**Prenuptial Agreement** – Money and Marriage in IRVINE, California

Alright Colleen,
I did a little research, and I found the top 10 causes for divorce. So I’m going to do
a little countdown for you, and if you could just address each and every one of them for
us. So reason number 1: getting in for the wrong
reasons. Right. So what this means is marrying for
money. And when people hear that, they think sugar daddy or sugar momma. And this is not
what that actually means. What this means is that there are already problems before
you get married or right at the beginning of the marriage. And how often have you heard
a friend of yours say, “I’m not sure if this is the right thing, but we’ve spent so much
money on the wedding planning. We’ve already sent our invitations out.” Or how often have
you heard someone say, “We’ve just done this huge expense like building a home together.
I can’t pull out now even thought this doesn’t feel right.” People in Irvine, California feel that they’re obligated
to follow through this prenuptial agreement because of the money and time that’s been

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