President Trump Participates in a Couples Dinner with the Prime Minister of Japan

President Trump: Well,
thank you very much. We’ve had a great time,
a great stay. And tomorrow is
really the main event — a very important event
in the history of Japan. It’s over 200 years since something like this
has happened. So it’s a great honor to be
representing the United States. And the Prime Minister and I
talked a lot today about trade and military
and various other things. And I think we had
a very productive day. And tomorrow, likewise,
will be a very productive day. And I just want to thank you. That was an incredible evening
at sumo — sumo wrestling. And the United States —
we contributed — I did this one personally. I didn’t want to have anybody
get me in trouble, so we did it personally.
We bought that beautiful trophy, which they’ll have, hopefully,
for many hundreds of years. And that will be their trophy
for the championship — sumo championships.
And I think it was very nice. And I — we really enjoyed
being there. It was something to see
these great athletes, because they really
are athletes. It’s a very ancient sport. And I’ve always wanted
to see sumo wrestling, so it was really great. Thank you very much
for being here. Prime Minister Abe:
(no translation provided) President Trump: Thank you very much.

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