends. “It is better to be alone than in the wrong company. Tell me who your best friends are and I will tell you who you are. "

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