Preparing The German State Dinner

♪♪ (music playing) ♪♪ Cristeta Comerford:
For the Germany State Dinner,
what we’re trying to do is celebrate the first spring harvest. Five days ago, we have the
Three Sisters Garden planting. And we have school children that
actually harvested all of these wonderful vegetables
and salad that we are incorporating in our menu. The first course is a kitchen
garden chopped salad. And of course, why not
highlight things that are already in there, because
that’s really what we want. You want things, you know,
to be dictated by nature. So when we came
up with the menu, we know that this is going
to be perfect and ready. So pretty much first course will
be incorporated with this garden salad, and the dressing is
actually from the White House garden itself, it’s our White
House honey that is reduced with apple cider vinegar. The nuts are from Georgia. And what we’re going to do with
it is basically doing a candied pecan and use that as a garnish. And pretty much we toss it last
minute, it’s given to them, it’s going to be
crispy and delicious. I think the most favorite part
is getting to the dish part. Because right now, things seems
to be like slow and easy and everybody is doing their things. But when we do the plate-up
or the execution of the menu itself, everything has to
be choreographed well for it to go well. So you only have like a span of
45 minutes to do like four courses, and that means about 1,000 some
plates that you have to hand out in the next 45 minutes. It’s a lot of plates to do
well and to do perfectly. So for us as chefs,
it’s kind of like, woo, you know, we’re really
looking forward to that. ♪♪ (music playing) ♪♪

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