President Trump Participates in a Social Dinner with the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission

Chairman Kim:  (As interpreted.) We had exchanged a very
interesting dialogue with each other
— President Trump:  We did. Chairman Kim:  (As interpreted.)
— for about 30 minutes. President Trump:  Boy, if you
could have heard that dialogue, what you would pay
for that dialogue. It was good. So we’re going to have
a very busy day tomorrow, and we’ll probably have
a pretty quick dinner and a lot of things
are going to be solved, I hope. And I think it’ll lead
to wonderful — it will lead to, really,
a wonderful situation long term. And our relationship is
a very special relationship. Thank you very much everybody.
Thank you. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Do I speak for everyone when I say I thought this would never happen? Lo and behold, the US and DPRK have met twice in less than a year for talks. According to the media, we'd all be suffering under the aftermath of a nuclear exchange between our two countries. I thought the best case scenario was a collapse of the Kim government and a massive refugee crisis. Instead we have the two leaders sitting with each other to work out the end of the Korean War. I was stationed in South Korea in the Army and visited the DMZ. I wondered if the tension there would ever end so I can go back to North Korea as a tourist someday and be welcomed as an American.

  2. I was cringing the whole time in anticipation of hearing Jim Acosta's annoying voice.. . . So relieved that the press appears to be behaving.

  3. Qualities of the Greatest Honorable president in American History
    President Trump HAS
    and Gods blessing and Protection

  4. I think Japan should build a 700 foot statue a President Donald J Trump on the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea welcoming everybody to free Korea

  5. When I click the bell to get notified. When I click refresh or watch another video of that White house channel. the bell notification goes off again. I tried many times and same problem since few weeks.

  6. Thank you President Trump we are beyond proud of you and so incredibly grateful
    for you. God Bless you sir and God Blessed America when he gave us you!!! #TRUMP2020

  7. Poroshenko's gang of all deceived. And now they were frightened and canceled anti-corruption reforms.
    Now Poroshenko will deceive that the law was bad, and he will do better. He will not do it, because he is a pot-thief thief and a Pathological liar

  8. Our local media is incapable of showing our great President Trump in a positive light. God bless 🙏 you Mr President for the progress made with North Korea. 🇺🇸👍

  9. Damn, I don't think anyone, including Trump supporters, ever imagined he'd be in this position back when we first elected him. Seriously, great job Trump! Bring a new millennium of PEACE

  10. Do not expect North Korea to give up their nukes. This will never happen. The American REGIME is not to be trusted. Without nukes, the regime change operation by the world's top criminal will visit them.They are their only defense against US aggression.

  11. I hope the Brain Dead Jim Acosta the domestic terrorist is not there. Trump is the best President in the world 🤷🏾‍♀️🇳🇬

  12. Mr. President please stand up for yourself and America and stop this. So the Russian collusion narrative is dead after 2 years of non-stop coverage and lies by CNN and others, time to try something else. Nothing but non stop coverage edited of Cohen trashing the president. Distract from Trumps effort to end tensions in North Korea, between the left and media's trump derangement syndrome they will do and say anything to hurt him while hurting the USA along with it. If you are a democrat you better wake your ass up. The left and the media are the two greatest dangers this country currently faces, I'd even argue domestic terrorism on some level and definitely treason with the crimes and lies they are all committing. The republicans are useless good for nothing, the democrats are criminal and the media is just fake news. Please for the countries sake MR. President end this abuse of power !

  13. Never in a million years would you have gotten me to believe anyone would be able to sit down with Kim like President Trump, and iron out the end to the Korean war. MAGA!

  14. heres your white trash line up. Liquidate youtube asap because it a real goddamn homeland security problem old man and its 2019!

  15. Liquidation of youtube. I own it, i made it.. i want it dead! Then ,you sue the goddamn movie company you filthy fucking bastard!

  16. Get rid of the world war 2 vets whom again just endangered teens in 2014 2019… and worse!!! Youtube is an issue and the whithouse must liquidate it! Its a nice little homeland security nightmare! Charter schools out of control. I have full milatant national knowledge of all things this nation has… Understand me retards!

  17. Good job President Trump for finally ending the business as usual nonsense the establishment have pushed for decades and finally produce some real results.

  18. Zero proof like no collusion will have to bomb some sh*thole nation soon to like distract but the left they eat LIVE BABIES! Innocent. Never met Cohen- not my checks maybe Eric Trump of the other one- not me.

  19. I cannot believe this is happening. It's like unreal.

    This conflict has been going on for more than half a century.
    Just two years ago Rocket Man was test launching Nuclear missiles … Dear God … we must praise you for sending this man to rescue our nation from what could destroy this world.
    God is good. Thank you, President Trump and Chairman Kim. This is truly a victory for the world…

  20. I am VERY PROUD of OUR President. It is SO HARD for me to bite my tongue when I hear people talking trash on him! ThankQ Mr. President from one of your DEPLORABLES❤️

  21. Fantastic president. Always confident and always relaxed. President Trump ENJOYS working for the USA. This is absolutely unprecedented.

  22. President Trump participated in so so so many "Social Dinners" with Whores, Playboy models and Porn actresses while Melania was home with their newborn son.

    Kim imports Russian whores as sex slaves to North Korea. Trump may stay there for several months…

  23. The USA is the State, the country is the criminal. The USA is – a genocide, terrorism, racism, fascism. The USA is – a threat.

    USA must be destroyed.


  25. Kim is thinking, "Cut the small talk, will ya?…I'd like my rack of lamb, tub of mac & cheese, and entire strawberry cheese cake right away".

  26. Respected president's we are glad to see you…oh living God our souls father supreme soul Ishwar Allah jahovah incorporeal invisible shining light makes me both nation's and citizens livingly peacefully fearlessly happily ever ever ever I will remembering you I will pray for you Almighty Authority living God our souls father supreme soul Shiva father first God first..AMEN

  27. when the media notify the train of NORTH KOREA is going through TRUNG QUOC to Vietnam then i knew CHINA has been involved in this summit 😉 …

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    God save us all


    שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד

    I only tell him that every day hugs and kiss with love yuli':):) מי כמוך אדוני The hope two thousand years old.. שלום על ישראל

  33. Enjoy watching the Fall of Drumpfs Fascist KAKISTOCRACY.

    Captain bone spurs, Donald Drumpf is a true Coward.

    No wonder Trump cultists follow him. Cowards of a feather and all that.

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