Prince Harry Trying To Save Marriage To Meghan Markle; Sussex Couple Not A Strong Team, Royal Expert

Prince Harry Trying To Save Marriage To Meghan
Markle; Sussex Couple Not A Strong Team, Royal Expert Says.Prince Harry has, apparently,
been doing everything he can to save his marriage to Meghan Markle amid reports that the Duke
and Duchess of Sussex spent time apart during their Christmas trip to Canada. However, Meghan is said to be still struggling
with life as a royal and one royal expert claimed that their marriage is not strong
enough to last. Royal commentator Phil Dampier told New Idea
that he hopes Prince Harry and Meghan would resume their royal duties with a better mindset
than last year. The Sussex pair revealed, in October 2019,
that they’re having a hard time dealing with the media scrutiny. Dampier’s comments came as an unnamed source
told New Idea that Prince Harry and Meghan were, in fact, not together during their trip
to Canada for the holidays. The Duchess of Sussex, apparently, wanted
time apart from her husband to get some space and think about their future together. The royal expert said that, when Prince Harry
married Meghan in May 2018, he thought that they would be a strong team. However, Dampier now doubts if their marriage
would even last. Meanwhile, a story from a Romanian website
stated that Prince Harry and Meghan are, apparently, going through a nasty divorce as their Christmas
break could not bring them closer. However, no report of that sort has been publicized
in the British press.Prince Harry and Meghan are, actually, back in London and immediately
got on their feet for their royal duties last Tuesday, Jan. 7. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Canada
House and both seemed to be in a happy and refreshed mood.Video clips of the Sussex couple
showed Prince Harry playfully leading his wife to the crowd and acting as if he was
his bodyguard. Insider reported that there were lots of PDA
coming from Prince Harry and Meghan and they held hands while talking to the people outside
of the building. Inside the Canada House, staff gathered to
hear the Sussex royals talk. According to People, Prince Harry even teased
his wife to speak in French, much to her horror. The Duchess of Sussex learned the language
in high school but she’s the first to admit she’s no longer fluent. Prince Harry and Meghan were at the Canada
House to personally thank the Canadian people for their warm hospitality and support during
the royal’s holiday in British Columbia. Prince Harry exclaimed that the place where
they stayed was a wonderful place to live in.

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