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this is one of those events you have to
experience at least once in a lifetime when you are a Globetrotter and love the
luxury of an atypical evening with the lights and mischievous atmosphere between the reality of the most delicate
astronomy in the phantasmagorical world of the show brussels designer and
scenographer Charles Kaisin has struck again to make life experiences poetic and
tasty beyond any dream and fantasy his concept unconventional surrealist
dinners inspired by of course Belgian surrealism that are attracting luxury
brands striving to celebrate the many festive occasions that are donned their
lives today we dive right in so you can
experience the magic of one of these evenings that do more than stand out
they become legendary it’s in Brussels more precisely at the Palais des beaux
renamed bozart but the formidable campaign proud to be Belgian comes to a
close also under the patronage of the designer Charles Kaisin who had taken up
residence all summer at the Maasmechelen Village celebrating the colours of the
Belgian flag in a custom print pattern and decor for this village of the
bicester village shopping collection first of all it started with an
installation five months ago in our village
we did a campaign at the Vista village shopping collection and the Maasmechelen village and closely associated with the art world Charles Kaisin being
an artist designer architect the crossover was natural the meeting point
was natural to make an extraordinary event tonight the most noble of Belgians were
gathered to celebrate belgitude and the talents of a people who are often known
for their excessive humility this surrealist dinner is the proud moment of this campaign our guests were
composed of artists once again linked to our DNA the national and international
press and the brands with which we collaborate today and those with whom we
will collaborate maybe tomorrow and then all our partners who accompanied among
the most prestigious guests we noted princess Lea of Belgium Baron Edouard
Vermeulen, creator of the house Natan Newton who dresses all the crowned heads
of Europe and the Hatter Elvis Pompilio and of course to direct
and manage the evening Charles Kaizen who was very busy it’s a dinner that is said
to be a surrealist dinner so it’s a dinner you see where there is only one
big table there are hundred guests one hundred precisely not one more or less
so that means that there are 50 servers which means that everyone will be served
at the same time simultaneously and all the servers we did rehearsals like a
ballet so that means that there is a choreography which means that in each
passage to serve or clean it’s really like a ballet of dancers with costume
changes different themes on Belgium and in relation to themes that are dear to
different facets of fashion architecture culture folklore at the table for this proud to be
Belgian evening they were a hundred percent Belgian guests enjoying the fine
cuisine staged as it should be in a ceremonial choreography constantly
reminding guests what Belgitude is like these black yellow and red bells at
the cheeky Mannekenpis unveiling a smoked trout appetizer a Belgian surrealist evening that has
amazed its famous guests including beautiful actresses exiled in Paris but
present in Brussels to talk about her next project I’m very
proud to be Belgian I’ve always been proud to be Belgian it’s surprising the
show is ravishing and funny the food is very good I loved what I ate and as I
think more about it I love the chocolate there was the Atomium in the dish it was
funny I’m going to do theatre in April with my songs and a text in the middle
yeah thanks to me you with Ommegang waders for example for the
very Brussels touch every service on the menu brought a lot of surprises thanks
to chef Pierre Résimont effective recipes it’s yours delicious first what we ate was
delicious to spend time with all these talents from different horizons the
exchanges were amazing and then the dinner was a show at the same time so we
had a really great time I mean Denis Dercourt next film I’m
in Nicolas Bary’s next film Louis Aubert’s first feature film I have a
theater project with Isild Le Besco Oh among others there are other things
still to come oh yes and then there is the red bracelets again season 3 which
is shooting now a worthy representative of Belgian surrealism but for a literary
version actor and writer Stephane de Groodt left the frisian film sets to bring his
little touch of madness to the adventure of the surrealist dinner at the exit the
frame to better play on words the apparent herbaceous it around
Elizabeth 50p there are a lot of Belgians it’s quite amazing to think
that this little country provides produces me I always enjoy saying that
Belgium is not a country but a state of spirit and it’s true that one composes
with our singular minds a particular state I’ve always wanted to change the
setting but that’s it actually what’s interesting is changing the rules but
keeping rules to recreate something within the frame but to have a frame a
little rounder a little more rectangular little more square a little bigger and
it is smaller but still have a frame but do we compose it we invent the measure
the space and two inside the space do something we’re not there over this very
effective reform and for this extraordinary evening and
we have perfectly recomposed the space outside of convention between the
pantheon of Belgian paper personalities from Diane Von Furstenberg to Benoit
Poelvoorde and the play on seems the dinner ends on a must taste chocolate a
note by a master in his field Clare McCauley knee who imagined an
atomium a tasty Belgian monument that is simply delicious we are never safe from a stroke of luck
never so tonight that must be it as they say in English a lucky day
that’s it right years ago I made a book with a photographer called Serge Anton
and I reviewed this picture and I find it sublime and very surreal of the
Atomium so one can or cannot like the Atomium
there’s a big debate about it I told myself when it comes down to it I have
to redo this picture but out of chocolate was already it’s a performance
the second thing is to extract from this photo the kind of ball that would come
out of this chocolate which would be this chocolate mousse with caramel heart
a little praline and bring a siddha teeth with what is called today a fruit
called yuzu which is a Japanese fruit we have all the quintessence of Belgium at
the same time this kind of gluttony we can have these roofs that are the world
of chocolate but this openness that goes to the Middle East or to Asia and
therefore more specifically here to Asia everything made with great chocolates
from – cocoa beans one from Ecuador a hundred percent Arriba and the other
from Cameroon a Yaounde with a forastero after the pleasures of the palate
the show ends in style Sequi,s that explode for a guaranteed
perfect visual effects and an evening that has put stars in the eyes and
Belgitude in your head

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