Pretty Ricky’s Problems & Spectacular’s Party – Check Yourself: S2 E12 | Love & Hip Hop: Miami

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“Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” Check Yourself. Season Two. You’ll be watching us
watch the show. For the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural… And honest reactions. We’re watching it… With you. The scene you’re about to see is another conversation about trying to get
Pretty Ricky’s group together. You say you got
the tiger, right?
You put the tiger in there? Yes, you already know. They’re gonna flip out when they
see him riding on this tiger. Oh, what’s up, man?
This my brother. What’s good? What y’all got going on? Oh, we working on some magic
right now, some magic. The record label,
Clear Vision, hired me to do the A&R,
the production,
some writing. So right now,
we’re doing a video. I did not know
Baby Blue was doing production and, um…
A&R for other labels. I’m still trying
to find out who’s Ricky and who’s Pretty
in the group. ♪♪ Hello! Bobby! Yeah! The old bat cape. Davon! That is dope
right there. No, it’s actually just… Who, you gonna kill
somebody with that, bro. Yo!
That’s crazy, bruh. So what the (bleep)
you think, Blue? You look like
a superstar, bro. Okay, I’ll be right back. I would never take away the fact that Bobby’s
very talented. And he’s a very good artist Like, that’s just what
it is at the end of the day. That his personality
away from his music can be a hot mess,
that’s separate. But he’s good at what he does.
I must admit. You got the bachelor party.
We’re gonna have a good time. I’m ready, bro. I’m gonna invite everybody. Who’s everybody? Everybody. So everybody, everybody?
Or just everybody? Listen, I’m inviting
Pleasure, too. So I wonder
if he gonna come. Pleasure trying to act like he
was really here for the group. But him making
the move that he made going to the radio station
and stuff like that, man,
that’s wrong, man, like… You can’t let a (bleep)
come and tear your brother and then turn around
and do some snake (bleep). Starting to feel like
he really, really went there
to sabotage the group. I just wish everything
is where it should be right
now because it’s not. I’ve been trying to put
this thing back together and figuring that
out it’s just, like… I don’t even know what
to think no more. Pretty Ricky’s a dope, dope,
dope, Miami, home team group. I would love to see them
get back together, you know. Anybody that’s
here from the crib, I gotta rep ’em
and I rep ’em hard. ‘Cause we all we got! I fought for the family,
for brotherhood, bro. But every single time
a (bleep) always turn around and show me he not my
mother(bleep) brother. Working with family always ends up
being a headache. If he in then, man,
let’s (bleep) rock. Let’s get these shows.
If he out then he out. It’s either or, man,
I’m just sick of this (bleep). (bleep) They’ve been trying to get this
group back together forever!¿Hasta cuándo?Either you’re in
or you’re out. Either you do it or you don’t. If it’s not working, let it go,
like, that’s it! The next scene
you’re about to see is the crazy bachelor party. But it was crazier
outside then inside. (loud chatter) Look it how he dress
right now with his hat on. He look like one of them
old school swindlers. Sharp, just not my kind
of sharp, but… (laughing)
Sharp… I don’t know
about sharp. My brother looking like
a pimp from the ’50s. What you got on?
You got jeans! You supposed to come
suited up. Now I don’t know if Khaotic
knew where he was going. Uh, I don’t think he was dressed
appropriately for that event. But at the end of the day, what
matters is that he was there. He was there to support.
So, oh, well. Look at these guys. Oh-ho, see, they
got the memo! They got the memo! Yeah, everybody
was tuxedoed out. It was a black tie
affair type of thing. I’ma make sure I have on
a tuxedo at your wedding. Oh, you better. What about you, Prince? What about you and Liz? We still together, we’ve been,
you know what I’m saying, making some things and… Yo, Khaotic, let me holla
at y’all outside, good brother? All right, sure. That’s something that I can
truly appreciate about a man. If you feel uncomfortable
about something, you don’t do it
in front of everybody. You pull people aside. So what’s the play,
my brother? You called me outside. (clears throat) So I was at this event
the other day. Bobby said that
you was saying, and
I know you said this, because this is the type
of (bleep) that you are. Bobby told Prince
that he had heard that Khaotic had said
something, something, something. You see what I’m saying?! Why is Bobby always in the
middle of such (bleep)? Is that you, you were
(bleep) my (bleep)
(bleep) my girl and I– You know what
I’m saying? Ohh… I’m kind of off of that,
you know what I’m saying? You know how the guys are? The guys, they’ve been talking
amongst each other. “Oh, yeah,
I (bleep) that bitch.” “She got a fat ass.”
Dah-dah-dah-dah. I don’t really think
it came with bad intentions. However, I can understand
how Prince felt a little bit disrespected by Khaotic’s comment.
I get it. You know how men are very
territorial about their females
and their girlfriends? I’ve been around your family,
your sister, your mother. Right? So imagine if I say
some (bleep) to (bleep) like, Hollywood or one of these
(bleep), someone that’s
not my close thing, I’m just, like, damn,
I’ll (bleep) Khaotic’s sister. I don’t (bleep)
care how you feel Whoa…
(laughing) It’s just a matter of respect.
That’s not something you… So you saying
you (bleep) my sister– (security)
No-no-no-no! (bleep) Man, let me the
(bleep) up, man. Man, you ripped my seats.
Khaotic will have
to pay me back. Is this really your car? Come on, come one,
come one. (bleep) Just in case Khaotic
didn’t understand where Prince is coming from, he just gave him an example. I don’t think that there
was a reason for Khaotic to jump over the car,
take off his shirt
and do the moves. You can’t just stand there and
talk and have a conversation? This is the problem that I’m
having with people these days. You don’t know
how to talk anymore. Everything you wanna do is fight
and throw (bleep). (bleep) (bleeps) Y’all don’t know what it feel
like to be tried my (bleep). It was both disrespect. I don’t think either or
is out of, you know… I don’t know, I’m more
of a who does it first and then whoever disrespects
later, it doesn’t count. Once you cross
the line with me then… anything I say
after that is… Yeah, but sometimes
with you, you don’t even
have to cross a line. That’s no true.
It takes a lot
to make me upset. And if I’m upset,
it’s because I’m hurt. Aww…

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  1. Notice that the same person who was saying stop the violence is the same one who was trying to jump over a car and punk someone. They wonder why there’s violence…

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  3. Black/white duality all over the place Masonic color coding. Black an white stripes all over the place.

  4. Seeeee! If Kaotic don’t hang with Bobby, Then how he knows what Prince told him???? Da Boy is Running round with Punks.

  5. Yes Hollywood, you would have a hard time finding pretty now wouldn't you? Find a mirror…see you are doing too much.

  6. Amara La Negra: Woman, Daughter, Singer, Dancer, Empress, Voodoo Queen (hey JoJo), Therapist, and voice of reason. There is nothing she can't do

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    That being said… I do know he is problematic and anti-black
    I was just sayin

  12. Buffy's ugly ass glowed up cuz the struggle has been real with her all her life! The dude with the locks from Pretty Ricky wanted to HOLLER when Bobby walked in. He was wondering who this weirdo is.

    Chaotic is so Florida… So hood! 😂😭 Palm tree locks are disgusting & ratchet AF! Why is she shirtless and WHY IS HE UPSET?! SMH! The ignorance.

    Hollywood is doing everything to pretend to be decent!

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