prime Korean beef Braised short rib stew / Fantastic Dinner Eating show / 최고급 한우 소갈비찜 / 가족 먹방

hi, we are fantastic the food we will eat today is korean beef braised short ribs bon appetite thank you for our food, today let’s enjoy meal Can you graze this ribs? yes i can look at this this meat is so soft so soft broth is good, too It tastes like bok choy from rice cakes. small kimchi can you eat yourself? is it hot? not at all have you eaten rice cake? i ate it taste good It tastes like bok choy from rice cakes. is it really? yes, smell mom, try this hold it with your hand and eat it. good yummy do you want to try garlic? no, is it good? not spicy at all try this once and give it to me if you are strange. is this garlic? how is it? Give me garlic again. Give me garlic again. again? is it tasty? here is Do not eat too much. is the name of this jojobe?? no, jujube this baby can eat garlic well i will give you here is small kimchi what can i eat well? you eat everything well pyori, try this broth borth is so delicious right i love this broth this food makes our children quiet. Today’s broadcast is like an asmr. dad, You have to speak quietly. meat love me? sure~ This meat is not overcooked, so it is not too tender. and it’s not under cooked,so it is not tough . we are really fantastic cook the meat You are a great cook. great job so clean She ate like a puppy. I also ate cleanly. wow~ you are the best i love rice cake i love garlic here is, she is eating garlic a lot now She is eating garlic for the first time today. she is master of garlic Just raw garlic is spicy. i can not eat raw garlic i can eat spicy well Perhaps you will not eat raw garlic. i can eat raw garlic well I used to eat it before, and it was very spicy. When I ate raw garlic, you did not eat Was I in mothers womb then? Only two babies are cute on the screen. dad, we looks good on screen please, clean my mouth Did you mistake me for wanting a kiss? right, i mistake please, give it to me i also want it ok, i will give it to you this is little hot wow you are great You ate it in a bite. it is like me 8 servings of ribs are disappearing rapidly. Is not it good for four? our family always eats eight servings. 2 per 1 How many bones have you collected now? so many how many 12 dad, we are? 16 Four are missing … let’s fighting dad, the weather is hot. Do you eat Kimchi because of the weather is hot? now, how many bones we have? 21 19 2 are missing, fighting We are catching up with that team. here is garlic This is what you eat, and that I should eat. We can win. eat! place on your dish~ now, there is no beef we can do well now, how many? 20 21 how many? 21 We caught up. I had a lot of meat between my teeth. me too now how many? 22 who won? we win how many you are? 100 You are lying now. she is lying now. actually, 22 If you lie, your nose will be long. Do you want to put the rice and noodles in the broth? never i want i am full i am not full really? You are pretending to be strong now. where is my garlic? you are strong how many garlic did you ate? 10 i am not lying now MR,garlic, Do not swim he swim very well this is not garlic!!! perhaps, this is ginko yes, it is ginko how do you know ginko? can you eat ginko? It should be grill and delicious. i can eat ginko i know you are first time I have eaten only once. I ate it because it was garlic, but it was a ginko. how is it? it is good? so good we had a good meal today~ we will come back next time for more joyful meal see you next time bye bye~

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  1. Both baby girls lovely and beautiful nice video keep it up all love from India 😘😍💖😘😍💖😘😍💖

  2. Это не курица, по костям видно… А семя великолепная, но много едят

  3. Ти сама ето готовила детям дай Боже щоб ти сама ето приготовила а потом смеешся противно смотреть пожалуста непозорься

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