President Trump and The First Lady Host a State Dinner with the President of France and Mrs. Macron

The President: President Macron,
Brigitte, Melania and I are profoundly
honored to host you and your entire
French delegation for our first official
State Dinner. And to America’s absolutely
incredible First Lady, thank you for making
this an evening we will always
cherish and remember. Thank you, Melania. (Applause.) Tonight, we celebrate nearly two-and-half
centuries of friendship between the United
States and France. Yesterday, we had a wonderful
visit to Mount Vernon — a place that is truly
special in the history of this very
remarkable friendship. It was there that General
George Washington met with General Rochambeau to finalize battle plans for victory at Yorktown. Many, many victories. It was there after the war
that General Lafayette returned to visit his adoptive father, George Washington. Lafayette named his only son
after Washington as a tribute to respect and love
for his dear friend. And there, at Mount Vernon, hanging on the wall
for all to see, is the key to the Bastille, a gift from Lafayette
to Washington. This tool of imprisonment had
become a symbol of liberty — the desire for freedom
that burns brightly in the heart of every French
and American patriot. This is the divine flame
which Victor Hugo wrote that evil can never
wholly extinguish, and which good can make
to glow with splendor. This is the flame that
spurred American soldiers to join the French on the
battlefields of World War I. This is the Flame of
French Resistance of which Charles de Gaulle
rallied his country in 1940. More than a million
Frenchmen took up arms to defeat fascism
in World War II. And this is the conviction that unites the French
and American soul as we work together
every day to build a future that is more just,
prosperous, and free. The veins that link our nations
are forged in battle, strengthened through trial, and defined by the
timeless principles that make us who
and what we are: respect for life;
love for our neighbors; pride in our traditions;
defense of our heritage; and reverence for the rights
bestowed on us through grace and the glory of God. So tonight, I ask that we raise our glasses as I offer this toast
to President Macron and Brigitte,
to the French delegation, and to every proud
citizen of France. May our friendship
grow even deeper, may our kinship
grow even stronger, and may our sacred
liberty never die. God bless you, God bless France. God bless our alliance,
and God bless America. (A toast is offered.) (Applause.) President Macron:
(As interpreted.) Mr. President, dear Donald, Madam First Lady, dear Melania, ladies and gentlemen,
dear friends, it is an honor for Brigitte
and me to be here with you in this legendary
place, the White House, for this sumptuous dinner
surrounded by friends of France that you were
so kind to invite. This White House full of history that the British
burned down in 1815 — and I say this
in the most amicable way — and that James Monroe
then had the brilliant idea of decorating
with French furniture — — a man of taste. In fact, he was a former
ambassador to Paris. I want to thank you,
dear Melania, to paying tribute
to this joint history. Thanks to the gift you kindly
gave us this morning. Mr. President,
you just reminded us, like we did earlier
this morning, how deep, how strong, and how intense the relationship
is between our two countries. This relationship,
from the very beginning, is rooted in the revolution that saw the birth
of the United States of America and the revolution that freed us
all along our joint history, through the wars that we have
led together for freedom and to defend our value;
this relationship, which is based on
all of our values. And tonight, my thoughts go
to the young Lafayette who came to risk his life
because of his love for freedom. And my thoughts
also go to the tens of thousands of
American soldiers, young soldiers, who gave
their lives during World War I and World War II on a soil
which was not theirs, but for this freedom which they
cherished, and which was theirs. We have always been there for the appointments
of this joint history. And this is the reason
why today we have no alternative but to be there also for
an appointment with history. There is a joint willingness on
both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to build our countries,
to make them stronger — greater, you would say —
and more solid. But let us now forget
that our task, accordingly, is to always be more ambitious. Our task, at the head
of the United States and at the head of France, is always about the
statute of universality for which so many generations
sacrificed themselves. These values that we support,
ladies and gentlemen, you very much represent — you who are here
with us tonight — be it in the field of culture,
science, sport, the economic life, the political life,
or diplomacy. There is always this little
extra which you represent, because you’re French,
because you’re American. This is the reason why,
Mr. President, we decided to work together
for both our countries, and also because this duty
is about something that goes beyond us. And this is also the reason
why our military took legitimate action a few day ago. This is also the reason
why we will work for stability and to preserve our values. This is, Mr. President, the only way we both
have to deal with history that goes beyond us,
the duty that is ours. And many comment
on our friendship, but I think it only
helps us work together towards these goals. On both sides of the ocean,
some two years ago, very few would have bet on us
being here together today. But as a matter of fact,
we share the same determination and the willingness to serve
both our countries — your country, my country —
and the rest of the world. I got to know you;
you got to know me. We both know that none of us
easily changes his mind. But we will work together, and we have this ability
to listen to one another. This is the reason
why our relationship will serve our strong history. And we are also aware
of the challenges ahead of us, but we will keep
working together. And for the quality
of our exchanges, I would like to
thank you for this, as well as for your invitation. Mr. President, dear Donald, dear Melania, thank you,
thank you for honoring France, for honoring me and Brigitte, and the French delegation
with this first state visit, which is commensurate
to the quality and the level of the bonds
between our two countries. And, in turn, please allow me
to raise my glass. Please allow me
to raise my glass to all our fellow citizens on both sides of the ocean
who fought for our values. Please allow me
to raise my glass. We have to up to the debt that we owe them and up to their sacrifice. Please allow me to raise
my glass to the friendship, the unbreakable friendship,
between France and the United States. (A toast is offered.) (Applause.)

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  1. First Lady arranged entire W.H to welcome France President and delegation, its so touching and bonding is so good for both countries and Allies….

  2. The UK better take notice. They have quickly taken a back seat to France as far as relations go with this POTUS.

  3. God bless President Donald Johan Trump! Hopefully the work what he is doing to do, is making the world a beter place.

  4. Who Invited Pepe le Peu the Iran used car sales man for the EU?
    No payments from America! Taxpayers are DONE! We love the French Citizens. You should have brought them.

  5. President Trump! Do not withdraw US Army in South Korea. South Korea right wings don't trust our South Korea President Moon and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un! We always support President Trump!

  6. Trump pressed the full throttle.
    The yield of US government bonds for the first time exceeded 3%.

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  8. Mr Trump and Melanie are making America very proud, Thank you,. We are 100 % behind you and We The People will help take down the corrupt SWAMP.

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  10. Peace be unto you
    שלום ושלום

    And he spake also a parable unto them
    No man putteth a piece of a new garment upon an old
    if otherwise then both the new maketh a rent
    and the piece that was taken out of the new agreeth not with the old

    And no man putteth new wine into old bottles
    else the new wine will burst the bottles and be spilled and the bottles shall perish
    But new wine must be put into new bottles and both are preserved

    No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new
    for he saith The old is better

    The Lord bless thee and keep thee
    The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee
    The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace

    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Donald John Trump, The LORD God bless you
    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet First Lady Melania Trump, The LORD God bless you
    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Michael Richard Pence, The LORD God bless you
    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved and my sweet Sister Lady Karen Sue Pence, The LORD God bless you
    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle James Norman Mattis, The LORD God bless you
    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Wilbur Louis Ross Jr., The LORD God bless you
    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Steven Terner Mnuchin, The LORD God bless you
    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Sister Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders, The LORD God bless you
    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle John Joseph Sullivan, The LORD God bless you
    My beloved The Kingdom of England The Great Britain and Ireland and Scotland and Australia and Canada my sweet beloved Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, The LORD God bless you
    Ma chère France mon frère aimé Emmanuel Jean Michel Frédéric Macron, que Dieu te bénisse
    Ma chère France mon adorable professeur ma soeur aimé Brigitte Marie Claude Macron, que Dieu te bénisse

    In God We Trust
    God bless America The Great Faith
    God bless America The Great Nation
    אלוהים יברך את ישראל הכלה של אלוהים
    God bless The Nations
    Que Dieu bénisse Paris
    Que Dieu bénisse la France
    God bless The Kingdom of England The Great Britain and Ireland and Scotland and Australia and Canada
    God bless Europe
    God bless 中國
    God bless 대한민국
    God bless 日本
    God bless We The People

    a sweet and good year with love
    אהבה אמונה ותקווה
    Semper fidelis

  11. I wonder how awkward it is to be at something like this and not know why people are clapping at first. Like do you clap along blindly? Do you clap after everyone has stopped but the translator has finished? Do you give up on life?

  12. President Trump is working hard to protect the American citizens and restore the nation to the economic powerhouse it has been known for throughout history…Marcon is not protecting his country or citizens..he has wilfully allowed it to be swamped with islamics terrorists and cows down to merkel's demands at every turn..he's not a ..leader…he has betrayed his country just as most heads of nations have to appease the globalist agenda…thankfully President Trump is not such a puppet or fool…President Trump is a true diplomat…

  13. JOIN BRANDON TATUM & HELP TAKE OUR YOUNG PEOPLE BACK…. Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit is a conference for young, conservative blacks. YBLS 2018 will be hosted Fall 2018 in Washington, D.C.

  14. Thanks to President Macron for not allowing the corrupt Fake News to dissuade him from accepting the invitation. It is good to see a real leader in Europe who seems to realize that Trump is not the evil man he is made out to be. Many thanks President Macron! God bless France and the USA!

  15. Melania is channeling Jackie O's love of historical places and enhancement of them and a sense of intimacy to formal engagements. Congrats Melania – you are beautiful inside and out.

    THE REASON..Refugees are at our border is because of the WOTC..companies get 2400 dollars just to hire a refugee over ANY American.. Starbucks hired 20,000 of them last year and got a 48 million dollar tax write off…so when ANY AMERICAN goes against a refugee for a job ..the American loses

  17. LOVE our POTUS and FLOTUS!!! praying for them……………!  our president is human and has made and will continue to make mistakes but I know in my heart from the Holy Spirit that his choice in being our president is for America/Americans and NOT for the corruption like Hillary and trader 44 where they participated and allowed horrific events to take place for their own gain.  The truth will prevail – God does not sleep  Our president didn't have to take this job and place himself and family in great danger from the satanic realm………. In the end we win and satan looses

  18. President Trump is my 13th president, and by far the best. Thank you, Mr. President for your outstanding leadership.

  19. Liberals hate they fact that President Trump demands respect for our great country and himself. I know England has been more supportive but the French were there first, they might like to surrender but we will always be there to kick the shit out of any enemy the French people have

  20. Execeptionel Indeed! Who did not feel special? I enjoyed seeing the people’s White House well adorned and presented,as well as filled with gracious words. I hope the nations are jealous too. God bless America.

  21. God bless these two Presidents and their families. God bless the people of France and God bless America! Thank you President Trump for your leadership and for the gift of the First Lady Melania….I just love her style

  22. Amazing. God bless America and France free of the pedovores! Where we go one we go all! Liberté, égalité, fraternité!!

  23. How does democracy work when you can never trust what a candidate says, how many times a candidate says it, and how explicitly a candidate says it?

  24. I wonder how many quarter pounders with cheese and Big Mac's Trump had to order. And he must have super-duper sized the French fries.

  25. President Trump has brought back respect to our country and White House, we are very fortunate to have someone with his
    caliber and smarts to be our leader, enjoy this man for we will never see this again. #kag!!


  27. Thank you and God Bless you President and Melania Trump for making us proud to be Americans! You bring class and the love of God, and patriotism back into the White House. Your gracious hosting of world leaders is amazing and will change the world toward peace through strength. God Bless America, and God Bless France. Trump 2020.


    According to a report of the French senate, 2.800 churches across the country, many of them centuries old, will be demolished as restoration costs exceed the cost of demolitions over the next years.

    This church, Église Saint-Jacques d’Abbeville, a Neo-Gothic masterpiece in Abbeville, Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie dating back to 1868, was demolished for a total cost of 350,000€ in 2013. The reasoning: It was much cheaper to demolish it than it would cost to restore.

    As the number of Frenchmen in France continues to decline due to record-low birth rates, high emigration and Muslim immigration, so do the members of catholic faith, who are now at an all time low. For many cities in France, especially cities in which Christians are the minority, the lack of interest and high property value on which the buildings stand simply does not justify the cost of restoring the churches.

    Many mayors choose the cheaper demolitions over costly restorations. Thousands of churches are to be demolished over the next years and replaced with shopping malls, stores, apartments or parking lots.

    Mosque on the other hand, flourish. The Grand Mosque of Paris recently got a modern, fully retractable Roof, as it is usually only found in football stadiums and hundreds of new Mosques are built every year for the hundreds of thousands of new Muslims born or immigrating into French society, often with taxpayer money.



  29. Thank you God,I prayed many a night in the dark for a great and just man to lead our country away from the abyss of America's demise !

  30. Many of us prayed for for a miracle,and God intervened !God bless America and our president and the great military who have stepped up to save America !

  31. Our Potus will always put America first despite what others may want !America must servive for her citizens and the world !

  32. President Trump: I searched for your name on youtube. The first 125 videos were strictly Jimmy Kimmel, SNL, various talk show hosts, c n n, m s n b c, wapo, and other erroneous news sources. Sickening! It appears the key word is WHITEHOUSE.

  33. President and First Lady made this American cry with PRIDE, for how perfect this State Dinner was. Thank you DEEPLY, Melania, for your exquisite taste and eye for beauty.💓

  34. Interesting that a translator was used for the President’s speech. President Macron and his First Lady are both fluent in English.

  35. Mr president Trump and First lady Melania. You finally made me proud to be an American. 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👏 Glory to God

  36. Excellent President Trump teaches the foolish Macrons throughout their visit the true meaning of Freedom, even though Macron continues to salivate over socialist NWO dictatorships in his vomit speech to congress. Macron must learn respect for French history, he is way too self-centered. I can see in Macron's speech here he is pissed cause over Syria he was suddenly made to realise he is subject to the top brass in the French military who are wholeheartedly in support of the spirit of French nationalism and it was this that President Trump invoked that bound in shackles Macron's socialist new world order stupidity and potential to do harm to the French nation. G-d bless President Trump, G-d bless America, viva La France.

  37. Beautiful, Melonia you created a home run … You made it personal, elegant,
    highlighted our American /French history, and a night to remember. Thank You
    and God Bless our President and family

  38. Dear President Trump , no one can remind us and tell us of our history and where we've come from like you can sir … thank you for always reminding us where we've been , and inspiring and leading us to where we're going !! … sincerely , God bless you and yours and all of us … we believe in you and we know you believe in us , that's means very much to us …

  39. Something feels very proper and right about President Macron , doesn't it … President Trump , you are a good and wise man sir … we Americans are very fortunate to once again have a great and good leader , thank you …

  40. I think I just witnessed an historic moment in time … I do now believe the world will be changing for the better , for everyone … I also like what President Macron said , "our duty , our appointment with history" , I think I'm old enough to understand this now …

  41. 中國在慢慢賺光美國的錢,慢慢吸美國的血,美國人最後發現時,已經來的不急,美國破產,美國打大型戰爭也沒救了,共產黨稱霸世界,指日可待。悲哀的美國,可憐的人民。

  42. Finally a President who knows his history. Finally we're showing respect to the French. They have always been by our side and helped us defeat the British Empire. In each and every war the French joins us and fights beside us from the birth of the USA. Long live USA and long live France.

  43. 美國在被中國情報局企業,慢慢收買媒體,電信,投資美國企業,使美國聽命於中國時間快到了,虛偽的中國共產黨快用錢稱霸世界了,中國的情報部門就是投資公司及民間企業,往往一個國家衰退都是情報部門造成,中興華為阿里巴巴都是國家情報單位是不會倒閉破產。美國小心了。

  44. President Trump is a serious teetotaler. He put down the wine glass he was offered and completed the toast with a water glass without taking even a sip of wine.

  45. I wish that these two nations would find the way how to respect small and defenseless countries
    and stop destroying the other nations without feelings of responsibility and guilt..

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