Priti Patel hails Conservatives as ‘the party of law and order’

The Conservative party takes
it’s rightful place as the party of law and order
in Britain once again. [applause] We stand with the brave men
and women of our police and security services. And we stand against the criminals,
the gangs, the drug barons, the thugs, the terrorists who
seek to do us harm.

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  1. Hmm.. Party of unlawful and disorder have they not got any sense of the events of the last week and years? This is pure fantasy.

  2. "We're coming after you" the home secretary threatens criminals of the U.K as a huge audible sigh of relief comes from the criminal community safe in the knowledge Priti Vacant couldn't catch a taxi in New York.

  3. Former Chief Whip admits that the whips covered up paedophilia of MPs. Current party leader and PM says that investigating historic sex abuse is money 'spaffed up the wall'. Current PM found to have broken the law. MP gets removed from their own conference for violent conduct just hours before this speech.

    What a joke.

  4. Yeah lets build more prisons and fund more cops (which is needed to an extent) to deal with the problems WE created through more inequality and austerity!

  5. It’s a once in a lifetime vote that will directly impact every British person (including those who have made an EU country their home). We promised an amazing deal with the EU before the referendum and now we will deliver the no deal decision the whole country always wanted. No ifs or buts like my u-turn on the hideous withdrawal agreement, the surrender bill, I too supported. If I can change my mind in 3 days, you the people are not able to do so in over 3 years. Mark my words

  6. They're better than labour so that's what's important. If the tories deliver brexit they will secure power for a long time, if not the brexit party will take over and eventually absorb the tories in which case the tories will still secure power for a long time to come. It's a win win really

  7. They're all full of it..promise to fix the problems THEY cause a s when they get in they make things WORSE. This applies to all western political parties because they are all part of the new world order which is hell bent on destroying the entire planet

  8. Absolutely brilliant speech from a great home secretary, one that speaks for the country.
    The sooner there's a general election the sooner we can get shut of those traitorous MP's!

  9. Absolutely brilliant speech from a great home secretary, one that speaks for the country.
    The sooner there's a general election the sooner we can get shut of those traitorous MP's!

  10. Law and order politics are contraproductive.
    Crime could get better approached by an research based solutions.

  11. They've been in power for more than a decade. I suppose the increase in crime is someone else's fault tho right?

  12. It was these armholes who got rid of 20,000 police just so that they could announce that they were recruiting 20,000 police the next time it came around to us deciding which box to tick on the ballot paper. Two faced hypocrites.

  13. That party of law and order that created an illegal prorogation of Parliament? The party that is suggesting terrorism in Manchester is related to being part of Europe?

  14. Fuhrer nige the venomous 🐍 oil salesman needs to be arrested next time he enters the EU 🤒 his lies about EU migrants are racism at it's finest hour 🤮 most people in UK jail's are British & commonwealth migrants 🤫 most people on welfare are British & commonwealth migrants none of the above applies to the hardworking & contributing EU migrants 👍 most brexiteers have family members in jail or on welfare so calling out the 3million EU migrants as members of the 4th Reich are calls for open discrimination and racism 🤮 he also is calling for stop of EU migration and bringing in 30k per year of commonwealth migrants only 🤒 all of this is open invitation for his brexit xenophobia party and sympathisers to hate and discriminate against EU migration in the UK 🤮 EU courts need to step in and arrest this instigator who's brexit xenophobia party members and sick supporters are even killing MPs 🤮 the evil 🐍 oil salesman him self is propagating knife violence against civil servants post brexit 🤮 EU courts need to step in immediately and protect citizens of Europe from the evildoers and violence instigating evildoers 🙌

  15. "the party of law and order ONCE AGAIN" meaning that before it wasn't "law & order"? It has always been a Tory government in UK tho

  16. “Getting sacked for having secret meetings with Israel, outside her brief, whilst ‘on vacation’.
    Providing 20,000 ‘new’ police to replace… err, the 20,000 police the Tories cut previously(?!)
    A Prime Minister who illegally prorogued Parliament and lied to the Queen.
    A Prime Minister who has publicly stated he will BREAK the law and take the UK out of Europe, without a deal, on 31 October.
    A Prime Minister who agreed to trace an individual who upset a ‘dodgy’ friend, so said friend could have him beaten up.
    A Prime Minister who, as Mayor of London, showered money provided for new start ‘tech development’ companies onto the, no hope, events promotion company of a tall American blonde he just happened to be shagging at the time…
    ‘We Are The Party of Law and Order’, and said with a straight face.
    Don’t make me laugh, I’ll tear the stitches on my recently acquired knife wound!”

  17. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

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