Pre Wedding Shoot | Why You Might NEED One

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about how a pre-wedding shoot can alleviate your stress
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a huge trend in Asia and are quickly becoming a trend in the American wedding industry. Make sure you stick around
till the very end of the video so that you can hear our top reasons why we think you should have
your own pre-wedding shoot. So first and foremost, what
is a pre-wedding shoot? A pre-wedding shoot is
not an engagement session. It is a session where the
couple is actually getting into their wedding attire
well before their wedding. They are seeing each other for the first time. They are getting pictures done, often in very dramatic locations or with dramatic sets and items like a helicopter or a Ferrari. And these are often done with the intent of having these images
displayed at their wedding. This has started in Asia and it’s become a trend
in America as well. We just recently shot one and it was so fun to get creative without a constrained timeline, which leads me into our first tip of why you want to have
a pre-wedding shoot. So reason number one, why you want to have a pre-wedding shoot is a tight timeline. Type one in the comments
below if you have ever felt stressed when it came to
your wedding day timeline. There’s so much to try and fit in. You have first looks and getting ready and detail shots and bridal party pictures that by the time you actually
get to your couples pictures, there’s only five minutes. And that should be the
largest amount of time that you have on your
wedding day for portraits. But often, mostly, it’s not. And so a pre-wedding
shoot does that for you. It allows more time to have
these beautiful, dramatic, epic shots that are filled with romance without feeling stressed
on your wedding day. Reason number two to
have a pre-wedding shoot. You have an outdoor
venue with no rain plan. You’ve envisioned this beautiful ceremony, these beautiful, romantic portraits outside, at the venue of your dreams, but there’s no way to get those pictures if it rains. And that is another reason to
have your pre-wedding shoot ahead of time, at that venue, where you can pick the day and make sure that the weather is exactly what you want, you’re comfortable, it’s cool, there’s no rain, and you
get the perfect pictures that you’ve envisioned
with your future spouse. Reason number three to
have a pre-wedding shoot, you have so many locations in mind that you want for your
portraits on your wedding day, but it’s impossible to get to all of them during that eight hours of your wedding. And so instead, plan that pre-wedding
session epically, literally. Three locations, four locations, two days of shooting. The world is your oyster because you have all the time in the world
to get these pictures done. Imagine going to Yosemite. Imagine going to New York. And then again to Key West. You could do all of that ahead of time and have these epic
pictures without the stress and the constraint of an
eight-hour wedding day. Reason number four, you want something to wow your guests at your cocktail hour. Imagine them coming into your reception, into your cocktail hour, and being in front of
a 20 x 30 or a 30 x 40 amazing, dramatic
picture of the two of you in your wedding dress and him in his tux, and it’s almost this magical illusion of how did you get it done that quickly and get it
into the cocktail hour. It wows your guests,
it’s something beautiful and artistic for them to look at. It creates a conversation
piece to talk about while they’re enjoying drinks and food. Pre-wedding shoots are a growing tend in the wedding industry and have the capability to reshape the entire wedding day timeline. If you’d like more information like this then head to the show notes below and sign up for our newsletter so you can receive tips
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