P&S Watch: Descendants 3 (2019) | 5-Year Channel Anniversary | Disney DCOM Reaction

– [Sarah] What happens when
Disney’s best trilogy comes to an end? – What up, Star Wars?! – [Paige] You’re about to find out
on this episode of the P&S Watch series. Today we’re watching Descendants 3
– of course we are. Thanks for asking! It stars Dove Cameron, Sofa Carson,
Booboo Stewart, and Cameron Boyce, and it was directed by Kenny Ortega. – Can you believe how many people, like,
genuinely seemed to be very concerned that we were not going to watch this?
– Right. – Mikaela and I reacted to the trailer, but
we ended up not posting it because around the same time, um,
Cameron Boyce passed. And I didn’t really feel like it would be in
good faith to, like, post a video reacting to that when it had been shot before he died. – And the reason that we didn’t,
like, make a video reacting or responding to his passing
was that, it didn’t really feel appropriate. Cameron Boyce is a part of this
project that we have, like… – Always admired.
– Yeah. And of course we’re very sad because
he passed away and he was so young. We just didn’t really know what we were
gonna say in a video just on that topic. – Yeah. We made a post on our Facebook
page and on the YouTube community tab about it, and we felt like that was
respectful and not, like, – Kind of exploitative.
– Exploitative is the word I was looking for. It’s not just sad because
he plays, you know, Carlos de Vil, like, in a Disney Channel movie.
It’s sad because he was a talented, kind young man who, really,
should’ve lived longer than he actually did. [Sighs] I mean that’s… It’s not peppy, it’s not fun. – No. And I think the best way to end
that little section is to say that we’re glad that it’s the last one, not just because
every time a new movie comes out we get bombarded with comments
about whether or not we’re gonna watch it, but also because…how could
you go on without Cameron? With this series.
– Yeah, with these original characters. It wouldn’t feel right to, like, recast him. Thank you all for reminding us to do it. We were going to do it! We were
never NOT going to do it. And we did wanna address that, you know, obvious
baggage before we get to the actual film. We’re very, very excited! We’ve come to care about
these characters a lot over the last four years. Can you believe that it’s been four years Since we watched the first one?
– [Paige] I can, and I just remembered that werewolf Ben is in this. – Oh no! I don’t want werewolf Ben!
[Paige laughs] Oh yeah, just a reminder, you can’t stop watching the channel just because
there’re no more Descendants videos. We make other stuff. But we’re
glad that you’ve enjoyed this! And, uh, hopefully we’ll find something
else that you guys enjoy as much. Let’s get started. – [Mal] Four villain kids, the VKs,
came to Auradon, including me. – And that’s what you missed on…
– [Together] Glee! – We’ve made that joke before. That [sign] says Jay’s Way.
– [Sarah] There’s a newspaper! – [Paige] What’re the posters?
There’s Jay posters! I mean, I want one but for a different reason. – [Sarah] This is something that
happens in the first one, like, a callback of having this big
opening number in the Isle of the Lost. And, of course, the first song in Descendants 1 is… “We’ve Got All The…” uh. Wait, no. That’s the second one. – The first one is, um… – [2017 Paige, mocking] I’m rotten to the CORE! – I don’t remember. – [Sarah] Yes! That’s [Dr.] Facilier’s daughter! – [Paige] I feel like they’re gonna
get to each pick one kid ’cause the newspaper said that four more
VKs were going to Auradon. – That almost seems unfair. I
mean, I guess they chose four originally. – Once again, the world building… So many questions.
– To be fair, the original VKs, like, were very, very
reluctant. They did not want to go. And now it seems like they’ve got a demand. [yelling] Oh my god, no! [Laughing] Oh no! Who’s kids do you think they are?! – [Evie] I honestly wish we could take you all with us. Some day, very soon, maybe we can. – This feels kinda icky. This isn’t just, like, “Let’s win a t-shirt!” This is, like…
– Right. – “Let’s elevate your status and give you opportunities
for a better life! Whoever screams the loudest!” – [Carlos] Next is Son of Smee. C’mon, Squeaky!
[crowd cheering] – He’s not one of the Seven Dwarves. – [Jay] And no way we’re splitting up
the twins, so get over here, Squirmy! – Awe, okay!
– Okay, so that’s cute. – I think it’s funny how, like, clearly,
they just look exactly like Smee! – I guess, like, in the context of that world, even though the world building is still a hot mess, I know why they’re like, “Let’s take them to Auradon,” instead of, “Let’s make the Isle better,” because
the Isle is a place to punish villains. Which is why I’m still like, “If you’re gonna make a place
to punish the villains that are already dead anyway, why would you give them children?!” – [Sarah] Awe, it’s nice that they have this huge
welcome party, as opposed to the first one. I definitely see that they’re
trying to do some similarities. Some parallels.
– [Paige] Ughhh! Doug has- Doug? What’s his name? Doug?
– [Sarah] It’s Doug. – [Together] He’s got a ponytail. – [Sarah] That guy in front of them
looked like he would rather be anywhere else! – [Paige] Audrey’s hair is both pink
and blue- Oh god, there’s Chad. – [Sarah] Oh god, Chad. – [whining] Why? Why would they
bring him back for this? – [Ben] It worked out pretty well for the first four. – [Chad] Especially for you. – [Audrey, snaps] Really funny. – Ugh, finally somebody in one of these
movies told Chad to shut the (censored) up! [Sarah laughs]
– Oh no, is he gonna propose? No. Nobody wants this. Ben. Stop. – [Paige] They’re, like, 18.
– [Sarah, gasps] Yeah. – [Sarah, laughing] Oh my god that ring is huge! [clapping] Yes! Say yes! – [Mal] Yes! [Crowd cheers] – They let this fool [Ben] be king at 16, and now he’s getting married at
maybe 18 at the most! Why is his hair like that?
– [Sarah] Oh my god. Now he looks like Human Beast.
– Yeah! – At the end of Beauty and the Beast.
[Both laugh] – [Queen Leah] You were
supposed to be his queen and you let him slip through your fingers. – You’re still royalty, I don’t understand. She’s dating another prince! She’s
been dating Chad for, like, a year! It’s like Ben or nothing? That seems
unfair to literally everybody except for Mal. – [Audrey] What is wrong with everybody?
– Thank you, Audrey! First of all, they made it clear in the first movie that they elected Beast to be their king, and then they just allowed Ben
to be crowned in succession? Rather than having another election? Do you have Democracy, or
do you have a Monarchy? We’re back to the Barbie In
The Nutcracker problem. – [Fairy Godmother] Bibidi Bobidi, you betcha. – No, stop. Don’t do that.
– No, please don’t. – [Audrey] You won him fair and square. – He wasn’t a competition. He’s a person. – [Audrey] Oh wait, no you didn’t. You spelled Ben to destroy all of Auradon! – That was, like, three years ago. [quivers] Ooh, the power play of the arm touch. Ooh!
– [Paige] Yeah. – I mean it’ll be interesting to see Audrey get more
of a roll than just, like, vindictive ex-girlfriend. Hopefully she does grow beyond
that, because that’s what she is right now. – [Paige] Lady Tremaine…is Asian! – [Lady Tremaine] Oh really?
– [Dizzy, gasps] My glue gun! – A glue gun! Dizzy!!! Dizzy is getting to me again. – [Dizzy] Goodbye Granny.
– Awe, that’s cute. Celia doesn’t seem happy. – [Celia] You’re going to be a
wise and brave king. – Is he though? ‘Cause he’s, like, 18. He’s been king for 6 days.
– Who knows at this point? [Sarah screams] [Sarah laughs]
That’s really all it takes? – [Hades, yelling] I am a God!
I don’t belong here! – Oh my god, this is not a thing I want. Oh my god, did he just kill them?! – Obviously not! – [Sarah, clapping] Yeah! Dragon up! [Paige laughing]
Oops. It looks worse in the
sunlight; I don’t want it. – This is like the Dragon from Shrek. – [Audrey] There’s your precious
Queen, she can’t even protect us! – She’s a baby! That was a lot of tumbling.
– [Sarah] That was a lot of
summersaults backwards. [Mocking] “I’m a God, I shouldn’t be here!”
I’m like, “Then why do you look like “[laughing] you were part of, like, a 90s punk band?” – [Paige] He looks like he has cotton candy hair. – [Queen Leah] Your mother could
hold onto a prince in her sleep. – So in the second movie, she’s at
Sherwood Forest. They say that explicitly. – Yeah, what happened?
– It seems like she was dating Chad in the second movie, which, like, I don’t
blame her for wanting Ben over Chad but… – There’s gotta be more men in
this place! I mean, come on!
– Right. – [Audrey] I waited patiently for my time,
but when it finally came, he called her name. – Audrey, obviously Ben isn’t into you! – [Sarah] Oh no, what’s happening?!
Audrey, what’re you doing?! – We got a whole scene of them sneaking into the
museum in the first movie, and then she just… puts the guard under a sleeping
curse. Can she do that? You know what’s always sexy? Fingerless gloves. – [Sarah] No. Well now she’s evil. It’s interesting for, you know, the
daughter of Maleficent to turn her back on that, and then have the
daughter of Aurora embrace that. – I just think it’s weird that they gave Audrey one story in the second movie, and
then in this third movie they’re like, “Oh no, that never happened! I
don’t know what you’re talking about! – [Beast] We can’t risk having another
villain on the loose. – OOOOOOOH! I hate this version of the Beast.
He’s elected as king, and then he gives the villains new lives, and
then he also decides that they should have children because he thinks that the children will
love them unconditionally enough to make them better people. Instead, what happens
is the villains neglect and abuse their children, and so then Ben is like, “I recognize
that these children are innocent, “so let me bring them over to Auradon.” And his dad is like, “No, don’t do that. It’s just easier
for me to live with my guilt if they stay on that island.” Now they’re like, “Let’s bring more children
over,” and Beast is immediately like, “No, every time we open the gate that I created,
the problem I created, there’s a problem!” And I’m like, “[gasps] Yeah!” – [Mal] I think that we have to close the barrier forever. – Mal. Mal. Where’s Evie when you
need her to talk some damn sense into Mal?! – [Mal] We’re talking about closing
the barrier for good. – [Evie] But you said no.
– See?! See what I mean? – [Evie] M, I am so glad that
you’re going to be queen. You will stand up for the VKs. [Sarah mutters ironically, laughs] – [Sarah] I love how she now has like dark, winged eyeshadow.
– [Paige] Her necklace earlier was a little sparrow, and now it’s bigger. [ominous music]
– [Audrey] You think Ben will love
you now, you old hag? – [yelling] What’re you saying?
He’s the son of the Beast and Belle! – [Mal] How bad is it?
– [Evie] You age…beautifully. – Evie’s so good. – [Sarah] They’re going back to the Isle
without telling Ben? This feels familiar. [Paige hums in agreement] – [Dude] Carlos! You’re gonna miss Jane’s birthday! – Jane will be fine! [laughing] Jane
will find someone who’s actually straight! – Yeah. This is the alcove from the first movie where Mal sang that song about
having feelings for the first time. [Both laugh] – [Chad] First off, great new look. – Is Chad gonna save the day?
What’s happening? Or is he gonna get turned into a crow? – What happened in the second movie? – [Sarah] Okay, the guy who plays Chad has a
great time in these movies, though. Like, I think that Chad, as much as we hate
him, has some of the funnest material. Okay, that might be, like, the first
cute outfit that Jane has ever worn. – It’s the same outfit she’s worn in every one of
these movies, except it’s shorts now. – [Sarah] Well at least now somebody can go tell Ben! – [Paige] Why does he have every button
on his shirt buttoned up to his neck?! – [Sarah] Wait, Mal’s okay now? – [Celia] Evil magic doesn’t work
here. Kind of the point. – Oh, yeah.
– You can’t do magic on the Isle. – [Celia] Daddy!
– [Facilier] There she is! [laughs] [Sarah gasps]
– I love Facilier! – [Facilier] What kinda hustle you
got goin’ on with them shiny people? – [Celia] I got friends on the other side. – She’s got friends on the other side!
– Ehhhhh! – [Sarah] You know what’s nice is that
not every villain parent seems to be bad. Facilier seems like a pretty decent dad. – [Paige] Oh look, it’s Gil and Harry.
[Sarah laughs] I’m honestly not mad to see Gil! He’s fine but he’s simple.
– Which is your type when it comes to men. – Gil, Gaston’s son, which you can only
tell by the antler necklace that he wears. – He’s doing a very light DisneyBound. – Gaston really does use antlers
in all of his decorating. – Oh my god, Paige. You’re very clever, good job, I’m
glad you’re having a good time. Let’s do this. – [Jay] Get off my bike, Hook!
– [Harry] Catch me if you can, Jay! – They are so flirty! I want Jay
and Harry to end up together! – [Paige] Cerberus! – [Celia] Stay quiet, it echoes like crazy in here. – You’re talking right now. Stay really quiet, she says.
– [Paige] Let’s ride a rickety bike. Why does [Hades] live in the mines? – Because somebody say the production of
Hadestown and thought, “Heyyyyy!” [dog barking on broken record] – Does he not actually have a three-headed dog? – Apparently not here. Which makes sense. Why
would you give him a three-headed dog? – [Mal] Hi, dad. – She knows he’s her dad.
– What?! What? What?! What’s happening?! What’d you mean?! What?! – [Hades] I left your mother. She’s…[anger-laughs]
not the easiest person to get along with. – He’s not wrong.
– Ooooohhh!!! Wow, I can’t believe Maleficent,
like, let him do that, though! – [Hades, singing] Try being married to your mama! – They were MARRIED. Not only did they have a kid, but they were MARRIED! – I love this idea. – [Hades, singing] You’re stronger
with those Daddy Issues.
– [Mal] Oh, thank you. – [yelling] That’s a thing that they
said in a Disney movie! Yes! I feel like I’m watching this in an auditorium. Like,
this feels like so much of a stage production that I would watch at Disney World. [Sarah snorts]
Remember Celia? – Gotta remember Celia’s in this scene!
– She’s still here! – [Mal] We’re blood.
– [Hades] You’re only half Hades. – Well, what’s the other option?
– Budding. I can’t believe he gave it to her. – I think he thinks it’s not
gonna work for her. Mal doesn’t have any good parental figures because
Belle and the Beast, in this series, are a mess. – Yeah. They’re cowards.
– Yeah. [straining music note]
– Uh ho. – [Audrey] Just one.
[Ben jumps, Sarah screams] – [Audrey] Bennyboo. – [Paige] She just cares about being
Queen. She doesn’t care about Ben. Ben is just the token to be Queen. – [Audrey] How do you like me now, Bennyboo? – [as Ben] I’d probably like you a lot
more if you stopped calling me that! I love this wig. I love the color,
I want hair like- oH NO! That’s how Ben gets cursed. It’s Audrey, as punishment for rejecting her.
[Paige groans, laughs] There is a lot going on in this movie!
– Stop bringing it up! This also happened in Barbie In The Nutcracker.
– [Sarah] F(censored)K! – [Paige] I like that they all have the
emblems on the back of their costumes. That’s, like, a nice touch. – [Sarah] No, no, it can’t touch water!
[gasps, claps] YES! UMA! YAY! – I love that every time we see Evie, she’s always
making sure the younger child is like, “Are you okay?”
– [Sarah] I know! – [Evie] We could try to be friends. But our history
behind us and celebrate our differences. – I just think Evie would be a better
politician than Mal. – Evie is incredibly kind hearted.
– Yes. – She seems perfect for Queen, to be a Queen. Clearly, I feel like this is something
that Mal is going by the end, that she shouldn’t just be ruled by fear. Oh, wow, that’s so terrifying. – [Gil] You have leaves on your trees! And
what’re those colored things on the bushes? – [Jay] Flowers? – Oh no!
– Look, they’re endearing me to Gil. – [Evie] Hannah turned to stone. – We know this random band member…
– Hannah. – Hannah. Her name is Hannah. Don’t know if you saw her in the last
|two, but she was definitely there! – Who’re her parents? – [Uma] Says who?
– [Mal] Says me. – [Uma] Says you and that’s supposed
to mean something to me? – She asked!
– They act like exes! – [Dude] FYI, I give great cuddles, too. – Oh!
– It’s really disconcerting to watch the mouth move. – [Gil] Except for the elkhead in dad’s Mancave. – Of course Gaston has a Mancave!
– Of course that’s what he’d call any
house that he occupies. There’s a lot going on in this movie.
I’m kind of, like, seriously entertained. – [Gil] Do you think his puppies
would be able to talk? – [Dude, laughing] Talking puppies! That’s crazy! [Sarah laughs] – [Uma] I bet you lost some sleep
thinking about me on the loose, huh? – Evie only knows how to stand in the power stance. – [Harry] We have a situation here. – [Paige] The one time that Harry
is right about something! – [Sarah] I love, like, the lil’ wind fan
they must have behind her to to be creating that-
– [Paige] No, it’s in front of her because her hair is blowing back.
– [Sarah] I mean yeah, yeah. – [Mal, singing] They got us outnumbered one to 50! – [Sarah] Do they? Oh yeah, okay. Never mind. So far I haven’t gotten quite the bop
that “Chillin’ Like A Villain” is. – Or even “It’s Goin’ Down”. All except for the weird auto tuned Ben
sequence in that song, that is a Bop.
– That song’s really strong. – I mean, “What’s My Name” is also, like, so good!
– Sure, yeah. – [Sarah] Okay guys. You can go
back to fighting them. [rock music] – [Sarah] What’s happening now? I love how [Mal] enchanted them to dance instead of
enchanting them to not be enchanted anymore. Hey! They touched! – [Evie] You know what we should try? – [Paige] Do we have time for this? – [Evie] An icebreaker. – [Sarah laughs] Oh my god, Evie!
– Evie! – [Uma] Is she always this perky? – [Evie] Oh, it wasn’t really your turn, but thank you.
– [Mal] Okay, Evie. – You won the battle, you gotta win the war, Evie. – [Uma, chuckling] Dang, did you ruin Audrey’s life! [Sarah laughs] – [Sarah, sadly] Oh god. It’s the forest.
[Paige laughs unknowingly] – [Sarah] Where we saw Beast Ben.
– [Paige] Yup. Stop reminding me!
[Sarah laughs] – [Gil] You know what would be
fun? To go rafting down a jungle river. – [Jay] Find a lost civilization! – [Gil] Oh, and maybe a penguin! – What’s happening? What is this conversation? – They’re bonding, but they’re both idiots, so they’re just bonding over being dummies.
– Jay’s not stupid! – He cares a lot, and that’s where it makes up. – [Celia] They’re gonna let all the
kids come from the Isle. – [Sarah] Yeah Mal, gotta not let your fear …
– Break your promises. – Yeah. You can’t forget where you came from. There’s no point of getting up to where you are if
you’ve forgotten to help the people that you were. – [Evie] Wake up!
– [Uma] He’s spelled. [Sarah laughs]
– Evie, you know this- you know thsi story! What is happening to Evie right now? – [Evie, singing] Seems like things are
meant to be but I don’t know. – You’ve been dating for so long!
– You’ve been dating for, like, two years at least! Sofia Carson is so beautiful! Like,
she is like…ridiculously beautiful! – [Paige] She’s like, “Am I too bad for Doug?” And it’s like…
– [Sarah] No. – [Paige] That sounds like Mal’s insecurity. – Honey, there is no way that he
does not also love you! – [Paige] He’s, like, the first person to have
told Evie that she could be pretty and smart. This whole song, like, it’s a nice song
but it doesn’t make sense! – [Sarah] Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Kiss! C’mon, just do it! [Paige groans]
– NOOOOOOO! [laughing] ‘Cause the girls are
off singing about feelings! [Both descend into fits of laughter] Oh no, why does he have a tail?! – [Gil] You know my dad said that
his dad did not handle pain well. [Paige continues to laugh hysterically] – [Sarah] She’s still wet? It’s been, like, a day! I can’t believe Hades has, like,
not been in this movie! Two scenes! He’s been in two scenes!
– Yeah. – [Mal] I wanted to thank you. – Fierce wicked friends! Yay! That outfit is kinda rad. The hair, I
can’t get over. It’s too good. I’m willing to overlook how fast she just went,
like, FULL VILLAIN for how good her hair is. – [Celia] We’re trapped! – [Paige] This is what it feels like during a hurricane. – [Mal & Uma together] You caused our friends pain
and fear, we’ve had enough now disappear! – [Sarah, clapping] Yeah! Girls working together, yay! Evie’s like, “It’s working! My plan to
make you all friends is working!” – [Paige] Doug is kinda useless. He’s just there.
– [Sarah] He’s always been useless. That was quite a head grab! – [Carlos] I made it with my 3D printer. – We can’t forget about the 3D printer that he’s got!
– Awe! It’s their ship name on a necklace! – He only gave her one letter of the entire name. Do you know what “Jarlos” can also mean? [Both laugh] – Yeah, we get it Paige.
[Paige still laughs] It’s cool that they recreated the cottage! – [Paige] Chad has this emblem on his
jacket that’s a sword. Is it the Auradon emblem, or is it, like, his family
crest? ‘Cause there’re zero swords in Cinderella. – [Jane] I don’t know if you can hear me. – Awe. This is pointless. – [Mal] The barrier will be closed for good. – This seems like quite a time to bring this up.
[Paige mumbles her agreement] – [Uma] I knew it was a mistake to trust you. You’re always out for yourself. – Yeah. That’s fair. I’m definitely on Uma’s side here.
– Yeah! – [Celia] I actually thought you were
brave…you’re nothing but a chicken. – [Mal] Celia…Celia! No!
[intense crackling] Celia! – Okay, I don’t blame Celia either. The second movie doesn’t make
it clear that Uma wants all or nothing. She wants all of the kids to be
given a chance to be themselves in a, you know, in a
safe and caring and nurturing environment, or she wants nothing. – I think the biggest thing that was evident
in the second one was that Uma felt like it was unfair that Mal had gotten this
chance when everybody should have. They give [Dove Cameron] not as good songs! Dove Cameron has a wonderful
voice, and she’s great, and obviously she gets to the be the main character,
but, like they give her such weird ballads. Boring ballads!
– This song speaks to Quest for Camelot. I can’t say why. – [Mal] Ben saw something in you!
Uma, you care about everybody! – It’s like Mal didn’t listen when Ben was like, “She’s
just an angry girl lookin’ for a better opportunity!” [Both exasperate]
Oh, here we go. Flashbacks. – [Sarah] It’s a montage! Now it’s just
recapping things we’ve seen this movie. That happened two minutes ago!
[Laughs] We know that it happened! What a great cape. I mean, at least we’ve got the unresolved
baggage from the first movie. [Laughs] – Did we need that resolved?!
[Sarah laughs loudly] It felt pretty resolved when they were
like, “Audrey transferred schools!” – That’s a really good point.
– “Audrey’s starting a new life in the Sherwood Forest.” – Yeah, she’s gonna marry Robin Hood’s son, who’s a fox.
[Paige laughs] – You know they kept saying throughout
this movie that Mal ruined [Audrey’s] life, and I know what happened. I know
what the events were. But how did that adversely affect
Audrey’s life in such a way? – [Hades] The ember won’t do
everything for you that it does for me. – What does that mean? Oh, is she asleep?
– [Paige] Who knows? – [Sarah] Dizzy’s a hairstylist. Can’t
she cut their hair? Can’t she fix them?! – [Paige] “We sat on the steps ’cause
we couldn’t do jack shit!” [Jane] told her mom to go get the
fairy godmother’s wand, but then just sat on the steps of the museum
instead of going to get the wand herself? – [Evie] She’s slipping away. – [Sarah] She’s dying? Audrey is dying?! – [Ben] Hades? He wouldn’t do it. – [Mal] Actually, he might do it
for me. He’s my father. – [Sarah] Carlos and Jay are like, “What?!” – [Paige] Ben’s like, “Oh, my father didn’t
just magic babies to these villains?!” – [Mal] You deserve so much better than that. – [Jay] No, you’re just trying to do the right thing. – It’s the wrong thing, though. – [Mal] Thank you for coming.
– [Hades] Didn’t have much choice. – That’s fair. – [Hades] When you guys try to destroy the
world, it’s en error in judgement. When it’s one of us? Lock ’em
up, throw away the key. Right, Beast? – [Paige] Hades has a point. Beauty
and the Beast is entirely about a man who was terrible, and learned
to be better, and he was rewarded for it. And then he turns around and gives
none of the villains those opportunities. He only allows their children to come because
he recognizes that they’re children. [Hades and Beast growl at each other] – Why? Why? Why is this a thing? [laughing] Cheyenne Jackson is having
so much fun just chewing on the scenery! – [Mal] I have owed you an apology
for a very long time now. – [Ben] And so have I. – Oh that’s good. That’s good.
You know? This is good. – [Queen Leah] I’ve owed you one, too. – From the time that I accosted
you at the dinner party. The luncheon. The picnic! [laughs] What does it say on the back?
– [Paige] Soul Stealer. [Both laugh] – [Sarah] He gave it to her. He
gave her the ember. – [Paige] Good. That bow!
– [Sarah] Ooh, that dress! I love how they always have the girl in
the wheelchair, like, very front and center. But I’m like, “It would be nice if
she was a character!” This is definitely the same set
that was at the beginning! – [Mal] I can’t be queen of just Auradon.
I have to be queen of the Isle, too. – [Unsure noises] I don’t know if that’s the truth. – [Mal] It’s time that we take the barrier down.
– [Beast] We can’t do that. – You wanna bet? You abdicated or
stepped down or whatever. – You did, it is your fault. – [Paige] Why’s he doing the Barack Obama thing? – Princess Weekes made a tweet about how, like, this is a better story of breaking the wheel
than the Game of Thrones finale was. And ultimately, I think this is a good
conclusion to the series because this is what it has been building to.
– Yeah! – [Sarah] Oh, Evie, no! Don’t cry, I’m gonna cry! OH! Uma, yay! Uma! I’m gonna
cry! She looks so happy! What is fair, I think, is that, like, the second movie is
very much about Mal being insecure about herself. And she gets over that. Uma was
definitely given the shorter end of the stick, and I think that’s because it was the
second movie of a trilogy. Uma has been properly, like, acknowledged
for what her motivation is. And I appreciate that this movie was very much like, “No, what Mal did was shitty.” I mean it kinda speaks to the
whole thesis of the movie, which is that people are capable of good and bad, regardless of
who they are and where they come from. I think Mal could eventually be Queen, now
that she has learned all of these life lessons. But that time is not now. – Remember last movie when they were like, kinda hinting at Jay and Lani, and they
were like, “Look, look look!” – Yeah! Lani’s not even here!
– Lani is not in this at all. – There are certainly some things that they just drop. – [Paige] They’re like, “Hey, we have
a crane. Let’s use it.” Looks better than the actual dragon.
– [Sarah] That looks better than the real dragon. Yeah!
– [Paige, yelling] She’s wearing pants! She’s got pants on!
– Those are big pants. – [Jane] I’m actually really nervous to meet your mom. – [Dude] His mom is Cruella de Vil, I’m petrified! – [Carlos] Wait til she hears I wanna be a vet. [Both laugh enthusiastically] – [Jay] What’d you say you and me
go exploring? I’ll do a gap year! [Sarah screams] – [Paige] Oh, okay. Are we going there?
– [Sarah] Oh! Where is Maleficent? Is Maleficent dead? They just couldn’t get Kristin Chenoweth back.
– She’s a lizard! – Oh yeah, she’s still trapped as a lizard. That was a good conclusion to the series. Oh no! – I don’t know why I feel like I’m walking away with
more problems with Mal than when I went in. – I think Mal was the most problematic in this one. I mean, it’s because she has this big decision
where she goes back on her promise out of fear. – Yeah, and it affects more than just
– [Both] Her. – We never saw Ariel or Eric. There are
so many that we never, ever see. I’m honestly okay with not
seeing the parents because going back and having rewatched
the first one, the parents are the problem. We’ve moved past being angry
at the fact that they’re caricatures. – Yeah.
– We get that. We know why they’re that way. They don’t do what the movie needs them to do. And the second one is so much stronger
for focusing less on their part of the story, and more on the VKs. – This one was very much a political story of like building on the lessons that we’ve
learned from the previous two of “a child is not its parents’ mistakes”
[Paige agrees] and how you cannot hold a child
accountable for the mistakes of its parents, or the crimes or whatever. The
life that you are given and the one you are born into has a huge role on the
way that you act and move through the world – Yeah.
– And it is not necessarily indicative of you being a good or bad person.
– Right. Then this one kind of culminates with using your privilege, either for your
own gain, or for the gain of others. – I would also say that one of
the things is that you know, Mal and Ben kind of ignore this very
uncomfortable thing of how they got together. [Paige agrees]
in the first movie, of like, yeah, Mal did put a spell on Ben. And it was always quite clear
that Ben didn’t really like Audrey that much. They were just dating out of convenience. – And apparently expectation, if we’re by this movie.
– And expectation. But there is still the fact that, like,
he breaks up with Audrey by immediately getting together with
| Mal in this really weird way. And I liked that they confront this
uncomfortable social situation of, like, they never really apologized to
her, even Audrey’s mean especially at the beginning of the
movie, and she’s catty and stuff. But, like, I like that there was a big point
made of Mal and Ben both apologizing to her. – Right.
– And being like, “It’s been a long time coming, “but we owe you an apology.”
– Yeah. – That, enough, is not always going
to be the right course or anything. Apologies do not just make hurt feelings go away. But it was nice to see them kind
of be accountable for those actions. I liked the culmination of all the things
that they’ve been playing around with in this final movie, and I thought that
it was, actually, really effective. And especially for kids, like… This is a very effective story of, like, when you
get to the place you always dreamed you would be, you have an obligation to remember where
you’re from and try and help other people. They bring up pretty blatantly that
it’s a matter of privilege. Audrey is allowed to come back
because of who her family is. – Yeah.
– She’s allowed to have this second chance, even though she did this horrible thing, and
that’s because she’s Aurora’s daughter. I guess the moral of the story is…
– Genuinely, just like… the Golden Rule behind everything. It’s, you know,
do unto others as you would have done unto you. – And use your privilege to help others. It’s a systemic issue, not…
– Yeah. – not a matter of innate good or badness.
– Right. – These are deep, like, actual themes
that they are trying to tell. – Yeah.
– This is a story that has real world applicability. – And in that way, it seems like it was planned
out in this way from the beginning. – It does feel that way.
– These aren’t three separate movies with three separate messages.
This is one cohesive story told in three parts. – Yeah. I would say that my biggest complaint
is that Audrey goes from like zero to breaking into a museum |
and stealing a crown, like, real fast! It fits in with the movie’s theme of accountability. – Yeah.
– And breaking the wheel. – I think that’s, like, the one thing that
feels like it wasn’t necessarily planned out from the beginning. Like,
maybe Sarah Jeffery was busy during the second
movie so they just couldn’t have her, – Yeah.
– And so they were like, “Okay… “We’ll just make something up.” And then
they were like, “Oh, but she’s back now! “It’s fine!”
– Yeah. – Uma’s thing [from the second movie] isn’t resolved. And I felt that that was resolved in a very, very satisfactory way. I felt like my issues with like, in the first movie, of Audrey
being very clearly Biracial, you know, her, like, seething over,
you know her stolen boyfriend and this charming white couple. I
had an issue and I was concerned, but this movie definitely, I think, kind
of put some of those fears to rest. Ah, so that was the moral! We
enjoyed it. I’m kinda sad it’s over. – [whispering] I’m not.
– What?! – It was a good ending, and I’m
glad I don’t have to look forward to more “Are you gonna watch D4? Gonna do it?
When?! When’s it gonna happen?!” – We have never pretended to be,
like, a Descendants channel. We just happened to be…
– Like the only adults talking about Descendants on YouTube. – We couldn’t’ve known, shooting
that on your iphone. I regret that decision more than
maybe anything in my life. – I seem to remember being like,
“Why aren’t we using a camera?” And you were like, “I just wanna try!” – “I just wanna see, it’s not like
anybody’s gonna watch this one!” That was very, very fun. It has been four years. Thank you, guys, for being here
for all of it. We’ve enjoyed it but we’re also relieved
– That we can do other things. – Thank you, guys, so much for watching,
and thank you so much for being so patient when it came to this!
– They were not patient! – Except you were not patient! – Don’t thank them for that!
– How dare you all! We genuinely hope you enjoyed it, because
we will not be watching these again for you. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you enjoyed us and thought we were funny, you should go ahead and subscribe
down below if you haven’t already! – Click the bell as well so that you
don’t miss any of our videos. We really, really want AdSense revenue.
– [laughing] Yeah! That would be great! Let us know
your favorite Villain Kid below, or just your favorite kid in general if you like Audrey. Subscribe, leave a comment, like the
video, help us beat the algorithm. – And if I’m only 6 steps away from Kenny
Ortega, one of you better introduce me. – What about me?
– I mean, yeah. Obviously. We’re a packaged deal. It’s fine.
– That’s very true. Alright! Speaking of packaged deal,
one of us will see you real soon! – Would it actually be a Descendants
movie if it wasn’t directed by Kenny Ortega? – This is meant for a child! I am
bursting through the fabric. – Nothing to do with the movie, but I went
to go get beignets at Port Orleans one night during Booknet Fest, and there was
this dad and his daughter, waiting, I assume for the Halloween party,
and they were Facilier and Celia! It was adorable! Yeah.
– Oh! No! That’s too cute! I started to listen to some of the
songs and I was just like, “Oh wow, this is DARK. I can practically taste the
dirt in my mouth from the Dustbowl imagery.” Now it’s Jafar and Maleficent that
have that wonderful Marc Davis art, right? – It’s Andreas Deja.
– Oh, Andreas Deja! – Because Andreas Deja used
Maleficent art to draw Jafar. – And Marc Davis did Maleficent.
– Yeah. – [both] It was a gift to Marc Davis
– [Paige] for his 80th birthday, I think. – [mocking Doug] “Were you hanging
out with Happy’s son?” – “He’s not as happy as his dad!”
[Sarah laughs] – I mean, you know what we could do next?
We could watch High School Musical. – It’s not gonna happen. – Leave a comment below if you’d
like us to watch High School Musical. – Don’t do that.
– Change all of your comments to High School Musical stan things.
– No, please, don’t do it! – [whispering] Leave a comment
below if you want us to do that. – Don’t do it.
[Sarah laughs] I have to finish Christravaganza
sometime this lifetime. – Well, we’ll do it in 2020.
High School Musical, 2020! [electronic music]

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  1. I see your points, but the movie is heavily flawed. The taking down the barrier part is stupid as most of the villains on the Isle are murderers, attempted murderers and probably much more, I mean their parents still wanted to take over the world. The Beast thing is different as The Beast never murdered anyone, so that's a flawed comparison to the villains on the Isle. Audrey literally made no sense as a villain, since everything that happened to her was at least 2 years before the movie, making it come off more petty. Overall, D3 is the weakest descendants movie and honestly failed to let any other character that wasn't Mal get fleshed out.

  2. I don’t think that Audrey has switched schools I think I remember her being a a spa getaway with the fairy godmothers in the 2nd

  3. Personally I had thought this movie was a bit more mature than the other two. I liked how it put more effort into developing Harry and Gil and Uma and some of the side characters. It lended more to the whole people are complicated and capable of good and evil equally moral.

  4. I've been waiting 6 months for this react and it. Was. Worth. It!!!!!!! The characters and theme breakdowns, the jokes- y'all are the best

  5. I’m totally on board with making wheelchair girl a character, like please she’s just sitting there in the foreground as an extra! My headcanon is that she’s Eric and Ariel’s kid (even though they did have a kid in a movie)

  6. Descendants introduced me to this channel, but it was your guys’ humor, intellect, friendship, and love for Disney & fantasy & story telling that made me stay & subscribe & love this channel<3 In terms of what you guys could do next, as much I would love you guys to react to the hot messes that is The High School Musical movies and the new Disney Plus High School Musical tv series, I think Disney’s new musical Zombies looks like an even bigger hot mess than a High School Musical and Descendants which I didn’t think was possibleXD I haven’t even seen it but I have a feeling that it’s worth a reaction;) Another things you guys can try are more reactions to Old Disney Channel movies (both good and bad, things you’ve seen and not seen), more reactions animated Disney sequels (both good and bad, and movies seen and not seen), and more reactions to Barbie movies^^

  7. My favorite VK is definitely Mal. Y’all are wonderful. If you did HSM in 2020, I would definitely watch it. Or you could watch High School Musical: The Musical: The Series 😆

  8. Y'all had so much fun watching the first one, I was convinced I would enjoy it.

    Well, at least I had fun with your videos.

  9. The Descendants franchise is cringe/yikes to the nth power territory for me, so thank you for braving it and giving the best reaction videos in the world. Happy New Year to you both!!!

  10. Actually I don't think Descendants might be over, Dove said that there's a chance that Descendants will possibly do tune someday even without Cameron Boyce, though I don't know how they will do that, there is only two reason ways to continue Descendants without him. Recast Carlos though I think that seems mean or they could cut out Carlos and give a story to him like say he left Auradon to do something maybe. And with Audrey I mean I so get why she broke into the museum, stole the crown and the specter and became bad because she felt as if Mal had took everything her family wanted her to have to be with the heir to the throne, to married him and to be Queen one day and well Mal kind of did do that but she didn't mean to she just wanted to steal the wand and take down the barrier because that's what her mother wanted her to do and yes she did basically steal Ben from her so she can get the wand at the coronation but then she ended up truly falling in love with Ben on the first date and Ben had actually fallen in love with Mal even before the love spell and remember the in the first film when Ben shoke Mal's hand he looked at her and he instantly fell in love with her despite knowing who she is, where she came and who she came from but he didn't care he saw and knew that she was a good person deep down and had a good heart and helped her and the others realized that and to embrace it and tang's what happen and Mal she changed her whole self for her hair, her style and personality yes by using magic and Ben got mad at her for using magic and lied to him a about but he didn't really understand why she did it, because she felt that Ben would look better if he was dating a perfect, proper, pretty princess so she try to that but she wasn't happy with that being someone she wasn't but she saw that everyone liked her better like a princess and she felt that Ben liked her better like that to so she to keep up the act even though it she didn't like it and Ben came to understand that and tried to apologized to her and get her back all because he truly did love her for who she really is and Mal didn't see that at first and she told him she had to tasked her self out of the picture because though it's best for him and Auradon and Ben tried to still get her came back but she didn't want to at first and told home to go and he did she was upset because she does love him and you know what they say 'if you love someone, you got to let them go' and Mal did that to Ben even though it hurt her to leave him but Ben he loves Mal so much he didn't want to let her go, which is sweet but he had to understand why she did the stuff he did, and when she realized that he does love her for who she is and she finally confessed to him that she does truly love and why so never told him and gave him true's love kiss and it broke Uma's love spell on him and their love and relationship became stronger and magical that a year later when they where possibly now 18 and had graduated from Auradon prep had proposed to her by singing my favorite song from the first film Did I mention and when he said down on my and got down on his knee and ask her with a gorgeous gold ring with a big purple diamond she said yes and I liked cried and that is my favorite scene out the whole movie and Audrey got so mad and upset because she still has held that grudge against Mal claiming she had ruined for life even though Mal didn't mean for that to happen she didn't mean to fall in love with Ben and for him to fall in love with her it was all like a some kind of happy accident if you know what I mean and Audrey didn't know that, mostly didn't want to understand that and when Hades woke her she wanted to believed it was all a bad dream and but it wasn't and she felt so bad she apologized to Mal and Ben explaining that she wanted to hurt and everyone because like I said before she felt that Mal took everything and Ben when he found out about the spell when it washed he continue being with Mal because he did fall in love with her and everyone did grow to accept Mal and the others and they were so happy when Mal said yes to marrying Ben and will be the Queen and Audrey also felt that Auradon forgot her and replaced her with if you know what I mean. The point is I don't fully blame Audrey I get why she did everything she did I do because she wanted revenge on those she felt had hurt and betrayed her but she also had to fully understand Mal's life and on why she did she did too and that Ben was never in love with her that he chose Mal later because he loved her truly and Mal later with him and the reason everyone loves and respects Mal and they're so happy that Mal will be their Queen is because she does truly deserve to Queen because she had grew to become loving, caring, loyal and protective to Auradon and everyone in it and she had done so much for everyone too and keep them safe and that's what it mean to be a Queen and that's what Mal had become and that's what everyone knew and saw from her too and Audrey and her grandmother they were the only ones not to see that or maybe they did know that she does deserve to be Queen and she belongs with Ben but they didn't want to see any of that.

  11. So, we never saw Rapunzel and Flynn's children/child, nor did we see Jasmine and Aladdin"s child/children, or even Snow White's child! I'd like to think the girl in the wheelchair is Ariel and Eric's daughter, and fate played a hilarious joke on them!

  12. Takeaways from this movie:
    -Evie is a queen and should replace Mal and Ben as ruler of Auradon
    -Smee fucks
    -Dr Facilier is actually a good father, to everyone's surprise
    -Uma is gay and salty as hell

  13. DO ITTTTTTT watch high school musical 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! skdjfhksdfks or idk watch some other cheesy movie franchises… do it…

  14. I still just can't see Audrey and Harry working – Harry and Uma were kind of my favourite couple even though they weren't a couple and that's just a bit random and annoying. The way Evie's first concern is always the safety of the nearest small child, Harry's first and only worry always seemed to be Uma's safety. But then again I'm a bit more annoyed over the fact that now Mal is going to get the credit for doing what Uma wanted to do in the last movie, but it's still hard to be annoyed at that because Uma just looked so happy that the barrier was down.

  15. Another title for this trilogy is 'Angry Girl with A Bad Plan':
    1st Movie: Mal.
    2nd Movie: Uma
    3rd Movie: Audrey

  16. I got so excited when paige mentioned "Quest for Camelot"–that was one of my favorite movies growing up!! an underappreciated cinematic classic

  17. You say Disney's best trilogy, I think HSM. Also, Audrey's granny should apologise to Audrey too! Toxic! She was so toxic towards her!

  18. Hi! I have lots of things to say!
    -My dad suspects that they didn't put Cerberus in the movie because they blew the entire special effects budget on Dragon Mal.
    -The fandom actually generally agrees upon the ship name Janelos for Jane/Carlos so it wouldn't be confusing. We refer to Jay/Carlos as Jaylos.
    -But aCkShUaLlY, "Jarlos" has 2 letters from Jane's name.
    -Other adults on YouTube who talk about Descendants: Harryianna Hook (she's 20 but looks like a teenager), rantasmo (I haven't checked to see if he made a video about D3), and Alex Meyers.
    -Sarah Jeffery had a scheduling conflict for D2, and Dianne Doan had a scheduling conflict for D3. I wish they would've thrown in a line explaining where Lonnie was, though.
    -I mean… there's always watching Disney Zombies (aka Z-O-M-B-I-E-S).

  19. Ok. Random thought. What if the Evil Queen had a son instead of Evie, and he was super handsome or something? Would that be interesting?

  20. At the end of the 1st movie they made it seem like Audrey had come to like and accept the VKs. Then all of a sudden in this movie she hates them again. Also, I get not closing the barrier permanently, but What the heck!? The VKs are literally taught by their parents to steal and get revenge! Shouldn't they be required to go through the Remedial Goodness class to make sure they know the rules? What if there are more crimes and criminals? Then what? Where will they go? What about their parents? Who literally tried to kill the people of Auradon multiple times traumatizing Aurora's mom? Shouldn't they have a say in the matter? I need at least a sequel book facing the consequences!

  21. That necklace should've said Cane! Maleficient is yet another plot point unresolved from this movie. Yes, High School Musical!

  22. "They let this fool be King at sixteen and now he's getting married at eighteen?"
    Yeah, just like Marie Antoinette got married at fourteen and then became a Queen at sixteen.
    Royalty..its royally fucked up. All crowns are soaked in treachery, blood, and incest.

  23. Paige, what kind of magic do you have to be able to match your lipstick shade EXACTLY to that pendant?? Amazing outfit 🙂

  24. I can't believe you watched this entire movie and didn't realize Jay and Gil are dating, they're going on an adventure together, in the scene where all the couples are dancing they are dancing with each other, I rest my case

  25. Loni not being in the last one was so sad to me.
    I absolutely loved the new kids in this movie, they were so cute. And I thought it was a great conclusion to the series.
    Edit: please a high school musical series would be so fun!

  26. I kinda wanna clear something up with Audrey breaking in to the museum. She went there with the plan to break the crown. she was in the mindset "if I cant have it no one can." what happened with the guard wasnt Audrey. It was the sceptre, it saw her desire for revenge and it made Audreys path to the crown/sceptre clear. So from the moment Audrey went to break the crown the sceptre put Audrey under a spell, drawing her to it. it was a very 0 to 100 moment but it wasnt Audreys plan. just wanted to throw that out there. you guys are hilarious <3.

  27. omg when scrivener said that mal and uma acted like exes, i remembered that in 2017 dove and china confirmed them as exes on twitter i-

  28. "Why are they in the mines?"
    "Because somebody saw the production of Hadestown and thought EEEEEEEYYYYYY"

    10/10 what happened and definitely not the acknowledgement that Hades is god of mining as well

  29. The laugh when Hades showed up. 🤣🤣🤣
    (I unironically love this design for Hades. I dunno, just the idea of him being a washed up punk singer fills me with glee. XD)

    Also, please do High School Musical!!! I really need your witty commentary on it. XD

  30. Honestly, Beast is horrible in this series. Not only does he have villains that were dead brought back to life with magic, but he dumps them all on the isle and serve them and their children all of Auradon’s leftovers instead of supplying fresh food and goods. I’m sure most of the villains would have rather stayed dead.

  31. Actually Audrey isn't dating Chad. In the second movie Evie states that Chad had troubles dealing with his and Audreys break-up

  32. Omg, because of these videos whenever I ever hear "don't do this" I instantly want to shout "DON'T. DO THIS. CHAD." Thank you for making this video <3 And yes, please watch High School Musical XDDD

  33. When Audrey snuck into the museum she didn't put a curse on the guard to make him fall asleep. Pretty sure he did that on his own lol.

  34. This is my favorite of the trilogy. Only of the trilogy I have the entire soundtrack to. Here’s how I would rank the movies
    Descendants 2
    Descendants 3

  35. Hades doesn’t deserve to be there. He should he king of the underworld. Also in Greek mythology, he’s the least douchy god

  36. Movie was so trash, boring, rushed and who the hell was that playing Hades? What acting school did they find him behind?

  37. In the second one, Audrey was away at a spa with the three fairies. Chad left to pick her up because they had a flat tire on the way back.
    Sarah Jeffery had "Charmed" to film during that time.

  38. To be honest this movie felt super rushed. There was so much happening in this movie and I felt like the movie itself shouldve been much longer so the pacing could be better. Also they should've given us more of Audrey because she never once mentioned that she had been by Ben's side since they were kids. Or at least they should've put a flashback of when Audrey and Ben met so that we could feel sorry for her
    Edit #1: On the bright side, One Kiss made me realize that I'm not entirely straight and that I wished I was Doug the whole time XD

  39. I love how JLongbone tore your feminist arses to pieces! It's just a matter of time before all your woke feminist crap crashes and burns forever!


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