President Trump Hosts a Greek Independence Day Celebration

Male Speaker: Alright
thank you everyone very much. (Speaks Greek) I’m honored
to be with you today as we celebrate the 196th
anniversary of Greek independence. This day marks the 31st
celebration of Greek independence here
at the White House. A tradition started by the great President Ronald Reagan. As a proud Greek-American
I’ve had my eye on this event for weeks and I’m
grateful to welcome his eminence arch bishop
Dimetrios, father Alex and all of our
distinguished guests. I’d also like to extend my
sincere gratitude towards to Greek Orthodox
Archdiocese of America and our local parishioners. Greek Independence Day
means so much to all of us. As we gather here in the
president’s house were reminded of the values and
ideals that inspired our democracy. The belief that were
all created equal, and government should be by
the people for the people was revolutionary concept
that has since paved the way to our prosperous
and free nation. Today as we celebrate our
shared desires for freedom sovereignty and
self-governance, I can tell you that nobody will
work harder to preserve these standards then
President Donald Trump, (applause) In working with
this president every day, I see a president working
every single day to follow through on his promises. I’m awed by his energy and
his tenacity throughout my career I have always been
able to out work any people around me its
always been my secret weapon. But I must say I have
totally found my match in President Trump. (speaks Greek) Right? In just a few short months
I think you’ve seen President Trump keep is
word on many fronts. The first two jobs reports
released since president Trumps inauguration show
that we’ve already created nearly half a million new
jobs, consumers and small business owners alike are
showing confidence in our economy In levels not
seen in many many years. And it’s because of
President Trump. The Presidents commitment
to cutting regulations, cutting taxes, investing
in priorities like infrastructure and
education and repealing and replacing the failed
Obamacare is getting America moving again. As we find renewed
strength at home our friends abroad with find
us to be even a stronger ally. The President knows how
important our enduring allies are, and Greece
is no exception. That is truly why it is
such an incredible honor, on this day, as a Greek
American to introduce to you, the 45th President
of the United States. Ladies and
Gentlemen, Donald J. Trump. (applause) The President: I
love the Greeks. Oh, do I love the Greeks. (Laughter and applause.) Don’t forget, I come from New York. That’s all I
see, is Greeks. They are all
over the place. (Laughter.) Thank you very much, Reince. Very much appreciated. Reince was the most
successful leader the RNC — that’s called the
Republican National Committee — has ever had. And now, as my really
terrific and hardworking Chief of Staff, he
has really one of the number-one — and I guess
you’d have to say, he’s one of the top Greeks
in the country. And I know a lot of them
right in the audience — they’re my friends. (Applause.) And the list
also includes, as you know, George Gigicos — (applause) — George. George is great. I said, make sure that
microphone is absolutely perfect, George. He never lets me — the
Director of White House Advance. And George Sifakis — (applause) — where’s George? And these guys are with me
right from the beginning — the Director of the
Office of Public Liaison. It’s a great team. It’s a great, great team. Can’t do any better. They helped organize this
wonderful event with the Greek Archdiocese of
America and so many local parishioners. And I want to
thank you all. You’re here, you’re
all over the audience. I want to thank you all. Your Eminence and Father
Alex, it is a true privilege to host you
at the White House. I was deeply honored
to have you both at my inauguration — it was
a great day — and I am grateful for your
presence here today. I also want to thank you
for awarding Reince and George the highest honor
of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America —
the Medal of Saint Paul. To everyone in the youth
choir who just performed — they were beautiful. (Applause.) I heard that music. I heard that music. With such elegance and
grace, you’re amazing — you really are. Beautiful,
beautiful sounds. I know you made your
parents very proud. And you make all
of us proud, right? Today we commemorate an
event that we have marked with a national day of
celebration for 30 years: Greek Independence Day. Very important. President Ronald Reagan
started this wonderful tradition, and we are
thrilled to continue it, and always will. Greek Independence Day
celebrates the rebirth of liberty for the
Greek people. It commemorates the fight
for the Greek Independence that began on
March 25th, 1821. After nearly 400 years of
outside rule, the Greeks longed to regain
their sovereignty. This love of freedom and
democracy has formed a lasting bond between
our two countries. It is a bond that has its
origins in Ancient Greece — “the birthplace
of Democracy.” American President James
Monroe and the great American statesman Daniel
Webster both supported Greece’s struggle
for independence. And it was a tough, tough
struggle, you know that. Then-Representative
Webster honored the role of Greece in forming
civilization, and said that “We, like the rest of
mankind, are greatly her debtors.” In years to come, we don’t
know what will be required to defend our freedom, but
we do know that it will demand great, great
courage — a courage from all of us — and we will
show it, and I have no doubt about that. Drawing inspiration from
our history and those who come before, we will
rise to any occasion. We have a country that,
as you know, has certain difficulties, has
certain problems. We will solve those
problems and we will quickly solve those
difficulties. Just watch. (Applause.) I want to thank you all for coming to the White House today. We celebrate Greek
history, and we applaud the tremendous
contributions of your people to our
beloved country. May God bless you all. And with that, I would
like to recognize His Eminence. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.)

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  1. Those people & their phones are so annoying these days. Just put them in your pocket & listen already. Idiots.

  2. one more thing that makes me more and more to like Trump as a Greek and as a woman.
    Time and his actions will show if he will become a president that will make some good things or not and if he is good for the American people and the countries around the world. But so far aside the hysteria I don't see him as something that terrible.
    There is one thing left for me to decide if he will become my favorite president, there is a law that was voted about killing hibernating bears with their youngs, if he doesn't sign this, I will be a full supporter.
    Im not saying he is a great person, of course he is a businessman, but I feel comfortable that he doesn't lie about who he is, this means and leaves me room to disagree with him and not be fooled by him and when he says I love Greeks, he means it, it is not something that he supports because of the politics to be seen good.
    There was this video about not shaking hands with Merkel, a German female politician and people who are unaware of who Merkel is and her actions jump the gun and called him again misogynistic. I got into fights for this with some women and I spoke about what I know for Merkel.
    Merkel and everything she has said the last few years about the Greeks and Greek economy was absolutely devastating for not the rich in our country or the corrupted, but for the people who where unpaid like my grandmother and she lost around 20% of her government funds, from taking 700 euro to make a decent living now she gets 550 euro, the hospitals cut around 50% of their funding from the government and all that where supported by Merkel 100%!!!! The free lancers in our country is a profession that slowly dies, we are talking about the new modern slavery of free lancers and professionals who owns shops, the government takes way too much money from them forcing them to become illegal so they can survive and not pay some of the taxes the government is making them.
    When he didn't shook hands with that woman, while I know very well her political actions, I liked it! I was like YEAH! finally!
    Im not sexist, I don't care if she is a woman or not, if she does shit, she is a shitty person. This is not misogynism, this is critical thinking.

  3. Im ashamed of thinking badly about Trump, when he started running for president.
    Cant even remember what made me think badly about him.
    Trump is quite an ammazing person in my eyes.
    *Now is the time. Needs are great, but your possibilities are grater.
    *There is no chance, no fate, no destiny that can hinder a determined soul.

  4. Was Golden Dawn there? Wouldn't surprise anyone. This is a terrorist administration. It's only fitting they should hob nob with terrorists.

  5. Next on the agenda, Priebus go out the big fat door, beautiful door. Priebus piece belongs to a different puzzle.

  6. These idiots with their cell phones need to get them out of the shot. #### has his right in front of the President's face that I cannot see. Idiots!

  7. do not forget the 500 american volunteers who fought on greek soil during the greek war of independence , , There is a monument honoring them outside the US ambassador's residence in Athens , the monument was built in the 1930's by the american legion in Greece , at that time there were five american legion posts active in Greece , since 1926 , and with over 3000 greek american veterans membership

  8. This is a great tradition that started by President Reagan, to celebrate Greek Independence at the White House every year, regardless of what party they come from. Bravo to the American Hellenic Community for organizing this event every year together with the White House !!!

  9. "Now we shall no longer say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks!"  Winston Churchill

  10. only roughly 200 years ago, people had to fight to gain their freedom from the muslim rule of foreign people and nations… this is the lost and untaught truth that people need to remember or we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of ignorance of what happens when the perversion of religion by muslims is allowed to dominate other people. We can stop it before it happens this time.. It's a choice.

    But we must educate people about the history of slavery to islam to safeguard the future of freedom.

  11. What about Nabisco putting aborted fetuses tissue in our food and drink? Will President Trump stop this sick stuff? Please

  12. Too bad we can't all be Americans and get along. If one doesn't like it here, maybe money can be found to send you where you will be happy.

  13. Bravo to Trump AND GRK-AMERICAN Reince Priebus for doing a Great Job at this Event. YOU WILL NOTE, however, that Neither were allowed to speak the Words "Turkey" or "Ottoman Empire" as if it were a mystery from whom the Greeks at enormous costs, won their freedom. NOTE THIS OMMISSION.  It took the Archbishop to fill in this Blank.

  14. I've learned so much history since President Trump came into office. I love it since my homemaking doesn't allow me to sit and read.  I now listen and learn.

  15. Save Cyprus from the Evil Turk muslim invaders who still illegally claim the northern part of Cyprus. All of the churches in occupied Turkish Cyprus have been replaced by mosques and is in total decline. The corrupt American Politicians of the past have allied with Turkey while Turkey stabed them in the back, supporting radical islamic terrorism. No More I Say. Support Greece and impeach the corrupt politicans put in place and made fat off of the EU!!!

  16. Η τελετή αυτή δεν έχει καμία σημασία, είναι εντελώς εθιμοτυπική και γίνεται κάθε χρόνο από οποιονδήποτε τυχαίνει να είναι πρόεδρος. Άλλοι του έχουν γραμμένα σε ένα χαρτί τι θα πει. Είναι να γελάμε για την κατάντια των Γραικύλων που πιστεύουν στον Τραμπ, εμείς στην Αμερική τον ξέρουμε καλύτερα, είναι ψυχοπαθής ψεύτης, δεν ξέρει τι να κάνει από το να λέει διαφορετικές μπούρδες κάθε μέρα, τα σκάνδαλα πληθαίνουν, δεν έχετε ιδέα πόσο ανίκανος είναι. Το μόνο που κοιτάζει είναι πως να πάρει από τους φτωχούς και να δώσει στους πλούσιους, τα δικαστήρια έκριναν εναντίον του και η FBI τον εξερευνάει. Θα μπει ο Τραμπ δηλαδή στο αεροπλάνο του, θα έλθη στην Ελλάδα, θα ρίξει μερικές πορδές και θα την γλυτώσει. ΟΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ ΌΤΙ ΔΗΜΟΙΎΡΓΗΣΑΝ ΤΟ ΕΚΑΝΑΝ ΑΠΟ ΜΟΝΟΙ ΤΟΥΣ. Τι γιορτάζουμε σήμερα? Η μεγαλωσύνη στα Έθνη δεν μετριέται με το στρέμμα, με της καρδιάς το πύρωμα μετριέται και με το αίμα.

  17. wow this is wonderful, our great President of the US is bringing back many traditions that the democrats did away with. These traditions can only help to MAGA which is what we all want

  18. Parents: Here’s an easy way to stop Common Core in your school
    Mike Opelka started off the discussion by asking about reports that
    parents have been prevented from seeing the results of their children’s
    tests. Shannon took it one step further by pointing out that, in
    Florida, children were being required to sign non-disclosure forms that
    would prevent them from sharing with anyone — including their parents
    — the contents of the test.

  19. to those who dont know this day is big its the freedom from 400 years generations of opression ..its the big fight to islam muslim opression to greece

  20. i hope greece will stand as the midle ground to unite russian with american against the big threat of radical muslims

  21. Make Greece great again from Australia. You wanna get back in control of your country, kick out Tsipras, get out of the EU and RESTORE THE DRACHMA. Your exports will BOOM and your islamic migrants will run out of Greece for the euro. Thank you President Trump.

  22. Every day except for the weekends.  And even the days he is working he's working for himself not the American people.

  23. Greece must rein on the Communists there , who hate America and still hope to bring Communism to that country.

  24. are the Greeks losing their mind? Their women were proud of being fucked by the Romans, and now their women are proud of being fucked by the Americans whose ancestors were called Babarians by the Greeks…🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  25. Εσείς βλάκες Έλληνες που οι πιο πολλοί υποστηριζετε την Ρωσία που μας χρησιμοποιει και κάνει συμφωνίες με τους Τούρκους και μισείτε μια τέτοια ωραία χώρα σαν την Αμερική που φιλόξενοι 3,5 εκατομμύρια δικούς μας πιο πολλοί απο πουθενά αλλού

  26. What a load of hogwash concerning what true democracy is-democracy is where everyone votes on all issues not elect largely unknown elected people who in the end betray their voters and decide what suits them best instead of their voters. We do not have any democracy

  27. God bless Donald Trump! Greece admires your strength and tenacity! We salute you! Turkey and Erdogan do not respect the US today! They want a new Ottoman Empire established! Donald Trump must stand for democracy and the rule of law! The world must unite for freedom and not allow tyranny to take root again that incites barbarity!
    Make Greece great again!

  28. May God Our Lord and the inmaculate teothokos Virgin Mary Protec and Bless President Donald and Vice President Mike . May God give to team a long and healthy life for help and protect the Holy catholic Orthodox Church and our countries. Grettings from Colombia.

  29. Modern Greeks, once great educators of the past, insisted on socialist giveaways and wrecked their economy. Hope they will learn from their own famous past and remember that individuals,themselves, working hard with the help of God, make their country great.

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