PREMIERE! Hank’s TV Party – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 17

[Jeremy] Oh, yummy! [appreciative murmurs] What are you all doing? If we want to go on every scary ride
at the carnival today, we have to be there in 15 minutes! Oh, sorry, Ginger.
We were waiting for Hank, then we got distracted
by this mystery cake. Yeah. We don’t know why it’s here,
but you don’t question cake. [gulps] Wait! Don’t question cake… This all feels eerily familiar. Huh? What’s eerily familiar? This is a birthday cake. It’s Hank’s birthday! -Oh, a birthday. I hear those are fun.
-It’s not fun! Every year he forces us to help him
make his own episode of his favorite show, “Bongo and McGillicuddy.” And he gets all bossy and mean and…
not Hank-like. That’s disgusting! Huh! I guess the carnival trip is off. There’s no way out of this one. [footsteps] Huh? Oh, no, I think I hear him coming. [footsteps get closer] [door creaks] Eugh. [coughs] Maybe thereisa way out of doing this.
Guys, Hank is sick. No, I’m okay. I just need fluids. -[wheezes]
-Hank. That sounds bad. We better let you rest. Maybe you’re right. [coughs]
It might be contagious. Well, you definitely sound contagious,
so we’ll celebrate you on another day. Yeah! Carnival time! Well, at least you’re still here, Jeremy. Oh, yeah. I’m still here…
and I got questions! What other germ have you been
hanging out with behind my back? [cheering]-Oh, no!
-Watch TV and sip that soup. I’ll get you a blankie. Let’s see the other germs
stand up to that! I’m sorry, okay? I really didn’t wanna get sick,
believe me. [snottery sniff] I’d rather have my usual birthday
where I… [coughs] …bring my favorite
TV show to life. Instead, I have to sit here… [splutters] Oh, man!
And now there’s soup on the remote. Will you quit being a grump? I’ll get it. -[crackling]
-Stop! You’re making it worse! You’ll fry the buttons! [grunts] [both] Bongo and McGillicuddy? Well, ain’t this a kick
in the cartoon caboose? It’s Hank..,. and Jeremy. -[roars]
-You’re right, McGillicuddy. Jeremy’s a no-good germ
who makes everyone sick. Cuff him! I didn’t infect him! Really! He’s telling the truth, guys. This is my fault.
I treated soap like a suggestion. Hmm. Well, I’m still watching you, Blue. And I’m hugging you, Hank.
It’s been too long. [McGillicuddy chuckles] This is amazing! My remote pulled you through the TV
because of a combination of soup, static electricity -and birthday magic.
-Whoa, whoa. If it’s your birthday,
then where’s the party? Uh, nowhere. It got moved to another day
because I’m sick. Well, that is just not acceptable. I’m declaring a special police mission… to throw you a birthday bash
with all your TV friends! [excited squeals] We’re making good time.
Next we hit the Bumper Boats. Then dry off on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Move your butts! I’m sorry, Ginger.
I’m just distracted for some reason. Yeah. This should be fun, but something feels off. Thanks for being with me on my birthday.
Wouldn’t have been the same without you. That’s a bit on the nose, but… accurate. What we did to Hank was wrong. But he was gonna make us sick,
or make us make a bad movie. You guys, we have to make it up to him. But how? Step right up! Step right up!
Get something for your friends -that couldn’t be here today.
-That’s it! Let’s win Hank a prize, and fast! He’s probably feeling miserable right now. Let’s party! [laser beam zapping] Well, hello there! Cheerio. Waaah! Watch what you’re doing!
You almost zapped in Kaptain Kriminal, -the baddest baddie in the Tooniverse.
-Ooh, that would’ve been bad, ’cause this party is for good guys only! -That’s right.
-[gibbers] -Hey, birthday boy, no more trick shots.
-Yes, sir. [yells] -[hip-hop playing]
-[cheering and whooping] [Hank] Yes! Woo! [McGillicuddy whoops] Ooh, yeah! [laughter] Today was almost a bad birthday. But now…
it may be my best birthday ever! And none of this would’ve happened
if I wasn’t sick. To the germ that got me sick
and brought me together with you! Aw, come on! I’m the one
who made this all happen. [cheering and whooping] Fine! I know when I’m not wanted. -[cheering]
-Hey, Mr. DJ, crank up the bass! -Yes!
-[music pounding] [silence falls] Well, well! What have we here? A nice little birthday party. It would be a shame
if someone were to crash it. Someone like me. [cackles evilly] [McGillicuddy gibbers angrily] Good point, McGillicuddy. Now let’s show this pathetic punk
that this party is for protagonists. -[yelling]
-[Kaptain Kriminal laughs] [all cackling] Aw! Whoa! Grr! This carnival cheats! Give me back my mustache comb! -I need it to comb my mustache.
-[cackles] [evil cackling] All right, Kaptain Kriminal. Give me that remote so I can zap you away. Why, certainly, my dear birthday boy. Or better yet, we can split it. [Kriminal cackles evilly] That remote was our only way
to get rid of ’em. We’re doomed! No one’s ever doomed
when police are around, Hank. Think. Where can we find another remote? I’ve got it! There’s always extra remotes
in the couch cushions. Clever. But those crazy criminal crashers
have the couch covered. -[whoops excitedly]
-No. It’s too dangerous. -[McGillicuddy whoops]
-Hey! That monkey stole my snack! Yes! Remotes! Now we just need a static-y blanket
and a bowl of Jeremy’s soup. Wait. Where is Jeremy? “Sure, police adventures are fun, but you should see
how they wreck friendships. Zero stars.” Why are you hiding in here?
We need your soup to save the party! Oh, is that so? Are you sure you don’t need
one of your TV friends or the germ that got you sick? Uh-oh, looks like we’ve got us a Code 15. Jealous friend. Hey, buddy, are you okay? What do you care? Ah, leave me alone. Look, I’m sorry I got sick.
It was selfish. I should have thought about
how you would feel while I was coughing and wheezing
on my birthday. Can you forgive me? So, you promise you’ll never get sick,
ever, ever, ever again? I never will. Promise. -[jolly funfair music playing]
-Hey, come here! -Give me that balloon back!
-No way! -It’s proof your carnival is rigged.
-[balloon clangs] And soon everyone will know! All right, let’s make a deal. Give back the balloon
and I’ll let you have any prize you want. No way! This is about justice! Hold on, Ginger. Any prize? Let’s mute these birthday baddies! [cackling] Huh? -Zap!
-Argh! Zap! Zap! Zap! Ha! -Huh? Oh, no, I’m out of juice!
-[cackles] [zapping] -Enough! Put down the remote.
-[growls] You think I’m bluffing? Ha ha! Put ’em down
or say sayonara to the simian! [McGillicuddy groans] Hank, remember that rule
about no more trick shots? Well, some rules were meant to be broken. [bloodcurdling yell] [grunts] Happy birthday to me! -[cheering and whooping]
-[hip-hop playing] Yay… [coughs] [Jeremy] Okay, party’s over.
Everybody out. Don’t crowd him! Give him some space.
Let him breathe. Wait! He’s opening his eyes. Wait, what happened? Jeremy, where’s Bongo? And McGillicuddy?
And the rest of my cartoon pals? You were dreaming.
Jeremy says you were sleeping for hours. We’re glad you’re up now. We got you something that will
make this birthday special after all. Uh… thanks? [Tom] Pretty nice, huh? With these guys around,
it’s like Bongo and McGillicuddy are gonna be in the garage with you. How crazy is that, huh? [chuckles]

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  2. Now we know 2 different bad ppl


    Remember Ben wanted to play a “nerdy” game

  3. Didn't the "Don't Question Cake" scene happen in Season 1, 2015 in "Hank The Director", which also took place on his birthday? 2:18 Oh … never mind. They're very aware of the deja vu.

    Ha ha! Jeremy's response. A mixed media episode! I liked the last one. 3:01 "This is my fault. I treated soap like a suggestion." Heh heh. 8:10 "Look, I'm sorry I got sick. It was selfish. I should have thought about how you would feel while I was coughing and wheezing on my birthday." This show lost some of its humour somewhere in the middle, but it's picking it back up.

  4. Hola a todos los de talking tom and friends yo soy Angela y yo amo a talking tom and friends si ustedes les gustaria ser un comentorio busquen la pagina web de talkimg Angela and frieds

  5. this episode had a really nice quality, I liked how you combined different animation styles, keep up the good work👍🏻❤

    PS I really love all your videos

  6. Why won't they chop of bens hand ? Or freeze the thing on his hand with liquid nitrogen and destroy it with a hammer ?

  7. Hi talking Tom and friends can you make something like maybe like some clash royale game like the goblin gang messin around

  8. I ❤💕 Talking tom and friends it is the Best channel in the world.. And happy birthday Hank!

  9. 8:29–8:32 "I never will…promise"

    anyways..forget that and I love these episodes I've watched them for so many years!

  10. Hank: There’s always an extra remote on the couch
    Then why didn’t u use the other remotes when the other remote was covered by the soup?

  11. You should make a episode where the CEO offers a free luxury mansion to Tom and his friends they accept because it’s Christmas time but the house is full with booby traps so Tom and friends escape and go back to the Garage

  12. This is like season 2 episode 19 when Hank used a universal remote which was basically an electric toothbrush to "jump" into the T.V. to save Bongo and McGillicuddy only he knocked himself and got two rewards but this in reverse. Hank is sick on his birthday and got soup on the remote and Jeremey and Hank were fighting over which caused Bongo and McGillicuddy to jump from their T.V. dimension to Talking Tom and Friends T.V. dimension.

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