President Trumps Hosts a Celebration for Team USA

The President: Well,
thank you very much. This is a very proud day,
and I’m thrilled to stand here and welcome Team USA
to the White House. Great job. Thank you very much. What a job. (Applause.) So, two months ago, America sent each of you
to the Winter Olympics to represent
the Red, White, and Blue. And you did an awfully
good job of doing it, I will tell you. I think she’s more
famous than I am. (Laughter.) Great job. You performed, and you
made us very proud. And many of you came home
as champions wearing a bronze, silver,
or a gold medal. And you had
very big crowds. And I have to say, without
certain backing, those crowds were not
looking good. But all of a sudden, those
crowds got very, very big, very powerful, and it became a
very, very successful Olympics aside
from everything else. They had a lot more people
show up than they thought. And you think you
know why, right? But a lot of good things are
happening right now over there, literally as we speak. And the Olympics really
helped to bring it all together. It was a big help. So, just in that respect,
it was something very terrific. Through sheer drive,
and dedication, and commitment, you’ve risen
to the top of your fields and the highest
levels of your sports. You overcame setbacks, you
powered through obstacles, and you never, ever quit. Do we have any
quitters here? Raise your hand, please. All right, because I was
going to say, get the hell out of here. (Laughter.) No quitters
in this group, huh? I had a feeling. I had a feeling
that was true. You overcame setbacks, you
powered through obstacles. And I will tell you this,
because of your hard work and your sacrifice, you
were given the greatest honor in sports — to
represent the United States as an
Olympic athlete. That is really an honor. And you have to be so
proud, and your families. So, today, on behalf of
the United States, I want to thank every Olympian
and Paralympian. And what as just
incredible. And what happened with the
Paralympics was so incredible and so
inspiring to me. And I watched — it’s a
little tough to watch too much, but I watched
as much as I could. It was really fantastic,
and I want to thank you. You traveled all the way
to South Korea and you displayed
just incredible strength, representing three very
beautiful letters: U-S-A. They are three
beautiful letters. (Applause.) And I want to thank the
members of our delegation who traveled
so far on behalf of the United States and who
are with us today. First of all, Vice
President Pence went there and did a very good job. He was there for a reason. Right, Mike? And it was — he
did a great job. He always does
a great job. And Ivanka, she went
there, and it was probably a little different attitude. We had two different attitudes. And Sarah Sanders —
Sarah, where are you? Where’s that
name, Huckabee? Don’t you put that
in the middle? (Laughter.) Because your
father is so good to me. I love your father. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And she’s doing great. And Marcia Kelly. Marcia, thank
you very much. Thank you very
much, Marcia. My gratitude goes out to
South Korea and my real warm feeling
for President Moon for being such a gracious
host to our delegation. On the occasion of this
week’s meeting between President Moon and Kim Jong-un, I want to express my hope that
all of the people of Korea — North Korea and South — can
someday live in harmony, prosperity, and peace. And it looks like
it could happen. When I began, people were
saying that was an impossibility. They said there were two
alternatives, let them have what they
have or go to war. And now we have a much
better alternative than anybody thought
even possible. I’ll be meeting with
Kim Jong-un in the coming weeks as we seek to denuclearize
the North Korean area and the
entire Korean Peninsula. Hopefully, the day will
come when Olympic athletes can compete on a Korean
Peninsula that is free of nuclear weapons, and where
all Koreans can live together and can
share their dreams. It would be a
wonderful thing to do. Throughout the 2018 Winter
Games, Team USA achieved many historic milestones. With us today are many of
these incredible athletes. And they are incredible. Redmond Gerard won gold in
slopestyle snowboarding. He must be a wild guy. These snowboarders
are a little wild. (Laughter.) I don’t know. Where’s Redmond? Where is Redmond? Come here, Redmond. Come here. Oh, I know this guy. (Laughter and applause.) Come here. So, when you’re up there
doing all sorts of things, do you know
what’s happening? (Laughter.) That is — Mr. Gerard: I have, like,
a blank mind sort of thing. You’re just hoping
to land on your feet. You know? The President: I think
you need that, right? Mr. Gerard: Yeah, exactly. The President: You
are a courageous guy. Say a couple of words. (Laughter.) Mr. Gerard: Come on. You can’t put me on
the spot like this, oh. Thanks for having us. The President:
Great job, man. Mr. Gerard: Thank
you so much. Thank you. The President: Great job. (Applause.) Man, see, he
was more nervous here than he was when he was
doing the flips, right? (Laughter.) You know why? Because that’s
your business. That’s great. Great job. We all watched, and you’re
a very special guy. Thank you very much. You’re very brave. Arielle Gold earned a
bronze for her performance on the halfpipe. Where’s Arielle? Arielle. Arielle. Come on over
here, Arielle. (Laughter and applause.) Come on. Come on over
here, Arielle. Oh, no, look at this. I don’t — Arielle. I’m not that surprised
when I — come here. (Laughter.) But you’re okay, right? Ms. Gold: I’m good. The President: Say
a couple of words. (Laughter.) Ms. Gold: Hi, everybody. (Laughter.) The President:
Good, that’s a good job. Ms. Gold: That was
a couple of words. (Laughs.) The President: Good job. Good job. Anyway, thank
you very much. Ms. Gold: Thank
you for having us. The President: Really
— you were fantastic. (Applause.) Mark Goepper. Where’s Mark? Nick, come here. Where’s Nick? Nick, where are you, Nick? (Laughter.) Earned a
silver as a slopestyle skier. Where is Nick? Nick Goepper. The Vice President:
From Indiana. He’s from Indiana. The President: He’s from
Indiana, everybody. (Laughter.) I didn’t know they had those
big slopes in Indiana. Mr. Goepper: It’s a real
honor to be here in our nation’s capital
representing Indiana and the Midwest and America. (Applause.) The President: Beautiful. Great job. John-Henry Krueger
won Team USA’s first individual speed skating
medal since 2010 by claiming silver in
the 1,000 meter. Where’s John-Henry? John-Henry. Where — come
on, John-Henry. Get over here, John-Henry. (Applause.) Let me see the legs. Pretty strong legs,
I’ll tell you. (Laughter.) I look at those legs when
we want to work out. Great job. Mr. Krueger: Thank you. The President: Fantastic. The competition was tough? Mr. Krueger:
Yeah, definitely. The President: Better
than you thought? Mr. Krueger: Better, for
our first game — The President: Well, you
came out pretty good, right? Mr. Krueger: Yeah, yeah. Definitely. (Laughter.) The President:
Thanks, John-Henry. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. Fantastic people. (Applause.) Team USA also
captured our first-ever gold medal in curling. And we met a truly amazing
achievement with the members and the
members of the team. And it’s really historic
because nobody — I guess, nobody thought we were
going to be winning in curling. Right? Is that right? Where is Tyler George,
Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner, and
“Skip” John Shuster? Where are they? Where are they? Come on up here. (Applause.) Mr. Hamilton:
It helped that your daughter was here
cheering us on. The President:
It helped, right? Mr. Hamilton: Yeah. The President: Go ahead. Say that. Go ahead. Mr. Hamilton: Thanks for
helping cheering us on. Ms. Trump: Of course. The President: And you
do know Ivanka was there cheering you on. They knew. Great job, Mr. Hamilton:
She actually had Shuster’s child on her lap
leading cheers. (Laughs.) The President: That’s true. Anyway, thank
you very much. Fantastic job. Mr. Shuster: Thank you. The President: Thank you. Mr. Shuster:
Thank you, Mr. President. The President: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mr. Shuster:
Appreciate it. The President: Great. Nice to see you. That’s the heaviest medal
I’ve ever — thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you. Throughout the games, we
were treated to other historic moments like
when the youngest member of Team USA, a talented
figure skater named Vincent Zhou, landed the
first quadruple lutz in Olympic competition
— quadruple. Wow, that’s a lot. (Laughter.) Where is Vincent? Where is Vincent? That’s pretty
good — come on. Come on up here, Vincent. (Applause.) Wow. Come one. That was fantastic. Mr. Zhou: Thank you. The President:
I was watching. I said, “That’s a
lot of spinning.” (Laughter.) Mr. Zhou: Yeah. The President: I bet they
have to check it out in slow — they checked it
out in slow motion because they couldn’t believe it. You know that, right? (Laughter.) Would you
like to say something? Go ahead. Great job. Mr. Zhou: It’s such
an honor to be here representing the United
States of America. Kind of speechless right
now but thank you all so much and I’m
proud to be here. (Applause.) The President:
Thank you for that. Thank you, Vincent. Unbelievable. And of course, the entire
nation cheered with joy — you know who I’m going to
be talking about, right — when the American Women’s
Hockey Team — in, really, one of
the most exciting games I’ve seen in hockey — and I watch hockey —
brought home a gold medal. (Applause.) Were you
favored to being home — were you favored? Come on up. Were you favored? Come on up. The gold medal. Gold medal. Where is the team? Come on, team. Were you favored? Were you favored
to win the gold? Was the hockey team
favored to win the gold medal? Participant: We think so. (Laughter.) The President:
You were favored by us. And the last game, pretty
close, pretty good, right? Are the Canadians good? Participants:
They’re all right. (Laughter.) The President: Not the same. Not — that was
a great game. Thank you very much. Congratulations. That was fantastic. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank
you very much. Where is Amanda? Amanda Kessel. Amanda. Where’s — come on
up here, Amanda. (Laughter.) You’re representing
that great team. And I think your brother
is in the NHL, right? Tell me about genes. Is he a good player? Is he as good as you? I don’t know about that, right? Say a few words. That was a great — Ms. Kessel: He’s very good. I heard you say that you
weren’t sure if I was good as him. So — The President: I wasn’t sure,
but now I think you’re better. Ms. Kessel: Okay. (Laughter.) Thank you. (Inaudible.) thank you. The President:
Thank you very much. Say hello to him. That’s great. (Applause.) And I want
to thank you because you really have
demonstrated amazing skill. When I watched that, it
was something incredible. We’re also honored to be joined
by the incredible Paralympians, whose skill
and grit and achievement are truly astounding. We’re especially proud of
the 18 military veterans of the U.S. Paralympic Team. Where are they? Can you raise your hand? (Applause.) So, these heroes include
six-time medalist Dan Cnossen. Where’s Dan? Dan. Where is Dan? Hi, Dan. Come here. Come on, say a few words. Say a few words. Mr. Cnossen: Thank
you, Mr. President. It’s a great honor to be
here to represent the military and the nation. (Applause.) The President:
Thank you very much. Fantastic job. So, Dan, how good
is Andy Soule? How good? Is he pretty good? I guess. (Laughter.) Andy. Where’s Andy? He brought home gold in
the cross-country skiing, and bronze in
the biathlon. Where is Andy? Where is Andy? Unbelievable job. I watched that. Come on, Andy. (Applause.) Get over here. Mr. Soule: I’m so
honored to be here. Thank you so much
for having us here. Thank you, Mr. President. The President: Well,
you’re in shape. (Inaudible.) You got to
be in shape to do that. Thank you. (Applause.) Jen Lee. Jen, you’re
here someplace? Jen Lee. Come on. Come on over here. Ralph De Quebec, Travis Dodson,
Luke McDermott, and Josh — how do you say
that, right — Misiewicz? Mr. Misiewicz: Misiewicz. Yeah, Misiewicz. The President: Who’s a
very excellent person. We are all part of that
gold medal Sled Hockey Team. Good team? Mr. Misiewicz: Yes, sir. It’s a very great team. The President: I hear
it’s a great team. Yeah. Gold medal. When you win a gold medal,
you know it’s a good team, right? (Laughter.) Mr. Misiewicz: Yeah, exactly. The President: Be
careful (inaudible). Mr. Misiewicz:
Thank you so much. Thank you so much. The President: Thank you. Thank you, fellas. (Applause.) All told, our
Olympic and Paralympic teams brought home 59 medals during
the 2018 Winter Games, including 22 Olympic gold medals. That’s really incredible. To every member of Team USA,
I congratulate you on your achievements that
were really a lifetime in the making; you
worked all your life. It’s always so tough
for me to envision. You work all of your life
and — one great moment. You need that one great moment,
that one quarter of a second, one tenth of a second. It’s really a
scary prospect. But you pulled it off. Incredible — to
be on the team. And for those that won
medals — all of you, winners. Just total winners. And you’re going to
be winners in life. And it’s such an
honor to be with you. I just want to thank you very
much on behalf of our country; on behalf of Mike
Pence, who is right behind me — our Vice President;
and everybody else. I just want to thank you. You are very, very special
people and you are very, very special champions. Because that’s what you
are — great, great champions. Thank you all very much. Appreciate it. Thank you. (Applause.) Ms. Taylor: On behalf of the
U.S. Paralympic and Olympic teams, we want to present you with flags signed with
every member’s signature of our delegation. The President: Wow,
thank you very much. Wow. Thank you. (Applause.) Ms. Taylor:
(Inaudible.) The President: Oh, good. Oh. That’s — he just said his
accountant said, “thank you.” That’s for those
cuts, I know. (Laughter.) I know. So, now, I’m going to
see and meet with Angela Merkel, and we’re going
to talk about the United States and Germany. We are in the midst of a lot
of very good negotiations. If anybody wants to help
me negotiate, I’ll take your help. (Laughter.) But I just
want to wish you ado and go have a great,
great life. And you come back here
anytime you want. We love you at
the White House. Thank you all very much. Thank you.

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  4. USA!..USA!.. USA! Congrats guys!! Well done!! And thank you Mr. President! We appreciate all that youre doing for the country. 👍🏻😎

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    had become Now You discover the plot around the file Moroccan
    👉 and What increases Of mud pollution After a scandal " FIFA " 🤔
    and after her comes out the president US Trump With astrange loony On the siteTwitter And defies who votes on a file World Cup Moroccan 2026 It's an command fucking and shameful and Misuse for this the postand This is dangerous and Contrary to rules " FIFA "
    and resorts the president US Trump to the threat By force Countries inorder to vote for the file American 2026
    and Still threatening president Trump Countries that oppose the US tripartite joint file Haha you are a moron
    and What saddens me more When he speaks Your president In forums about democracy and equality and transparency

  22. 美国总统川普先生:您好,




    谢谢您, 美国总统川普先生您不仅让美国更加强大,也让人与人之间更加友善。


  23. Trump is good at this stuff. He would make a good 'Non political figurehead' such as our UK Queen.
    Just keep him away from politics, guns and women.


  25. Your President invites everyone to the WH. thats a mark of a true leader, calling people out by their names and appreciating them for the achievements. he is so free n natural speaker .

  26. #$##$#$er santa barbara shutdown key of cali the whole call santa barbara police let them know and be ready

  27. Look at the difference between this & screwy Bernie forum!! Trump 2020!!! MAGA!!!❤️🇺🇸❤️💙❤️🇺🇸💙❤️🇺🇸💙❤️🇺🇸

  28. Mr. Trump,Olympic Games merge it with combine American and European corporate business organizations to focus mainly on business.

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