Protecting your carpets during large parties | More Party Hacks from Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
today I have a quick tip for you if you happen to be one of those people that is
doing a large party in a very very pristine place that needs to be
protected now I do parties all the time and a lot of the places that I’m doing
my events will have carpet and you’ve got to be very careful when you’re doing
arts and crafts with the carpet so what we use is a product called carpet mask
or carpet protection tape it’ll go either way usually you can find this in
paint stores or in some hardware stores but the place that I get mine is Uline
and this is carpet protection tape and as you can see this is very very very
very wide this is 48 inches wide by 200 feet long and that’ll do a pretty good
sized space I mean if you’re doing a big long crafting table this is totally
enough to cover a whole big wide area probably about a 10 by 20 area now
here’s the thing though it’s not easy to put down once you get the hang of it
it’s not bad but it’s pretty pretty pretty tricky just to get it started it
looks when you take it out of the box like one of these giant like Saran wraps
it’s like a giant saran wrap tube and it’s sticky so it’s like plastic saran
wrap with a sticky back so you can understand that it’s like when you pull
saran wrap off and you know how it gets kind of clings to itself well this is
even worse because it’s got this sticky back but once you get it going and you
start pulling it and laying it down on the floor it’s awesome and I will tell
you once you get the hang and doing it it it’s pretty pretty easy
and it makes a lot of sense on the way you put it down so it comes in 24 inches
wide comes in 36 inches wide and then it comes in 48 inches wide and it comes in
usually 200 or 100 foot lengths so that is carpet mask or carpet protection tape
and if you are doing messy projects I totally totally suggest it for you so
for more quick tips like this especially if you’re doing big parties check us out

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