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My Cool School project is all about presidents! When I grow up, I wanna be president of the United States! Why? Well, when you’re president, you get to live in the White House! And you get your own helicopter and airplane! You can fly anywhere you want. I would fly to Disney World, like, everyday! And presidents can say “no” to other people’s new laws. That’s called a veto! I’d say “N-o” to all the boring laws, and replace them with awesome ones! Like the law about having to take math tests, I would veto that Bedtime is 8:30, young lady! Bedtime? Veto! New law: no bedtime! And presidents get to have their faces on cool stuff, like money, and mountains, and on Halloween masks! So, who are some of America’s presidents from history? Let’s start with the very first president: George Washington. He helped start the USA with his friends over 200 years ago. He wore a wig and had wooden teeth, and he was not nice to his cherry tree. …but at least he told the truth about it! Sorry… Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States! He was the tallest president ever, and not just because he wore such a big hat! Here’s an awesome fact about Abe Lincoln: he was a wrestler! Maybe that’s how he won the election! I wonder if he had a cool wrestling nickname, like The Rock! The Lincolnator! Awesome fact number 2: Lincoln Logs were named after him because he was born in a log cabin! He was really smart, and he kept the country together, which I really appreciate. Another president who had a toy named after him was Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th president! Hm, the Roosevelt bear?… Oh wait, the Teddy Bear! That’s kind of cool! I’d like a bear named after me, too. He didn’t actually have any bears in the White House. But Calvin Coolidge had a pet hippopotamus! And Herbert Hoover had pet alligators! Some presidents had cool hobbies. Teddy Roosevelt liked to walk around on stilts. Maybe he wanted to be taller than Abe Lincoln… The 44th president, Barack Obama, collects comic books. His favorites are Conan the Barbarian and Spiderman! Ronald Reagan, the 40th president, was an actor. He was in a movie with a monkey! Thomas Jefferson, president number 3, invented the swivel chair! AND built a macaroni machine! Maybe he liked to spin around while eating mac and cheese. Sometimes, presidents get in trouble, One time, the 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant, got a ticket for speeding… on his horse! [neighs] Willian Taft was the 27th president. Sometimes he got stuck in the bathtub… I hope he kept some toys in there! It’s also super important that presidents read a lot of books and know a lot of stuff! The 42nd president, Bill Clinton, knows a LOT. One time a guy gave him a quiz about My Little Pony, and Bill Clinton got all the questions right! I wonder who’s HIS favorite pony. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash! And my favorite president might be kid president! He’s into hugs, dance breaks, and just being awesome! So basically, presidents are cool and get to stay up super late and watch My Little Pony! And walk around on stilts! And get toys and bears named after them! And that’s why I want to be president. So vote for me for president in 2044! I support watching more Cool School. So click here for another video! And make sure to subscribe. I’m Kelly, and I approve this message!

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  1. Washington didn’t have a wig, his teeth weren’t wooden (made from ivory, gold, donkey teeth, and lead), and I’m pretty sure he didn’t chop down cherry trees

  2. 0:37 enjoy that you shorten your life span
    0:42 president have to represent something to fget put on the mount. Rushmore

  3. 1:29 – you got the red and blue mixed up. The North was primarily Republican and the South primarily Democrat.

  4. Do you know Thomas Jefferson Double The size of the country to? By purchasing The louisiana territory

  5. You don't know that every President has to always have to be dressed up all the time and what if you create a 2nd civil war and want everyone angree at you or start world war 3
    Or get sick?

  6. Fact about 2 presidents Andrew Jackson was the first president to ride in a train and Grover Cleveland was elected twice

  7. Hi Kelly I want for you for president I want no more naptime bye oh and also normally oh and also no more math

  8. One thing is george washington lied about the cherry tree AND horse,he blamed it on an enslaved person,also the person who wrote about george washington lied about the life so come on somebody even lied about christopher columbus and thease lies became popular and i think most people belive them.

  9. Can i have a cool school projet too?
    It will be like this.
    My cool school project is all about: Leaders. Leaders are people that are in
    Charge. What will you do if you were a leader? Will you command? Let me tell you what a true leader will do.
    A true leader will listen to others plans.
    So, if you were a leader what do you think your members will say.

  10. Yeah, you could be a president with a bear named after you…
    Or you could be Warren G Harding. Look up the Teapot Dome Scandal for some light reading.

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