Printed Food Safe kindergarten Dinner Plates. For School Fund Raising! VID 20180209 121106

Hi, I’m Eric at Paris group and we print porcelain plates we just did a deal here for Fundraising for a public school these are all great creative work from Five-year-olds in kindergarten, and they’re gonna take these plates and auction off to Mom and Dad and raise money for the kindergarten class So we’re just gonna take a look at this plate here. There’s four actual pieces of artwork here and four children have done each of their art and then So my assistant here, if she just flips it over and you can actually see corresponding names (name on back matches art on front) For the artwork that they’ve did on the front of the plate So these plates are then get auctioned off the school makes money & Mom and Dad can eat their hamburgers on them It’s Paris Group Inc. and our website is… Thanks!

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