do you think we’re gonna find what we need for tonight what are we gonna do tonight we’re gonna I’m gonna prepare you dinner can I help stay there you can pour me some wine I like to pour me some wine but we do have to say that this video is being sponsored by the great forces sluts and we’ll tell you a little bit more about it later on in the video now we got to find some ingredients what are we actually looking for yeah we have to buy cilantro onions isn’t wine wine [Music] and there you go that’s found it just go smelly I want to refine it’s a Brazilian pop shop we got to support it top here important and they also have to stand right here and walk into some coffee we can say it in Portuguese I don’t think so Oh even GLK democracy this so don’t regress somewhere yeah wait it’s little laughter it’s so really well that’s it somewhere else bad idea those sitting on a grass the kind of thing I like yeah I guess it’s fun something for my family my hopefully only likes this kind of thing my sister would walk this I don’t have one with that I get it for free no I think we’re good all right think so yeah nice shirt you like it yes yours exactly and I’m riding yours mine just like I said before we always switch I guess I’m the wine tonight so what you’re cooking no you do everything just wine I don’t what you just peel it until when what the garlic Hey this is done now it’s done right here oh thank you let me get my shears to cookie and you had a patient mmm take a look at the time stamp thirteen yeah yes I wanna this is my first time cooking so I want it to be good so I wanted to take a nap but no I never slept so we’re gonna try to make a shrimp risotto then I learned from the course we’re gonna talk a little bit more about later with the help of Bernardo because this is my first time kind of cooking like a kind of fancy meal is it fancy was this fancy yeah and it’s a hard dish it’s hard it’s a little oh yeah I don’t know father different hard come drink some water so the first step is having the garlic right getting the garlic and the onions okay you get that garlic garlic how do you get all of this skin off it was done no you have to take all that’s you know that now with the knife are using MasterChef mmm she just had to cook these little bun there’s an easy way to take it out you do it like this why didn’t you teach me that Dan how did you do it doing it look all the skin comes off and just kind of be careful you know no your fingers yeah above no I’m not both like when you cut it like make your fingers like this to make like like this like this so you won’t know exactly where your nerves do you know what summer means because I don’t I think summer is like half boiling earth is not boiling Alexa what a simmer mean Oh just below the boiling point under I don’t know under blue has to be low I think no that’s little oh so I guess I was right before and the oven assists them yeah I should I should listen to my teacher no you can’t stir it just drink a little bit more like just doing some light what’s coming can you use the salt you just grabbed it oh you do have to open this right it comes out here and here’s another way to do just it’s the right time the hard part that’s the hard part [Music] be a good time to talk about the green courses plus what is it well it’s an ultimate learning service with top-notch lectures and courses from top professors from the Ivy League and other great universities and experts from national geographic the Smithsonian and a Culinary Institute of America oh yeah our chef Bilbrey Wow he was found the Culinary Institute America’s from there yeah he’s good it’s really good it has unlimited access to a huge library of over 10,000 video lectures about anything that interests you how to stay fit how to speak Spanish or you can even impress your partner with a fancy meal which means you can learn how to cook which is the course that we took I needed it more than Bernardo but we did take it together one cool thing that we love about it is that you can do this all on your TV tablet laptop or phone through the great courses Plus app it’s available on your iPad iPhone iPod Android devices and many others cooking for me has never been easy because my family really never cooked meals like these they were cooked simpler meals so when I took the course I was really excited because I could be able to cook something that was hard the chef that we had he said for risotto the rice you want for it to stick so you celebrate when the right sticks because normally don’t want rice to stick the great courses plus is giving you a great offering you can start a free trial that if you go ahead and go to the great courses plus calm / steps of two foreigners okay and then you can go ahead and you can start a free trial and start one other courses like a cooking course and so just go ahead and click the link down below and go ahead and get started but for sure your risotto won’t be as good as ours before I think my chef will be proud this is your dish it’s good enjoy it nice yours has more cheese I like cheese you want more cheese the taste test Oh looks good it’s good it’s really good really maybe it’s better than mine it’s not fair I’m sorry I’m only able to cook once a week the right amount of seasoning really it’s the right texture yeah it’s perfect okay mm-hmm you go Nietzsche I might just become a chef [Music] hey we can’t drink too big why are you laughing I’m kidding but it is good do you want to make the dessert you’re gonna make it you’re gonna make it you don’t make it sure sure no you buddy that is true I am a chef let me let me go ahead and make it that go ahead okay do you like snickerdoodles wait now I think it’s a cinnamon I don’t know why they say snickerdoodle still I’m not sure that’s it it’s very healthy so it is 1 a.m. we just made some dessert let’s try it hmm it’s good it’s a little doughy they also have baking classes so maybe that that should be the nice plus for the both of us remember to go out make me worries and take a cooking class don’t bake like that I don’t bake like me spacious it’s good

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