– What are you doing with it? (gasp) Do you know what, Morgan? Enjoy your birthday. – Yo guys. Welcome to Mum’s brand new channel. I’m so glad I’ve got Team Mum with me, can’t wait to get started. There’s only one way
to start this channel, and that’s with a prank. Guess who’s getting pranked? Him? No. Morgan. (loud beep) Morgan was 16 yesterday. He went on Friday to
somewhere in the city. I’ve not seen him since! I’m really really annoyed. I bought him some lovely
birthday presents, but you know what? If he can’t be bothered to see his Mum on his 16th birthday, he’s not having them! So I’ve been out today, after a bit of shopping, and I’ve actually bought
him some horrible presents. He’s not been a good son. He deserves it. He deserves pranking. (loud beep) So, guys, if you’ve not seen it before, I’m Morgz’s mum, I’ve been in loads of videos with Morgan, I’ve actually made his channel, and I know that, cause a lot of you have told me that. (loud whooping) So guys, if you’re new to the channel, click that like button,
subscribe to my channel, let’s do this. Let’s set a goal. I’d like to get half a million subscribers by the end of the year. Team Mum. We can do this! Join Team Mum, subscribe below, do you know what, guys, I don’t want to keep
you waiting any longer. Morgan’s coming home in a few minutes, let’s get this prank underway. – [Announcer] A few moments later – Is it on, Martin? Is it on? Is the camera on? – Yeah, too, it’s actually
recording now, yeah. – Okay. Okay, good, good. (loud beeping) Right, guys. So have a little look round
what I did for Morgan. I got him balloons, birthday boy balloons. Two, 16, one and six
for his 16th birthday. A banner, we’ve got the teddy, a new teddy, presents, cards, and guess what? He didn’t come home. He didn’t come home. So d’you know what I did? I took all the presents out, put them away, not having them. And we put some rubbish presents in. Presents that aren’t suitable
for a 16 year old boy. He should have come home, he deserves this sort of present. Stay watching, because you’re gonna enjoy seeing Morgan’s face when
he gets the presents. And d’you know what? I’m gonna be so nice to
him when he comes home. He’s not gonna know that I’m angry that he stayed away, but I am angry. He’s gonna know I’m angry
by the end of this video, you believe it, you stay watching to see. Morgan’s texted me,
he’s at his dad’s house, he’s gonna be home in
about 10, 15 minutes, so I’m gonna go downstairs
and wait in the hall, and I’m gonna be so excited to see him and I’m gonna bring him up here to open all these lovely presents. You’ll notice Peppa Pig paper, that’s for these special presents. So d’you know what, guys, I bought Morgan a really nice cake, I went off early in the morning, picked him the nicest one I could find, and then he didn’t come home, so d’you know what? He’s gonna have the cake, and d’you know where’s gonna have it? He’s gonna have it in his face. You watch the end of this video to see. (light quirky music) (doorbell) – He’s home. I hear the car! Hey, Morgan! – But why are you filming?
– Happy birthday! Well, we thought because
it’s my first video for my new channel, so I thought you’ve done so much for me, and you’ve supported me so much, and I thought it’d be lovely to get all, to do like a birthday first video for you. As a thank you for being so nice, and because it’s your 16th. – You got your own camera and everything? – Yeah, welcome, own channel, Morgan. Oh, where are your bags anyway? – Left them at dad’s, is that all right? So this is your channel, right, I’m on camera, currently
right now, I am with you. You’re not with me, I’m with you. – No, you’re with me. – So you thought for your channel, for the first video, you’d surprise me with gifts? – Nice things to pay, to say like, thank you. – Aww.
– But also, because it’s your 16th birthday. – Why are you slapping me? – I’m just patting you nicely. – Why, is this a joke? – No. And there’s something else here. I’m gonna, wait there, just doggy door, don’t look at me, I’m gonna show you. – Yo, Martin, is she pranking me? – Because it was —
– No. – Oh my god. – Because it was such a special birthday, and it’s your 16th, and I didn’t want to miss out, I got you this lovely Stormtrooper. Go upstairs and let’s open your presents. – Yo! I kind of feel bad that I
broke the Stormtrooper now, this is crazy. Look at this guy, then. – This is like my new Click bear. – Is this Click bear v.2? – Yeah, I thought you could have him back, cause he’s too like, bossy. (bell) Well, I was quite surprised
that you’re not more angry that I didn’t spend my 16th with ya. – Morgan, I’m not, you
know, angry about you being away, cause I know
you were having a good time. – I thought, that was exactly the way you’d say, if you were, in fact, angry. – No, I’m not angry at all. – I feel like this is —
– I’m just glad you’re home. It’s not a prank. I’ve just got you some, Morgan, I’ve got you birthday presents. – Yo, for real, bro,
does it look good, Mum? Does it look good? – Looks good, love, looks good. – So we can do presents, yeah? Can I sit down in the seat. – You sit in the seat, yeah. Oh good, I’m sitting in the seat. I’ll tell you, Mum, if this is how your channel’s
gonna go all the time, I’m fine to be on here as
many times as you want. Well, why’s it wrapped in Peppa Pig? – I, um
– Is it like a joke? – Well, I just know you
said in a video once that you really liked Peppa
Pig, it’s your favourite – Yeah. I did actually say that. – So I hope you like it. Happy 16th, Morgan. – What’s this? – It’s a present. I just thought, it’s a nice present. It’s good to get into, just to kind of get in touch
with your feminine side. It’s lovely, that you can walk around just practise, it’s like practising , and carrying a little baby around. – What am I supposed to do with this? – So it’s like just practise. You can carry it around,
you can cuddle at night. – It’s stupid, though. – It’s not stupid. – But what the four (mumbles)
am I supposed to do with it? Like, come on, this is a joke? – No, it’s not a joke. – Well this isn’t a joke. Get out of my face, man. – Just something you’d, something I know you’d like to eat. Sweet potatoes, you love sweet potatoes. Every time you go, – But not for a dog! – You love sweet potatoes,
you love sweet potatoes. – But not for a dog. – It’s not for a dog. – See? Come on. Stop this. – How do you think it’s for dogs? – This isn’t funny. – It isn’t meant to be funny, Morgan. – How about you’ve bought
me dog chewies then? – You’re making me feel awful now. Don’t you like your presents? Honestly, Morgan, I thought
you’d like everything here that I’m getting you. Some socks. – They say 18 years old on there. – Yeah, and you’ll be 18 in two years, and they were on offer, they were in the bargain box, and I haven’t got much money, so I was just trying to buy
you some bargain things. – You’re just stupid,
it’s that they’re stupid. – I don’t know what’s wrong. – I made your channel. – I made you.
– I made you. – When you were a kid, I drove you around. – I took you off from the streets. – You did take me off of the streets. – I give you this, and you, get this camera out of my face. – Hey, hey, hey, come on. – Are you involved in this? Shut up, but are you involved in this? Is this a joke? Is this, is she gonna
try and start a channel that I’ve made for, by humiliating me? – She thought you — – Well, it is humiliating because I’ve got these stupid presents. – I think I bought you too much. – What is this? – What’s what? I’m not playing around. – So do you think that’s nice, do you, – No, I don’t think it’s nice. I don’t think it’s nice I genuinely don’t think it’s nice that you’re genuinely
taking the mick out of me on your channel, when
I’ve made this channel. Ooh, ooh, a Trolls playhouse! Oh, a little bow! – Get your hair outta your face, love. – It’s crap, it’s all crap. – Well, you’ve got your last one. – You’ve humiliated me on — – No, it’s not humiliated,
that’s your last one, and that’s from me and Marty. A few people have commented that you shouldn’t have
left school so soon, so that’s for your education. There’s maths, there’s, what are you doing with it? Morgan? (gasp) Don’t think I’m ever gonna
buy you anything again. That’s it now. I’m never buying you
any more presents again. Do you know what? This is what happens. He should have come home on his
16th birthday to see his Mum and he’d have had his proper presents. He’s not having anything now. (gasp) Open this door now. – Get off, this isn’t going on. Stop filming – What d’you reckon, guys? I think we’ve done well. Morgan, wait, just come in the kitchen. We’ve got your final, last present in a nice, please. – So in other words, in the kitchen, we’ve got another prank, yeah? – It’s not a prank. It’s your cake. Well, we’ve been waiting. I bought it especially for ya. And me and Martin, we’ve been, we were — – Okay, I don’t care,
you go in first then. – Okay. (suspenseful music) It’s not a prank. Come on. I’ll just, here. – Go on. – You see your cake? We got you a nice cake. – So you’re actually not joking? – No, I got you a cake. Is there a problem, Morgan, I just bought you that. I mean — – Wait, stop. Why is it, so the topping’s not on it, they’ve taken like half the topping. – No, Morgan, me and Martin had this cake, we bought it on your birthday, and it’s just been there. Last night we were really
looking forward to some, and then you phoned
up, or texted and said, I’m not coming home, so
we really wanted a piece, but I said, no, Martin,
you can’t have a piece. This is Morgan’s cake, but
we just had one or two bits off of it, didn’t we, Martin? We couldn’t resist it, Morgan. – I’m not dying for, I
really don’t want it. It looks horrible anyway, so don’t bother. – It’s lovely, come look at that! – We’ve been looking forward to it. Morgan! Do you know what, Morgan? Enjoy your birthday. Go enjoy it. Next time your birthday, come see your Mum. – I don’t have words. You know, I’m actually
disappointed in myself for not seeing that coming. – Yeah, well, you used to being in control, aren’t you, Morgan, but now you’re on Mum’s channel, aren’t you now, Morgan? So I’m in control of my channel, so all I say is, other kids, on your birthday, go home and see your mums and dads and celebrate with them, don’t stay away at some event somewhere. Or this is what happens to ya. Cake on your face. Martin, pick up and then
we can have a piece. It’s in one piece still. Okay. – Ohhhhh – Oh, you rotten thing! Oh you rotten thing, I’m never buying you
a birthday cake again. – Well, usually at the
end of these videos, there’s like a happy ending, so can I actually have my real presents, so I get it, you’re mad, – Yeah, I was a bit mad, Morgan, and d’you know what? I have actually got a really nice present I have to be honest. – I don’t believe you. – I say honestly, Martin — – No, no, no, swear on my life. – I swear on your life I’ve got you an absolutely gorgeous present, it’s something that you’ve wanted – Surely she can’t swear on my life without joking can she? – Seriously, Martin, – If you’re pranking me again, If you’re pranking me again, would you say on your child – Well, I’ve got you, seriously, I’ve got you something that you’re gonna absolutely love, it’s something you’ve been
asking me for, for ages. What I think you need to do is get yourself cleaned up, and the proper present now, I’ve got rid of my anger, got rid of the prank. – So there is a proper present. – And it’s coming at 8:00. – And you know what, so I’m doing it on my channel then. (ding) Since it’s my present,
and it may actually be an actual present, okay? – Yeah, cause it’s
gonna be a nice present, you can do it on your channel, yeah. – Okay, well, end this
freaking video, I’m out. – So guys, I hope you enjoyed that video. I told ya, I’d be coming
with my first video with a bang, and Morgan
certainly got a bang in his face. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, if have, smash a like, look out for Morgan’s
present, proper present on his video, it’ll be out on
Morg’s channel at 6pm today, an hour after this one starts, so not long to go. And I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace out.

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