President Obama’s ADA Anniversary PSA (30 Seconds)

Today, about one in five Americans is living
with a disability, over 50 million people including many of our friends and neighbors,
teachers and co-workers , heroes and leaders. Twenty years ago the Americans with Disabilities
Act guaranteed every person the right to live, work and participate fully in the American
experience. We’ve come a long way since then and we are committed to make even more
progress in the years ahead. Visit to see how you can help.

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  1. With all the attention on the ADA, does that say that the Rehabilitation Act is now a joke? that private industry is doing better than the US Federal government at inclusion and accessibility? Federal agencies don't hire professionals with disabilities and make little, if any, effort at accessibility (i.e., Section 508).

  2. i have never found any of these so called ''agencies'' to amount to a hill of beans for any real help for the disabled / handicapped people

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