President Trump has Dinner with Governors on Border Security and Safe Communities

The President:
Thank you very much. We appreciate
your being here. I’m delighted to welcome
five of our nation’s great governors to
The White House. Governor Hutchinson,
Governor Ducey, Governor Bryant, Governor Martinez,
and Governor McMaster. They’re doing a fantastic job
and we’re going to be talking about
numerous things. But one of the elements
so important to us is to discuss the border and
border security, crime, and other things. But that’s what we’re
going to be focusing on tonight. We’re grateful also to
be joined by Secretary Nielsen who is really
working very hard at the border with some
very bad laws. We have laws that are the
worst anywhere in the world as far as stopping
people from coming in but with that being said,
we’re down over 40 percent border crossings. We’ve been able to do what
I think nobody else has been able to do. We’re down over
40 percent. Tonight, we’ll be discussing
joint efforts to stop illegal immigration
and secure the borders. Also, we’re going to be
discussing the deadly ravages of drugs, gangs, and crime
that’s pouring across our border and we are stopping it and getting them out when
they’re able to get through. And the only reason they
do get through is because of our weak laws that
really have been given to us by weak people
in Congress. The Democrats have been
horrible on border security. Frankly, it shouldn’t be
allowed and many of them are standing there and sitting
there and agreeing with me 100 percent. As you know, I recently
deployed the National Guard to the southern border and I want to thank each of
the governors here tonight. They’ve all been
extremely helpful. They’ve sent a lot of
people to those borders and we appreciate
it very much. We’re also working with
Congress to close the crippling loopholes in
federal law, especially the disgraceful
practice of catch and release. That’s where you’ll catch
somebody, talk to them, sign them, and then you
have to release them. And it’s a horrible situation. They’re supposed to then
show up to court; a very small percentage show up
to court and what happens is they get lost
in our country. And in some cases, these
are not people that you want in the country. So we’re talking about
catch and release. We have to end it. We’re working with
Congress on that. These laws have been there a
long time and they are horrible. At the same time, we’ll use
every relevant legal authority to immediately
protect our national security and to dismantle the violent
criminal organizations plaguing our nation
and poisoning our children. What’s happening with
drugs is a disgrace. We’ve started the wall. We have $1.6 billion
for the wall. We started new sections
and we’ve started fixing large sections of wall. We have areas in San Diego
that are going up very rapidly. We could have waited
and we would have had tremendous support to
build a wall because they wanted it very badly in
San Diego, we decided to go forward instead. We’ve made a lot of
progress on the wall but now we’re going for
additional funding and we need the wall for
protection of our country. Also for keeping
the drugs out. Very effective, probably
the most effective thing. So, with that, I think
maybe what I’ll do, is we’ll go around the room
and each of the governors can say a few words. Talk about the border,
talk about crime, or any other subject you’d like. Mr. Governor. Governor Ducey: Thank
you, Mr. President. Thank you for having me to
The White House tonight. I want to say thank you
to Secretary Nielsen for coming to visit our border
and I think Secretary Nielsen was able to
see how wide open and unprotected our border is
in southern Arizona and the flow of not only
illegal drugs, but human trafficking that comes
over that border. And I’m hopeful we can
have some productive discussion tonight as
to how to address this. The President: Good, well,
you’ve done a great job and we appreciate
it very much. Governor Ducey: Thank you. The President: And
appreciate your support. You’ve had it all the way. Governor Ducey:
Thank you. The President: General,
would you like to say a few words? You know more about borders,
I think, than anybody, right? General Kelly:
Certainly (laughs). I would only say, Sir,
that when I was at DHS, your promises to the
American public made a great deal of difference as
we began to close that border. We passed it off to a
great woman who’s now the Secretary of
Homeland Security — The President: Right. General Kelly: — and
she’s doing a magnificent job. So, with that, I’ll just lay
back and let the governor talk. The President:
Thank you very much. Thank you. Governor McMaster:
Mr. President, on behalf of all the people of South Carolina, I’m honored to be here with you
and these people. And I must say that you
have kept every promise that you’ve made. You’re delivering and
you’re delivering and doing the things that the
people of this country want, that they’ve
been waiting for. And in South Carolina,
your popularity is soaring. I don’t believe anyone
whose has ever been so high. And people are investing
money, people are going to work, they are hiring new
people, they’re giving bonuses, and every one of
them says it’s because Donald Trump is
the President. He means what he says, he
does what he says, and we are thrilled that you and
your team are here leading this country. We’re standing strong again, and you are making
America great again. And we appreciate it. The President: Thank
you very much, Henry. That’s very nice. We are and the country is
doing very well from the standpoint of
economics and finance. What we’re doing, I think,
is unparalleled and I appreciate your statement. Thank you very much. Mr. Governor. Governor Hutchinson:
Mr. President, I probably have a little bit of a
unique perspective because I was Under Secretary at
Homeland Security back during the Bush
Administration. So, I’ve been at the
Arizona border; I’ve been at the Texas border. And what you’ve done is
remarkable in the sense of really drawing attention
to the problems in our system and focusing on improved
border security efforts. So your leadership
in terms of being a spokesperson and
identifying the problems, challenging Congress
to act, is very, very significant and I want to
second General Kelley, that Secretary Nielsen
— I’ve known her a long time, really proud of the
job that she’s doing. In terms of Arkansas,
you know, we value our immigrant population. They add a great
deal to us. As you know, it has to be
legal as to their entrance into our country and it’s
that rule of law that’s important that you’ve
drawn attention to. We were delighted
to support you. Arkansas was delighted
to support, through our National Guard, your
efforts and will continue to support you. The President: Thank you
very much, Governor. Appreciate it. How about Rick Perry? You know a lot about
borders, Rick. Governor of Texas for a
long time and what do you think? Secretary Perry: I think
you’ve got a good group of people setting around
the table right here, partnering with the states
and the federal government is the key to this is
that nobody can do it by themselves. The federal government
can’t do it by themselves, and the states can’t
do it by themselves. And finding those places
— and actually Pierce and I have talked a number
of times about sometimes we’re in conflict, one
agency of government against another agency of
government, in trying to find the places where that
we can streamline those regulations. Like you gave me some
pretty good instructions about getting rid of
regulations that cost more than they benefit, so this
is one of those that we can work together
and find some places, whether it’s flying the drones
in to certain areas or some of the other things that
we can do together. But I think it’s important
for the American people. You talked about this
during the campaign and you have talked about it
on a regular basis every day. And if it’s like
everything else you talked about in the campaign, you
going to get this done too. The President: Wow,
a lot of progress. A lot of progress. We do need changes
in the law. Right, Secretary? Secretary Nielsen: Yes, Sir. The President: We need
changes in the law to make it really, really good. But we have done a heck of
a job considering the fact that we do — and I
say it all the time. We have the worst
immigration laws in the entire world and
there is nobody close. And it could be changed so
easily and we’re going to get it changed. Susana. Governor Martinez: Yes,
thank you, Mr. President, and thank you for
the invitation. I have thanked you before
and I’ll thank you again for always including us
to be at the table, to be able to discuss
our issues. I have lived on the border
for over 50 years and I have seen the changes in
reference to the border and as a nation of laws
and our ability to speak to the Secretary,
Secretary Nielsen, and have those conversations
of how it’s changed over those decades — it is a
security of our state and at the end of the day, the
security of our nation. Because they don’t just
enter our state, the move on to the rest
of the country. And states that may not be
a border state are being impacted in the same way. But I also admire the
compassion that you have for the DACAs and the
compassion that you’ve expressed in reference
to children that had no choice to come here. And you have expressed it in
a way that no other president has before. And so, I do believe people — as a nation of immigrants,
that’s what we are and we embrace it
and we honor that. However, we also have to
respect that we are a nation of laws. The President: Right,
beautifully stated. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Governor Bryant: Mr. President,
I just want to thank you for the
lives you’re saving. I’m a former law
enforcement officer and former drug
enforcement agent. If you see the drugs that
are coming across the border, we know it. We’ve known it for 30 years now,
when I was in law enforcement. And Mississippi’s I-20,
I-55 were a corridor for drugs that are killing
our children, that are destroying our
culture in many places, particularly inner cities. The trafficking of young
girls primarily from South America
into the United States, we’re trying to stop that
in Mississippi. These is stopping that. Reducing it at this level
will save their lives, will make America
great again. Will bring back the jobs
that people have been — that thought were forever
lost to illegal immigrants coming here, work for
less than the wages that Americans should work or
work without any type of healthcare or support and
do so illegally, violating our laws. So, thank you again for
making us a nation of laws rather than men. The President:
Thank you very much. Thank you very
much everybody. Thank you.

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    America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle McMaster, The LORD God bless you

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