Princess Eugenie’s Marriage Is Stranger Than You Thought

Inflatable slides, distant cousins swapping
vows, and a reading from…The Great Gatsby? Harry and William’s cuz Princess Eugenie sure
outdid herself celebrating her nuptials. But the oddities don’t stop there. Here are some
strange things about Princess Eugenie’s marriage to “brand ambassador” Jack Brooksbank. Nobody was more surprised to see Brooksbank
marry a member of the royal family than his very own grandmother. Speaking to the MailOnline
in January 2018 about her grandson’s forthcoming wedding, Joanna Newton, Jack’s maternal grandmother,
said, “I never thought he would get married to a
royal. He’s a charming boy and all that but not the most intelligent and I would never
have thought this would happen.” Jack’s grandmother was very complimentary
about the bride, however, and seemed to suggest that the princess might be settling, saying, “I think it says a lot about Eugenie that
it’s him she wants and it’s lovely.” While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding
was a traditional, one-day affair, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank carried on their
celebrations into a second day, gently bucking tradition. Jack and Eugenie invited guests to a carnival-themed
party in Windsor Great Park, featuring fairground rides, candy, and live performances in the
style of a music festival. Eugenie even changed into a casual, yet still bridal look consisting
of a white mini dress and silk pink biker jacket emblazoned with “Mrs. Brooksbank” on
the back in sequins. One guest shared photos from inside the second day party, showing
a huge inflatable slide, as well as a game stall at which cuddly toys could be won. It’s not as scandalous as it sounds, but Princess
Eugenie is actually related to Jack Brooksbank. The newlyweds share an ancestor in the 19th
century aristocrat Thomas William Coke, who was the 2nd Earl of Leicester, making them
third cousins once removed. Coke is Eugenie’s great-great-great-great grandfather and also
Brooksbank’s great-great grandfather. Business Insider notes that it’s fairly common
within royal circles to be romantically linked to a distant relative. The publication explains, “Historically, royal families were very closely
linked because it was strongly discouraged to marry outside of the aristocracy.” And Eugenie isn’t the only member of the royal
family to be related to her beau. The Queen herself has a common ancestor with husband
Prince Philip, with both descended from Queen Victoria. Princess Eugenie’s husband had an unusual
journey to becoming a royal. Prior to meeting a princess, Jack Brooksbank worked in hospitality,
and was apparently “nicknamed ‘barman Jack’ in his Chelsea social circle,” per the Daily
Mail. Rather than attending college, Jack launched his career straight out of school
and started out as a waiter. The same outlet reported that Jack was quickly
recruited for a job in a bar frequented by Prince Harry. From there, Eugenie’s now-husband
began to network within royal circles, which led him to meet his wife. Before joining the royal family, Jack was
apparently keen to transform his image to be taken more seriously, and he soon secured
a role as the European Brand Ambassador of George Clooney’s former tequila brand, Casamigos.
Appearing on BBC’s The One Show in August 2018, Eugenie’s mother Sarah Ferguson revealed
that she was a fan of Jack’s role with Casamigos saying, “He’ll just hand me the tequila and say ‘come
on mother-in-law, down it!'” Some readings are synonymous with weddings,
such as poems by E. E. Cummings or sonnets by Shakespeare. However, Princess Eugenie’s
older sister, Princess Beatrice, gave a somewhat unexpected reading for a royal wedding when
she read an excerpt from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the bit read by
Beatrice, the narrator is entranced by consummate conman Jay Gatsby, and his enigmatic smile
and behavior. “An elegant young rough-neck, a year or two
over thirty, whose elaborate formality of speech just missed being absurd.” Perhaps, in hindsight, Gatsby wasn’t the most
romantic character to refer to during a royal wedding. As The Guardian notes when discussing the
strange choice of wedding reading, “Gatsby is a contrivance, a performance, a
seductive chimera, a fraud.” The publication goes on to explain that The
Great Gatsby is, “…a book about time and loss and hopelessness
and the impossible longing to reinvent yourself and capture a moment in and out of time. But,
friends, it does end badly.” Hopefully though, the reading is no indication
of the marriage itself, which so far has been nothing short of romantic. Check out one of our newest videos right here!
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  1. After watching this, it makes me wonder how both these sisters could have the nerve to “make faces & a roll of the eyes” at the now Duke & Duchess Of Sussex wedding….. Just plain rude 🙄

  2. After listening to the grandmother, it seems he is the only man to have her, and that's only because he is slow lol well I guess that makes them soul mates

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  4. Nice grandmother. 0:20 Hope they thrive and enjoy life forever, and leave her regretting her words.

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  6. Lordy lord, those teeth look like someone threw a box of chicklets at her face and they took purchase in her mouth. .

  7. Why are Harry & Meghan hiding their child? Firstly it was said the pregnancy was false and she was carrying a moon bag around her abdomen. Then it was stated that the baby was in fact a silicone baby and not real. Are they hiding the baby because they are ashamed it's mixed race or because it's from a surrogate and its white? Is there a child at all?

  8. I like Eugenie, and as long as her and Jack are happy, does it matter what anybody else thinks?

  9. Isn't it lucky for Eugenie to be able to marry the love of her life, just like Harry got to marry someone biracial.

  10. Since Princess Eugenie is obviously a princess, is Jack now a Prince? Or is Eugenie too far down for the throne for him to be considered?

  11. I can't believe the grandmother! No tact whatsoever 😳 Even if he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed….You don't say so to a tabloid 🤦

  12. I guess the press found someone else to pick on beside Harry and William.  Good grief, leave the royals alone if the press does not have anything nice to say.  At least print constructive criticism.

  13. Some of this video is damn right bullying. Eugenie has grown and matured. There isn’t nothing weird about her marriage. It’s normal

  14. You lot make me laugh, hating on Eugenia, Meghan, Beatrice, etc… when you would fall all over yourselves even if you met one of them.

  15. For goodness sake, if we go back far back enough, we are all related. Quoting the Daily Mail is like saying the National Enquirer is a magazine for intellectuals.

  16. So he is not a university grad. Eugenie has found her prince. May it be blissful for both of them happily forever after.

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  20. Gatsby? Yes, an odd choice for a wedding given the ending. But, the preacher at Prince Harry's wedding kept quoting Martin Luther King ….. not a man renowned for keeping his meat in his trousers despite being married!

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