#ProudToBe: Celebrate Brave Voices this Pride

We’ve been taught that silence
would save us. But it won’t. I can’t live my life straight
because you’re straight. I can’t. I just gotta live my life for me
and do it for me. Because this is my life. I’ve done my hair down. I’ve worn the dresses. I’ve done things that aren’t
natural to me. To please other people. I was told to wipe off my makeup
and be a boy. What they should have told me to
be myself. If other people are
uncomfortable That is not your problem. That is their problem. I want to tell other queer
people That it is okay to be yourself. We won’t stand for hatred. LGBTQ+ people are strong and
and resilient. We’re not gonna go away. It’s so important that we keep
fighting For the right to be who we are. The right to love whoever we
want to love. Like all civil rights movements
that have gone before We’re not going to give up. I’m still a proud gay man! Okay. We have to be out and proud, and
visible where we can. For the people where they can’t. I live pride every single day. Refuse to ever give up. What do we do?
Stand up! Fight back! What do we do?
Stand up! Fight back! What do we do?
Stand up! Fight back! What do we do?
Stand up! Fight back! What do we do?
Stand up! Fight back! What do we do?
Stand up! Fight back! We love you. Bye. That’s it for today. See you again. I love you. Stay strong.

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  1. They just banned Trans people from serving and there's still people complaining "you got marriage, what else do you want?!" they can't see that we won't stop until we're truly equal

  2. YouTube, accept that you're not always going to get your way so stop deleting dislikes and stop removing comments, let people have there own opinions!!

  3. Watching the video made me lose hope in the world…

    Looking at the like to dislike ratio made me gain it back

  4. To all those bullshit comments saying "I'm a proud straight person" Congratufuckinglations, do you want a medal, for being part of the community that is constantly oppressing the LGBT minority? Yea, maybe a month is too much, but we need some time to be ourselves, without all the hatred we receive from homophobes, transphobes etc.

    We don't want to be special, we want to be equal. Just tell me, how many straight people got killed for being straight. How many times cispeople were looked down by trans people. How many times did you guys get bullied, for being straight? As for the ignorant part of you, take your boneless pizza jokes elsewhere. They're as outdated as your stupid opressive way of thinking

  5. You know if you guys want to be normal and accepted into society as you say…don't go around wearing stupid clothes and then I'm sure people will see y'all as normal Gay peeps

  6. I'm proud to be white, hetereosexual, male…

    oh wait, I'm not ALLOWED to be proud of that, I'm not allowed to be proud to BE MYSELF… the opposite is the case, I get bullied because of that.

  7. Shadowbanning my comment, too? Wonderful, good to know.

    As a bisexual person, I will never support pride events that are more about enabling histrionic personalities and passing off degeneracy like public sex acts as being the "norm" of being gay than being about actually celebrating anything. As long as pride events are giving off this image to other people outside of the "community", they will be doing more harm than good.

    Oh, and by the way, we'll still waiting for that Father's Day video next year.

  8. If being "normal" is what people want us to be, then im proud im not. Cuz normalness leads to sadness.

  9. Proud to be yourself, in fake makeup, fake nails, fake hair, fake shit… They are brave!
    Who cares about soldiers and firefighter these days?

  10. Love is Love !!!! Why is there so much hate ?! I don't understand just because somebody wants to be there self doesn't mean you have to judge them!!

  11. Be proud of how you are and if someone tells you to change or be something who you aren't, that's not right. You are you, and the only thing that can stop you, is yourself. You won't be happy if you aren't doing or being yourself. Be proud of who you are no matter what

  12. The reason we need this video is for all of the haters that fell like pushing people down will push them up. Be yourself, gay, straight, girl, boy or somewhere in between. Straight people can be straight and gay people can be gay. But it's harder for LGBT people to be themselves so they need empowerment, like any human being. There is no purpose to hate, it does nothing but hurt the world. There is every purpose to love, it heals the world. Love girls, boys, nonbinarys, whoever.

    I know this will get lost in the comments but if your reading this be yourself and love others because the world needs some love right now โค๏ธ

  13. These people are not brave. They are just whiny you tubers. They should instead go to the places where being gay is illegal. Youtube start getting your shit straight.


  15. I'm proud to be a STRAIGHT MALE with EUROPEAN(WHITE) and south Asian decent. Also I am a REPUBLICAN and I'm proud of that.

  16. YouTube just stop with deleting the dislikes you're getting even more hate. Idc if you're gay, lesbian, trans etc. But you make it seem it like a big deal like they're victims. There's people that have/had cancer but no we don't make a video about that every year. Idfc who you want to be. Yes you should express yourselves but not like you need a holiday or a parade. This is why we have rights America. What about people who fight for our country? Who risk their lives? Being gay, lesbian, and others Isn't being a hero you're standing out (which is a good thing) but saving people from danger and fighting for what you want is a hero. You guys are not fighting for what you want you already got that thanks to Obama. You're just extremely expressing yourselves. We get it. YOU ARE GAY. Done

  17. As a proud gay person I gave this a thumbs down. This whole pride thing is annoying now. Stop shoving down everyone's throats.

  18. I'm fine if you are something else besides a straight white male or whatever buzzfeed is saying today it's just I don't care and don't rub it in my face and flood my recommended feed

  19. For people that are saying things like "if lgbt people are strong they why are they making whiny videos like this,"

    Because of everyone that stands against them. Because of people like you.

  20. why all the horrid comments? can't you just keep it to yourself? just be happy that you don't have to have a strait pride month, because thats more accepted

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  23. Be gay, bi, lesbian, non binary, whatever, what you fail to realise is that in the developed western world your not oppressed more than any other minority, the world has stopped caring and making whiny YouTube videos pretending your an actual civil rights movement makes everything worse.

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