Pranking my BOYFRIEND with “Marry Me” by Jason Derulo LYRICS!

I am confused too He read it!!!! Oh my gosh! He’s calling me!! ‘Please call me’….WHAT? WHAT?! Hello there, and todays video is really exiting You guys have literally been killing my prank videos, in a good way We hit 12 million views on my last one and i think we hit like 3 million on the other one and you guys have just been killing it with love and support and I really appreciate it But you guys are also asking me to do more like sit down, talking prank videos you miss it so im here to give you what you want so today i’m going to be pranking my boyfriend a little backstory, me and dennis have been dating for almost 6 years now and we’ve definitely talked about marriage and I’ve been hinting it a little bit more Yesterday, i was kinda like playing with him and i was like “Oh tomorrow’s a very special day like wear a suit and wear a tie Whatever, just like messing with his head and letting him know that today is a very special day and he was getting curious And so little does he know i’m about to play a prank on him if you enjoy these kinds of videos make sure to give it a thumbs up to connect with me on my social medias and i have a vlog channel if you’re interested and lets get on into this prank Right, so i’m starting casually Just waiting for him to respond, hopefully he responds right away c’mon, c’mon, c’mon So i’m gonna kind of tease him I’m gonna be like, um I’m gonna say Today’s a special day (Dennis) Hey Natalie LOL Well hello there Dennis, Little do you know little do you know (Dennis) How are you? 105 is the number that comes to my head (Dennis) I’m about to eat breakfast (Dennis) 105? What? When i think of all the years i wanna be with you He already read it! He already read it! Let’s see what he says. (Dennis) Oh… (Dennis) You’re weird, AHHH!! That’s precisely what I plan to do Ok, i’m gonna skip ‘Wakeup every morning with you in bed’, we don’t live together and he’s gonna catch on ok We got to keep this going And i know one of these days when i get my money right (Dennis) Oh really, I….okay i don’t know what he’s going with it he’s going to like this line ready? Buy you everything and show you all the finer things in life (kisses) (Dennis) hurray add some more like kisses, cause you know you got to keep him like like not knowing yet We’ll forever be in love, so there ain no need to rush mm, thats smooth right there (sneaky laughing) i cant believe he is going with it for now i’m going to trick him and be like remember i told you today is a special day i’m going to put like this kind of scared face (Dennis) why is today special? but one day i wont be able to ask you loud enough its like literally making my heart beat so fast cause the next line is and i will ask you will you marry me. (Dennis) why is today special i’m confused will you marry me. (HAWWWWWW) he read it oh my god He’s calling me, (laughter) okay okay okay i have to decline, i have to decline he thinks this is real because he’s calling me i swear that i will mean it i am going to put like this praising thing (emoticon) (laugher) makes me sounds so desperate “i swear that i will mean it” (Dennis) answer my call fool oh my god he is calling again Dennis relax boy i’m trying to prank you how many boys in this world can make me feel like this. hahaha he read it oh man (Dennis) hey crazy why aren’t you answering he prolly thinks someone took my phone i am gonna put baby i don’t ever plan to find out (inhaling lots of oxygen fast) i never call him baby so this is kind of like a red flag (Dennis) your’e acting weird Natalie lol he is calling again oh my god Dennis (Dennis) Answer the phone imma going to put, you’re the love of my life oh my god that looked, that sounds so real that sounds so real he ain replying yet hm. dot dot dot and question mark (Dennis) YES When you accidentally propose and get a yes erk please call me what what what what what i am nervous now what do you mean yes oh my god he’s calling again and if i lost everything (Dennis) Natalie your acting weird please just call me or else i’m going to get mad he prolly thinks that i am acting up he thinks like something like i (stutter) i’m bad in the head right now i put in my heart it means nothing this is actually kind of romantic like the lyrics are pretty spot on oh my god he said yes i can’t believe that i feel so special and and evil but cause i have you, boy i have you i’m sweating pancakes this is, this is making me very nervous (Dennis) hmm (Dennis) i’ve asked you to call me four time already and i’ve called you four times oh my gauddd (Dennis) are you not going to answer? oh my god this is getting real (Dennis) it seems like youre texting random things and not even looking st mine huh the worst part is confrontation of a prank like when youre like, Gotcha cause then they will like i dint like that or ha ha ha ha its either or two alright then this is the same phrase will you marry me will you marry me not responding hello bubbah cause i call him bubbah hello bubbah (Dennis) called you and you dont answer alright now i am going to call him (Dennis) Hello (Natalie) Hello (Dennis) Hey Natalie. (Natalie) Hi Crazy (Dennis) Why are you acting so weird huh? hahahahahaha (Natalie) What will it be? (Dennis) What do you mean (Dennis) Your like your just texting of like book or something (Natalie) hahahaha (Natalie) You’ve just been pranked(Natalie) you’re on the video right now (Natalie) what would you like to say? (Dennis)******* tard (Natalie) hahahaha oh (Natalie) what the **** (Natalie) he hung up on me 🙁 ohhhhh is he mad? what the hell?(Natalie) Hello? (Dennis) Hey Natalie (Natalie) Are you mad at me? (Dennis) No (Natalie) Why do you hang up on me and say that? (Dennis) Because your’e a tarzan? (Natalie) It’s not nice but i thought you are mad (Dennis) No (Natalie) Oh my god that really scared me (Natalie) Did you believe it? (Dennis) You’re acting weird. (Natalie) We pranked your dad good (Natalie) Alright guys that is it for todays video and if you enjoy don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up make sure you follow Dennis on twitter and instagram ouch baby that hurts because he deserves it because he literally just got pranked and follow me on my socials, make sure you check out our vlog channel and you can see more of this cutie he also has an instagram, @jupitersoutlet he’s so cute he’s my little bubbah he’s a golden retriever so sweet ohalp bub that hurts that hurts i hope you guys enjoy this video i’m gonna tag a whole bunch of people down below so if you all want to do this challenge, honestly its the most hilarious thing ever thanks again mike fox for creating it I love you guys don’t forget to live weird or die normal and if you aren’t yet subscribed to the weirdest family in the internet do so to see more of us, hello bye

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    CAUS NO ONE WIL DOO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. OMGosh I'm watching your old videos and just realized I watched this before I even knew who you were and subscribed! 💙 Love the old videos!

  3. Her:little does he know
    Me:starts singing the song 'little did you know' by Alex and Sierra!

    Who else loves that song!?!?!?

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