Presidents for a Lifetime. GVU Foundation Dinner 2019

[Graphic]: PRESIDENTIAL INSIGHTS Don Lubbers: The three of us have experienced the
great satisfaction of being presidents of Grand Valley. If we didn’t have this
little film, Philly wouldn’t know what hit her [Graphic]: PRESIDENTIAL INSIGHT #1: SEEK ADVICE FROM THE PAST Don: It really is quite courageous for a
person to take the job which you did and I remember that Nancy and I decided, well, we’re gonna just stay away after about a year. And you said well you’ve been gone long enough you can come back now Tom: Well I was here for about three days and Don showed up [Graphic]: PRESIDENTIAL INSIGHT #2: IGNORE ADVICE FROM THE PAST Mark Murray: What was the best advice over time that he didn’t follow? Don: Well I don’t remember because he never followed any of it. Tom: I remember Donna Brooks told me, in her own way, and with a smile. She said
don’t mess it up. Don: Don’t screw it up Mark: Don’t, don’t screw it up Mark: I remember the day I closed the University for bad weather, and about five minutes later, the wind stopped. About an hour
later, the sun came out. And about 10 o’clock, Don came out to campus to find
out who on earth it would have the complete bad idea of closing a campus
when it’s a sunny day and the roads are completely open. Tom: So I heard of that story, so I don’t close the campus I let someone else do that [Graphic]: PRESIDENTIAL INSIGHT #3: TIMING IS EVERYTHING Both you guys were present there when we won National Football Championships Tom: Did you? Mark: Oh this life isn’t fair actually Tom: I know Mark: It isn’t fair Tom: You know the red phone is still there Don: Yeah. I’ve called plays for a long time Mark: Thankfully the phone wasn’t
connected [Graphic]: PRESIDENTIAL INSIGHT #4: PRESIDENT FOR A LIFE TIME Mark: Change is always going to come There and it’s it has to end it should
and it’s wonderful when it comes but there’s a base, and a coherence,
and a goodness here to build on. That’s exciting Don: What I see happening is Grand
Valley going into its next stage of development and she being the right
person to take the University into that new stage. Mark: We may or may not have a
suggestion along the way but that’s all it is It’s a suggestion. We’re always
there to help and we’re not here to interfere Tom: She will bring her style here
and it’s gonna fit There’s no doubt about it. Mark: Yes. Right person at the right time Tom: We’re still becoming and her leadership is going to
help us so through these next decades Don: If she didn’t know that she had signed up for a president as a lifetime, She will after watching this Don: I wonder if she plays golf [Graphic]: GOOD LUCK, PHILLY! [Graphic]: DON, MARK & TOM

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