Hi, my name is Whitney Meade, and I’m a
Christian author and Bible Teacher. I’d like to pray for you today about marriage restoration. I don’t know if you’re praying for your
own marriage, or interceding for another couple in your life, but I don’t think it’s a
coincidence that you’ve found this video; I think it’s exactly what the Lord meant
for you to find. If you are encouraged by this prayer, I invite you to subscribe to my channel where I create new Christian videos almost every day. Now, let’s take a moment to get still before the Lord. Bow your heads, close your eyes, and if you feel comfortable, open your hands to a position of receiving and enjoying the Holy Spirit. Let’s pray. Jesus, we humbly approach your throne of grace and mercy today. I lay the marriage represented here at your feet. You know this couple intimately and you are not surprised by their struggles, Lord. You know the attacks they’ve been facing
and what the enemy has tried to throw at them, Jesus. But we remember this today – you are the good shepherd. You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. You are the creator of this union and you
are the sustainer of it, too. Lord, we beg of you today, sustain this marriage. Redeem this marriage. While you walked this earth, you were a carpenter. You were skilled at building. And we ask that you would RE-build this marriage. RE-build their love. RE-build their trust. RE-build anything that the enemy has stolen from the covenant that they made before you on their wedding day. REbuild, REbuild, REbuild. God, we confess our sin to you today. For some, there has been betrayal. For others, there has been ungodly hatred
or thoughts or ill-wishes or lies or jealousy or slander. No matter what… none of us have been perfect, we have sinned in some way, and we are in need of your saving grace. We claim that saving grace over these marriages today. We ask that forgiveness would be the banner that reigns supreme over this couple today. We ask that rejection would be cast out, and that in place of that rejection, your loving arms would encircle this man and wife today to bind them together once again. We lift up the children that may be represented from this union. We know that you rule, and that you OVER-rule. We ask that you would OVER-rule in the lives of their children to bring them healing and peace. Meet their needs where their parents can’t. Break the chain of marital strife in THIS
generation, Lord we pray. It is BROKEN in Your Great Name! God, we thank you that you always hear our prayers. No matter what the enemy is screaming, you are right beside this couple, holding them by the hand. May the viewer of this video know that he
or she is not alone, but that you are very much present with them. Let them feel your Holy Presence today. Let them be enveloped by the healing weight of your Glory, God. We break the barrier between heaven and earth and let them see their situation from a Kingdom-perspective. Your will is NEVER for a married couple to
be separated. In this situation, you have a Child who is
approaching your throne to intercede on behalf of their union. Hear their prayer, God. Restore what has been broken. We thank you that you never sleep nor slumber, but that you are always waiting to snuggle close to your children. You are a good, good Father. God, Colossians 3:14 says, “And over all
these virtues, put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.” I pray that your child will see their spouse
as a sinner in need of grace today, and that they would see themselves that way, too. When your Son Jesus died on the cross, He became love for us so that we can be bound together in perfect Unity. Only in Him can we achieve that. For the spouses that have not met Jesus yet, I pray that you would make a Way like only You can. Draw him or her closer to you. Open their eyes, Jesus. Open their eyes. Open their eyes. Save this marriage, God. Save this marriage. Save this marriage. I bless this union today, Father, and I declare VICTORY in the name of Jesus Christ. Bless your children, God. In Jesus’ name, amen. I want to make a note here that if any of you are facing any type of abuse or violence, that is NOT God’s will. I encourage you today to find Christian counsel, tell someone, and get help. Thank you for watching today, my friend. I believe that God has a miracle waiting for your marriage, or the marriage that you were just lifting up in prayer, whether it’s
your parents, family members, or friends. Keep the faith and don’t grow weary of doing good. Continue to pray. Continue to lift up your spouse. I believe in God’s healing hand over your union! If you would like to grow in your relationship
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  1. Sweet Jesus, this is exactly what I needed!!🙏🙏no coincidence here, only God. Whitney Meade, you will forever be a part of my life through Gods channels. Amazing how God uses his beautiful people to deliver his Word. May Gods protection be over you and all your loved ones for eternity.

  2. Thank you and God Bless you for this prayer. I’ve been standing for my beautiful wife Michelle, I receive this prayer and declare my wife and I walk in The Victory and God’s Promise that we will be restored in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name,Amen.😀❤️🙏✝️😇🕊🦋

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