Princess Baby Shower: How to Make a Tutu Cake Stand | Pampers

Hey, I’m Alison. Look at this fabulous cake
stand and matching tutu favors. It’s so perfect for a
princess-themed baby shower. I’ll show you how I made it. Here’s what you’ll need. Place the elastic band
around your hat box. Cut lengths of pink and white tulle
so that they are approximately double the length of the hat box. Loop each piece of tulle
around the elastic band, alternating pink and white. To finish your princess
baby shower, check out the tutorial at the end of this video. For the princess baby shower, I also
made these adorable little tutu party favors. To make these decorative candy
jars, here’s what you’ll need. Small canning jars with lids and rings. Pink and white candies. First, fill each jar with
the pink and white candies. Next, instead of cutting strips of
tulle, cut three circles of tulle, making sure the smallest size is large
enough to overlap the canning jar ring. Place the tulle circle cut-outs
on top of the canning jar lid. And screw on the canning jar
ring to secure into place. Display the favors on
the tutu cake stand. The mom of honor will sparkle
when she sees the tutu cake stand that you created for the party. Click here to watch the other videos
for this princess baby shower theme. To earn points on every
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