Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas 1st Wedding Anniversary ذكرى زواج بريانكا تشوبرا من المغني نيك جوناس

i am living a love state with you, it is taking me hard
for it to repeat again and i live it, if you are away or in front of me. finally ,the days are pleased with me Finally.

baby(sweety), the day, i rest from my harsh days, is coming. let me travel in you for a while forget days that was lost from me i want my lifetime to pass with your eyes holding me and next to you, i see something from the scent of my father i love life inside you and with you i see the tenderness of my brother when you are with me i pray from inside
that days let me meet you hoping that god accept my pray

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  1. برافو عليكم عجبني كثير فيديو بدي اخبار نجم رانبير كابور شكرا

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