Presidio Tunnel Tops Groundmaking Celebration November 7, 2019

(SINGING) O beautiful
for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain. Today, what we’re doing is
putting the finishing touches on this phase of the project. So we’re literally
making ground so that we can plant these
gardens and the native plants and build the trails. It is vital that
everyone in our community feel welcome and included to
gather, to learn, and to play together. In this national park
site, close to so many, our vision is that we engage
those who have historically not benefited from our parks. For achieving that
would not only be ground-making,
but groundbreaking. I want more young
people and other youth to experience the opportunity
that I’ve been given and that I’ve earned
through internships here. This is a place where you
discover your strengths, build your character,
and learn to contribute to make the world better
and become the leader your community needs. And this was the whole
essence of the procedure was to have young people– not just the neighbors here,
but young people from all over– to come to the park
and see the connection. This is something
quite spectacular. And it takes us to a new
level of park example for the rest of the country,
new level of beauty, new level of inspiration,
but most importantly, a new level of
involving young people. As they look at that Golden Gate
Bridge, as Michelle discussed, before even the
bridge was a place where newcomers
came to our country and invigorated who we are. And that diversity is the
beauty of our community here, and we want that reflected
in this beautiful presidio as well. Well, I do believe that
great cities around the world have great parks. Few cities have such a
bounty of beauty and nature at their doorstep
as San Francisco. And few locations have such
an iconic a landmark setting. It is the sweet spot of all
views in the entire city. As you just heard,
Tunnel Tops is all about taking
what is separate and bringing it together.

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