Preparing for Hayoung’s 1ST Birthday [The Return of Superman/2019.12.15]

Let’s meet the doppelganger family who is enjoying a peaceful afternoon. Hayoung, I think you might walk on the day of your first birthday. I think you’re just scared. Give that to me. Gosh, what is that? (Let’s practice walking.) Is Yunjung luring her with a snack? Practice is a must. Let’s try again. You can do it. (That’s right. I will get up when I fall.) You can do it. (If it’s for my rice snack…) Slowly. Let’s see. (Baby roly-poly) Hayoung, come here. Calm down. It’s here. (Mommy has a good idea.) (Where are you going, not giving me my rice snack?) What is she doing? (Oh, it’s over there.) What will she motivate her with? Grapes. (She washes it with water.) So she wants her to walk before her first birthday at all costs. Yunjung is good at motivating people with food. – She trains people. / – That’s how she won me too. (Hayoung approaches as soon as she sees the grape.) Get up. You can do it. (I want to eat, but my body won’t move.) (How could you do this?) – Stand up. / – Goodness. – She wants to sit down, but… / – Stand up. (Help me, my legs.) (She’s almost there.) Her mouth moves before her hands. Or her legs. She’s so excited right now. She wants to eat it so bad. Move your feet. I think you can do it. I think you can walk. My goodness. – My goodness. / – She’s walking. (She steps toward Yunjung.) (She steps without leaning on anything.) – She took two steps. / – She got scared. Despite that, she still took two steps. – I’m so proud of my daughter. / – Eat this. – You love the taste. / – She took her first steps. – You should walk from now on. / – She got the grape. Is it tasty? – What? / – Wait. Where are you and Yeonwoo? I’m preparing something incredible. What happens if she picks this? Will she become a teacher? She’ll get good scores in her studies. Put everything in here. – Okay. / – What are you two doing? A rehearsal for her first birthday party. Do people usually rehearse for that? We should. – What? / – We should. – It only makes sense to do it on the spot. / – No. – It should be naturally done. / – She should practice. No, everything will be too new to her. (Fiddling) What are you doing? (Sighing) What are you doing? (How do I look?) (Who are you?) (I can’t believe my dad.) (Microphone test) Ladies and gentlemen. (What is going on right now?) Welcome to Do Hayoung’s first birthday party. (What are we going to do with him?) Look at your wife’s face. Do you know what day today is? Yes. – Can she answer you? / – She’s well aware of it. – She knows what a mic is. / – Great. Before we get the party started, we have a special performance prepared. – I’m ready. / – My goodness. – Yeonwoo? / – Do Yeonwoo’s special performance. Please give it up for him. This is what we’re like. Anything for her sister. Don’t be too surprised. “You’re so cool, Yeonwoo!” – Now… / – Yes. Let’s… What song will you play? – I’ll play “Mokpo Local Train”. / – Oh, my gosh. Great. He’ll play “Mokpo Local Train” with a cello on his sister’s birthday. A big round of applause for him. (Clapping) (Mokpo local train) (She’s the original singer.) She loves it. My gosh. (Is this what special performances are like?) (I’m becoming immersed in it.) (They are in a trance.) (She can’t hold back her laughter anymore.) (The song is so touching.) (My son is the best.) (You’re doing great, my brother.) She’s enjoying her brother’s performance. (So that you can smile) (At ease) Clap! (Is this why people have first birthday parties?) Well done. Put your cello here. (Yeonwoo rushes somewhere.) – Is it not over yet? / – Of course not. – That’d be so boring. / – Today, to celebrate Hayoung’s first birthday party, another person came. I went through so much to invite this person. Please welcome Leonar-Do Yeonwoo with a round of applause. Please come on out, sir. (I’m coming now.) – It looks extraordinary from the back. / – Yeonwoo. Yeonwoo. Hayoung is shocked. (Nice to meet you. I’m Leonar-Do Yeonwoo.) – Cool. Fantastic. / – Doppelganger, indeed. (What is this?) Now… (Leonar-Do Yeonwoo, six-year-old rookie singer) (Trust me this once) (Smiling) – He’s singing so hard. / – ♪ Good ♪ (Kyungwan and Yeonwoo are so excited.) (This is so fun.) – ♪ When I become lonely ♪ / – ♪ When I become lonely ♪ (I should stay calm as the birthday girl.) ♪ When it hurts and makes you cry ♪ – ♪ Lean on my anytime ♪ / – ♪ Lean on my anytime ♪ (I won’t stay calm. I’ll dance.) My goodness. How adorable. (She finds this hilarious.) (She’s the master of dancing.) Wow, her thighs are so strong. Babies usually hold on – to a wall or a table to dance. / – Right. (Immersed) Let’s go. (They are in a trance.) (What are they holding in their hands?) (I want the mic too.) Yes, that’s it. Hey. (Trust me this once, Hayoung.) ♪ I’m happy just holding your hands ♪ (They are so excited, they can’t stop.) Aren’t the lyrics perfect for his little sister’s first birthday? (He’s filled with passion.) Look at his shoulder moves. – He’s incredible. / – You’re so good. (The two shook up the stage.) Gosh. Great. The birthday girl. Hayoung. How do you feel today? Did you enjoy the show? (I loved it.) She made a sound. It’s time for the main event of today’s party. – I’ll get them prepared. / – Please lift them up. (Remember, this is not the actual birthday party.) (What is that now?) Come here, Hayoung. He’s prepared a lot. – It’s filled with your ambition. / – Of course. Hayoung will pick one. Let’s go. Be quiet. She’s choosing. (Expectant) Did she pick something right away? She’s choosing. Gosh. That’s food. – Rice snack. / – It’s good. (Munching) (Despondent) She chose food. She chose snack. – Then… / – Second round. This is the real one. Choose one. (What will Hayoung choose now?) (What is this?) – Announcer? / – No. I want her to work at KBS. (Will she become an announcer like her dad?) She touched Dad’s company badge. – She touched it lightly. / – Yes. (She takes a deep breath.) Go on and choose one. Anything she holds is the choice. She must pick it up. Touching doesn’t count. She must grab it and pick it up. Her hand is hovering around the company badge. No way. No way. – She hasn’t picked it yet. / – Is it the tambourine? Mom. That’s me. Daddy. Daddy. That’s it. – Is she picking it up? / – That’s it. Did she pick it up? – What is it? / – Is she picking it up? (Everyone is nervous.) – Is she picking it up? / – That’s it. (Got you.) (Her hands make everyone nervous.) Pick one. Look at her. She’s adding tension to the show. She knows how to be entertaining. She didn’t choose at once. – Did she grab it? / – Is that it? – Is that what you’ll choose? / – Her hand went… She’s making us all nervous. (Guess what I’ll choose.) Go on and choose. (Exclaiming) – That’s it. / – What is this? “What is this?” (What should I choose?) – What is it? / – Let’s go. (He’s so surprised.) (A baseball) It’s a baseball. – A baseball? / – She’ll become an athlete. (I’ll choose this.) That’s your choice. – She picked the ball. / – Hayoung picked the ball. (I know. I picked it.) “I picked it.” Does this mean she’ll become an athlete? That’s right. Will you be an athlete? I’ll commentate your game when you become an athlete. (Thinking about it already makes me excited.) I can’t wait to see what she’ll actually choose on her birthday. Well done. (It will be revealed shortly.) Let’s go and buy welcome gifts. – Now? / – Yes. Let’s go. After the rehearsal, – you went to a nearby department store. / – Yes. We went to buy the welcome gifts. So the whole family went. (My gosh.) (Why are there so many things here?) (Happy) This is the smell of department stores that you like. Isn’t this smell so nice? Why do you love the department store so much? Isn’t this the first time we came altogether? Yes, it’s our first time. The four of us never came shopping together. (Is this a good place?) The store is too big, so let’s decide on what to buy first. Decide what? – What we’ll buy. / – Why? Because we’re here to buy things. No. We decided to buy something, and we have to see to decide what to buy. No. Let’s decide what to buy first. But we don’t know what’s there. – Aren’t we buying welcome gifts? / – Yes, we are. Yeonwoo looks embarrassed. There are so many options to choose from. Let’s buy some towels. – That’s no good. / – Why? I’ve seen about seven people who use those towels as rags. – The baby’s name will be on it. / – That’s right. – It’ll break my heart. / – Let’s take the elevator. – No, the escalator. / – She’s practical. – Let’s start from the top floor down. / – No. – Let’s walk and browse. / – Where’s the elevator? Where is the elevator? I only go shopping when there is something I need. If it’s on the fourth floor, I take the elevator there, buy the item and go home. She takes the elevator. Then we can’t see what’s on the second or third floor. – In the end, Dad won. / – I did. Mom, I’m so happy. What did you say? I said I’m so happy that we’re here with you. What was that? He said he’s happy to be here with me. – Are you happy to be here with me? / – Pardon? He said he’s happy to be here with me. – He’s holding her hands so tightly. / – Yeonwoo, you never said you were happy to be here with me. Why would you get jealous and ruin this sweet moment? Did I do that? He rarely gets to go out with me. No. Why are you going up? – Why are you going up? / – Shouldn’t they? Weren’t you going to the fourth floor? The cameramen have gone up. Why are you calling them back? We should browse the second floor. Why should we? This floor is for ladies. Should he go around and come down? – Yes. / – The cameramen are already upstairs. Gosh. – What are you saying? / – He can’t come the same way. Why did you tell them to come back? We’re just looking around. Well… I just… Why did you call them back? I’m just browsing. Why? We came to get welcome gifts. Why are we looking at womenswear? (You don’t know what shopping is.) Look at this. – We can give them these too. / – Look. – You find those on the second floor. / – You’re right. Wouldn’t it be a good welcome gift? – You seem proud. / – This is what it smells like. We’re just looking around. (It’s her first time to try the perfume.) Let’s go. Let’s go. – Hello. / – Hello. Your kids are so cute. They look just like their dad. (He loves it.) – It’s so obvious. / – They look like you. – It’s uncanny. / – Dad. – Right? / – You’re loving it. I lost. Why did we lose? (No, you won.) – Hello. / – Hello, Kkomkkom. – Hello. / – They look so cute. They look like Kyungwan. They called him Kkomkkom. They remember him. Where did they go? Come here quickly. Honey. (And he’s as popular as Yeonwoo.) You’re so handsome. (He smiles widely.) (I am Jang Yunjung’s husband.) Stop basking in the attention. Walk faster. Why are you so slow? (I’m excited too.) (Smiling) I wanted to be in a crowded place with Yunjung. Isn’t he weird? I really wanted to do it ever since we got married. I get you. I’d want to boast too. Hello. (Hi, we’re here.) – Here. / – Hello. Okay. I see. – She sells the soil bed. / – I see. (This is the world Mommy lives in.) I like this department store. What do you mean? They are all the same. This floor is for womenswear too. Let’s skip it. (Sighing) Okay? (It just makes him sigh.) Why? Must you browse every floor? Of course. It doesn’t even take long. Men’s casual. Let’s pass this one too. Why? It’s men’s casual. Maybe we can give out lightweight jackets. Why? Lightweight jackets as welcome gifts. You must be crazy. Why are you here if you’ll be like this? To buy things. We’re here to buy things. Then we need to browse first. (Mom, Dad, people are watching.) How can you two be so different? (Thanks to Yunjung, they reached the fifth floor.) What is this? Look at this. (They find the first option on the fifth floor.) I know. Something like this. It says “Don’t touch”. The testers are inside. I’ve never seen this. – Why is it so expensive? / – It’s all-natural. Do you also sell soap bars? – Something that looks practical. / – “Practical”. (He picks something up.) How about this? Salt for foot baths? (That’s nice.) That looks nice. – Salt for foot baths. / – It’s nice. – It’s nice, right? / – Let’s get it. – Wait… / – It’s done. We only got here 10 minutes ago. – We’ll look around. / – My gosh. Yeonwoo is having a hard time in between. – Why must we look around? / – I missed Yeonwoo’s face. – Thank you. Bye. / – Bye. She doesn’t forget to say goodbye. There are baby clothes. (Cute and fluffy hats catch Yunjung’s eyes.) They are so cute. There are other cute things too. (She puts it on Hayoung.) She looks like a boy. She looks like a boy. (Don’t get the wrong idea. She’s a girl.) Right, it makes her look like a boy. She’s a girl. It’s the other way around. (We’ll get a hat for Hayoung next time.) Look at this. It’ll be winter soon. Do you want Hayoung to wear this since it will be winter soon? (Sweet Yeonwoo thinks about his sister first.) He’s such a sweet-talker. Yeonwoo wants Hayoung to wear these. Long-sleeves. This? Yeonwoo, do you want Hayoung to wear this? He’s worried since it’s winter soon. (Because Hayoung is precious.) It’s not duck-down. Which one is better? Long-sleeves because it’s cold in winter. This one? Go inside and have a look. (The shopping expert goes inside to have a look.) – I had to put it on her. / – You look so skilled. It’s light, right? – You’re good. / – You look like a pig. (She looks around.) (How do I look, Mom?) Where did Mom go? – Where did Mom go? / – Just like that, – Where did she go? / – she never sticks around. Yeonwoo, aren’t you tired? – I am. / – Let’s go sit down somewhere. – Okay. / – Come here, Yeonwoo. (Yunjung disappeared.) (They took a seat right away.) It’s been over 10 minutes, right? I’m already exhausted. I don’t get why he needs more than 10 minutes to shop. – She’s looking around. / – I had to buy it, – Oh, no. / – but I can’t if she’s not there. – Hayoung is looking around. / – Your mom escaped. You went to look for her. What is she doing there? Three… (This is like) (the calm before the storm.) Did you buy it? – You’re upset. / – You didn’t? Why not? How could I when you weren’t there? You could have just bought it. – Put your shoes on, Yeonwoo. / – We should buy his shoes first. They look so dirty. Shoes? Let’s go. – Straw shoes would be cleaner. / – Yeonwoo. – Let’s go get some shoes. / – Yeonwoo. – Okay? / – Straw shoes would be cleaner. Let’s go. Give me your hand. Wait. – I left Hayoung’s bag. / – My goodness. I feel dizzy. – Gosh, thank you. / – Bye. (Please take care of my things, Dad.) When you go to a department store, you’re not supposed to buy anything before you reach the fifth store. What does that mean? (Sighing) – Towels. / – What? This is what I’m talking about. Promotion? (The towels are on promotion.) – Hello. / – Hello. Let’s take this design since it’s for her birthday. – How much is it per towel? / – Hello. It’s 30 percent off. Let’s take white. White. 50 white towels? – Yes, and the writing… / – No, wait. We need time to think. We’ll look around more. (I can’t believe you.) What else do you need to look? We already looked around. You’re the only one who still has energy left. No. There are more things upstairs. No, there aren’t. Only company “M” and company “U” are upstairs. – Company “U”. / – We can’t go there at this time. We’ll probably come back here. But just in case. We haven’t checked some other places. (Is this what shopping is like?) Let’s talk. (We’ll come back.) – Honey, we already looked here. / – Let’s go upstairs. Company “U” is upstairs. – No. That’s… / – Stop being stubborn. – Let’s get Yeonwoo’s shoes. / – A diffuser. (Goes inside the diffuser shop) – Where’s the diffuser? Oh, this? / – No, on the left. – Where? / – On the left, here. I wanted to get something fragrant like my child. What’s the most popular for a welcome gift? – Let me. / – Look at Yeonwoo. (Yeonwoo also checks carefully.) You look like a perfumer. It’s 62 dollars. (Let me smell it.) 32 dollars… (Are we buying welcome gifts now?) Towels are good too, – but it’s too common. / – You’re persuading her. It’s been the go-to gift since the 70s or 80s. This is the era of 5G. (Do you understand me?) Let’s get this, then. – Why? / – That was too easy. – Why? / – That was too easy. – This one? / – Now that she said yes… That scares me. (Let’s talk for a second.) – Yeonwoo. / – Well… Let’s go to “H” department store. (She’s swearing at him with her eyes again.) – Seriously? / – I’m sorry. – You’re unbelievable. / – I’m sorry. Let’s go another time. We don’t have time today. – We can’t today. / – You didn’t get it? – No. / – Let’s go. We need to browse at least two department stores. The first birthday party! – Oh, she walked. / – Yes, somehow. – Her brother sang for her. / – Her brother performed. – What did she grab? / – A pencil! Oh, a pencil. A pencil? (The welcome gift was a towel after all.) After all that, you went and got towels anyway? (Please look forward to the doppelganger family.)

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