“Proud History, Promising Future” Butte College’s 50th Anniversary

[MUSIC] I’m Samia Yaqub I’m Kory Honea I’m Alys Dimercurio Stan Thompson Malcom Dixon Margaret Desmond-Hughes Mike Boeger Mary Mooney Mike Maloney I am Timoteo Ramirez And I’m proud Proud Proud And I am proud Proud to be part Proud to be part of Butte College history [MUSIC] We started off in 1968 a tiny college in Durham And, at that time, there was no community college for our local students We started on a little postage stamp size acre and a half in Durham and 800 people were supposed to come the first day and, um I think we had 1800 We have been very fortunate here, in that we progressed I think, every year, grow the college Grow, not only the numbers in the college but, I believe, the quality Every time we add something to the campus that the students can utilize It makes their chances of doing whatever they came here to do, goal-wise, a lot easier When I attended Butte College, it was sort of an extension of going to High School Now, what I see is: paramedics, nurses, respiratory therapists There are a lot of programs at Butte College, so, no matter what your interest is, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be able to find something that will help you either further your academic career, or set you off into your career for life I see programs that students come out, and then they go directly into vocational service, get jobs, stay in the community I think that is the biggest difference for me: is that Butte College has moved far and above,
beyond High School extension We’ve created great nurses, great fire people Great people who are artists Who are business people Butte’s impact on this community has been just phenomenal For it to hit 50 years, I mean, that’s a big milestone for anyone When I hit 50, I’m gonna be happy
[LAUGHING] So, you know! The next 50 years will even be better than the last 50 [MUSIC transition to new MUSIC] There is significance in the culture, here, at this campus because of the dedication of all and the focus on achieving student success Our first value is “Students First” and our faculty, staff breathe, live that statement And you can see it in how everyone treats students and the services and the programs that we offer them We’ve always been student focused That’s what’s so…that’s one of the things I’m most proud of student focused and students first I am the first generation of my family to attend at a college and what I liked about this college was I step in the door and I’m already part of a family It makes you feel like you can overcome anything with the help of staff, students, and friends You know what I love about Butte College? It’s still MY college! I can go there today, if I want to, maybe I want to take pottery, maybe I want to take painting I’m still welcome When I first came back here a year ago, was when I felt like it was the most challenging for me I had been out of college for about 6 years I was just so nervous, because I felt like I was all…doing this all on my own And, then now, 1 year in I’ve found so many of these resources where I can meet people and we can all work together And that’s been a game-changer You know, when I attended Butte College, right out of high school I never felt like I was out of place, there And I remember people from 20 years ago, right? And they had an impact, certainly, on my career and my life And, to this day, I still, y’know, I count them as friends I just can’t wait to be one of those people that looks back and said, Oh, yeah, Butte was part of my story and now I’m y’know, a physician’s assistant, graduated from UC Davis This is a place where as a result of one-on-one relationships people are being helped to achieve success And, then, when they leave here, they’re continuing to achieve success And that success is as a direct result of their experience here I just am very, very proud of seeing the progression It seems that everything we do the year ahead, we do something a little bit better 50 years just shows the longevity of success of that college And that should tell any prospective student: 50 years of success? And successful graduates? I want to go there. After 50 years of growing pains and community support the future of Butte College is, probably, the most exciting thing that we can celebrate at this
50 year anniversary I have to tell you, though, as a faculty member, this was the BEST job! It was truly the best job, because we were starting something Something that has become a really superior institution in the state And I’m proud of it. Butte College Proud history Promising future BC Pride! [END MUSIC]

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